2007 Halloween Countdown is coming!

If you wish to participate in this, its very simple. Gather up a list of your favorite horror movies and rank them in order of how much you like them. You can submit any number of movies, anywhere from 1 to 31! All I ask is that you pm or email me your list of movies by September 21st, 2007!

How will this countdown work? Well, each place in the countdown (1-31) will be assigned a number of points. The movies you submit that are ranked will be awarded points based on where you placed them in your ranking. For example, say you placed The Birds at #10 on your list, and someone else placed it at #4. Being placed at #10 will earn it 22 points, and #4’s spot will earn it 28 points for a total of 50 points. So, you pretty much should see we will be ranking by total points here.

Why do I need the lists by the 21st? Well, I need to have time to have write ups done, as well as find trailers and images for the movies. I’m sure you guys want to see more than just titles listed for this thing.

So that’s pretty much it, I look forward to seeing your lists that you submit!

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