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Tom BaldwinCA federal agent assigned to investigate the 4400, Tom has a personal connection to the case: his nephew, Shawn Farrell, is one of the abductees. At the beginning of season one, Tom’s son Kyle lay comatose in a hospital, and Kyle’s continuing coma has brought Tom closer to his wife Linda, from whom he is estranged. By season two, Tom struggles to maintain a relationship with his son, Kyle. He returns to the field with partner Diana Skouris, working to avert the catastrophe the future warned him about on Highland Beach.

Joel Gretsch stars as Tom Baldwin.






Diana SkourisA federal agent with a medical and scientific background, Diana is assigned to be Tom’s partner in the investigation of the 4400. She soon develops her own personal connection to the case when she becomes close to a little girl, Maia Rutledge, who is one of the 4400, and takes a huge step in her personal life by officially adopting Maia as her daughter.

Jacqueline McKenzie stars as Diana Skouris.







Dennis RylandSupervisor of the federal agency created to investigate and oversee the 4400, Dennis is Tom and Diana’s boss, and is also a lifelong friend of Tom’s. Dennis has been promoted to deputy director of NTAC and now resides in Washington, D.C.

Peter Coyote stars as Dennis Ryland.








Nina JarvisNina Jarvis is the new head of NTAC’s Pacific Northwest Division, replacing the promoted Dennis Ryland.

Samantha Ferris stars as Nina Jarvis.








Jordan CollierDisappeared in 2002. Although Collier still sufferers from the after effects of his encounter with prenatal Isabelle, the experience, for Jordan was an epiphany. The billionaire has become the self-proclaimed figurehead of the 4400, opening the very first 4400 Center, a place not only for fellow returnees, but ordinary people looking to “unlock” the 4400 within themselves.

Billy Campbell stars as Jordan Collier.







Orson BaileyOnce a partner in an insurance company, Orson disappeared in 1979. He returns to discover that he is now unemployed, his wife is in a nursing home, and that he now possesses an unusual and uncontrollable ability. (Season One).

Michael Moriarty stars as Orson Bailey.







Richard TylerA pilot in the Korean War who disappeared in 1951, Richard returned to find love with Lily Moore, the grand daughter of the woman he was engaged to before being abducted. Lily soon learned that she was pregnant and that Richard was the father. The baby was conceived while the two of them were in the future. After fleeing Arcadia estates, Richard and Lily now live with their daughter, Isabelle, in a remote cabin in the woods hiding from Jordan Collier and NTAC.

Mahershalalhazbaz Ali stars as Richard Tyler.






Lily MooreDisappeared in 1993. Lily returned to find her husband Brian remarried and daughter Heidi believing his new wife to be her biological mother. While in quarantine, Lily met Richard Tyler and fell in love. Lily soon discovered that she was pregnant and that Richard was the father. The baby was conceived while the two of them were in the future. After fleeing Arcadia estates, Richard and Lily now live with their daughter, Isabelle, in a remote cabin in the woods hiding from Jordan Collier and NTAC.

Laura Allen stars as Lily Moore.






Shawn FarrellShawn is Tom Baldwin’s nephew, and disappeared in 2001. Once one of the most popular students in his school, he returns to find all of his old friends are now in college, and that his fellow students (except for his next-door neighbor, Nikki Hudson) now regard him warily. Like many of his fellow abductees, Shawn now possesses an amazing ability, in this case to manipulate life-force. Shawn ran away and cut off all contact with his family. He now lives at the 4400 Center where he has become Collier’s protégé, using his power to heal big money clients and generate revenue for the Center.

A Patrick Flueger stars as Shawn Farrell.





Danny FarrellDanny was 14 when his big brother Shawn disappeared. Now the same age, Danny discovers a new sibling rivalry with his brother Shawn, after Shawn stole girlfriend Nikki away from him. He is now an outspoken opponent of the 4400.

Kaj-Erik Eriksen stars as Danny Farrell.







Nikki Hudson18-year-old Nikki is the girl-next-door for brothers Shawn and Danny Farrell. Danny has always had a crush on Nikki, and while Shawn was away they became a couple. Upon his return, Shawn becomes part of an uneasy trio as Nikki reaches out to help him adjust to being an outcast in a life that has gone on without him. After Nikki broke up with Danny to be with the newly-returned Shawn, it lead to a fight between the two brothers. Nikki is now away at college.

Brooke Nevin stars as Nikki Hudson.






Kyle BaldwinAfter the night his cousin Shawn mysteriously disappeared, Kyle lay in a comatose state with his father Tom keeping vigil at his bedside, until Shawn finally used his 4400 ability to bring Kyle out of a three-year coma. But Kyle, was in fact, not himself. He was inhabited by a being from the future, whose purpose was to warn humanity of a coming catastrophe. Having no recollection of any event that occurred while the future being was inside of him, Kyle spent a year in quarantine under observation. Now released from NTAC, Kyle is ready to catch up on lost time.

Chad Faust stars as Kyle Baldwin.





Maia Rutledge8-year-old Maia disappeared in 1946. She returns to find both of her parents are now deceased, resulting in her placement in a foster home. Like many of the other abductees, Maia now possesses an unusual gift, and when her ability becomes apparent to her foster family, it causes them to rethink their commitment to taking Maia in. Maia has thus been living with Diana for the past year, and has recently been adopted as her daughter. Although the young girl claims that she can no longer predict the future, Maia secretly keeps a journal filled with precognitive visions.

Conchita Campbell stars as Maia Rutledge.





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