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The article was running yesterday in many newspapers across the country and can be read at and other sites. This has been a subject of much debate, the week the Star Trek movie came out, the NY Times had an op-ed by Maureen Dowd on the subject.

Wake up guys and gals, Obama is no Spock, not even close, yes President Obama is a Star Trek fan and we all can appreciate that to no end, but the buck stops there. Here is why they aren't alike. Spock uses logic and reasoning most of the time, Obama doesn't, he just pushes his agenda no matter what, like printing money with nothing to back it up or base it on. Would Spock do that? I don't think so. President Obama has tripled our national debt since taking office, in other words he has spent more in less than a year than Bush did his two terms in office. Would Spock do this? I don't think so. Obama baled out failing companies then took several of them over at our (the tax payers) expense, and did exactly what the companies was going to do to start with and laid worker off. Would Spock do this? I don't think so.

Health Care is a issue that needs to be addressed, but at a cost to start it up with money we don't have to support such a venture at this time under the Obama plan, yet he pushes it anyway. Would Spock do this? I don't think so. Obama loves the lime light and attention, children in school forced to sing about him, addressing children in schools via satellite without their parents being present. On the news and TV daily even when he really has nothing to say. Would Spock do this? I don't think so.

In Star Fleet Spock was part of team that weighed options and normalcy the most logical course would be taken. With Obama his own cabinet and people in key positions have publicly criticized Obama's policies backed with facts and numbers, yet Obama ignores them and keeps pushing his agenda any way. Would Spock do this? I don't think so.

At this juncture I would have to say that Obama more or less fits the Romulan or Klingon spy who has worked his way into Star Fleet key position as to try and destroy the Federation.


Frienge Season 2

Do we meet the alternate-universe versions of Walter (John Noble)? Olivia (Anna Torv)?




We've already seen alt-universe versions of Broyles (Lance Reddick) and Charlie (Kirk Acevedo), and we know Peter (Joshua Jackson) comes from the other side. But what about alt-Olivia or alt-Walter (or "Walternate," as Jackson calls him)?

"I have that question as well," Torv tells us. "I'm hoping that there is [an alt-Olivia]. But then I don't know … which I would prefer if she ends up coming. I don't know if I would prefer her to be just, like, fractionally off. … I would love to see … she's completely, you know, 180 [degrees different]. … My pitch would be, and I think that's what a lot of people are saying, too, … with the discovery of the fact that the Peter here is clearly not from here, then it makes sense that maybe the Walter over there is angry with the Walter here, and that's kind of the whole thing behind [the Pattern]. But I don't know. They do sometimes surprise. Sometimes they put these clues in and then they flip it on its head and you've been wrong all along. But that's where I'm going."

Jackson is convinced we will see the "Walternate." "In keeping with the mythology of Fringe, yes, there is a Walternate, and there would be … an alternate mother as well, because, you know, that dimension is so close to our own, that with only minor differences it is identical," he said.

Is the Walternate angry that his version of Peter was stolen, and is he really behind the Pattern events? Will he confront our Walter?


"He's going to be awfully angry," Noble says. "That's my summation. We've sort of hinted this, haven't we? We've had little hints of other Walters around the place, and you'll see that. My guess would be that there has to be a confrontation between the two men. That's not the writers again, this is just me projecting forward."

Will Peter discover that he's from the other side?


Jackson feels the answer is yes.

"The big that gets raised is, when he finds out the truth about his origins, where do his loyalties lie?" Jackson said. "I truly am excited to play it either way. Maybe the decision's been made—they haven't told me—but I think it's just as interesting to have Peter freak out, have his moment outside the flock, and then come back and say, 'I forgive you, but this is where I belong.' And I also think it's quite interesting to have him freak out and say, 'No, burn it all down,' and have Peter actually become some version of the bad guy going into season three."

Will Olivia meet and confront the Observer?


Yes. "There's an episode coming up that is called 'August,' and it sort of deals with the Observer," Torv says. "It's a really, really beautiful, beautiful episode, actually, so I won't say anything more, but that's actually very soon. Yeah."

Will Walter confront his old partner, William Bell (Leonard Nimoy)?

Count on it.

"We've introduced William Bell as a major player now, and Leonard's been back a couple of times," Noble says, revealing: "I did a lovely scene with him the other day. A very interesting scene which I'm not going to tell you about, but it was amazing. What it revealed. The revelation in that was shocking. It was shocking to me when I read it."

Noble adds: "What we're dealing with is, we've been told that there's a breach, that there will have to be a repercussion for this breach. And so as we build through now, we're coming towards what they're calling a war. … [If you] break the laws of nature, you will pay. That's going to happen. So we'll build through season two up to that point. In the meantime, we'll continue to do stories that are interesting, and we've done some, I think some of our very, very best scripts. Last, this year, we've done some amazing [things]. Just what we've been shooting for the last five episodes is extraordinary."


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