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Michael Moriarty and Joel Gretsch also appeared in another sci-fi mini-series titled, “Taken (2002)”. Taken was about people who disappeared and the 4400 is about people who reappear. This has caused many sci-fi fans to comically rename the 4400 TV show with the title, “Put Back”.

The show really could have used a science advisor for the 2-hour (mini) series premiere! Chinese, Russian, and U.S. Titan II missles were fired at the object that “brought back” the 4400 but Titan II missiles were actually put out of service in 1987. The object is said to be 28 minutes from impact with the earth but it only took less than a minute for the missiles to reach the object which was shown to fly past the Moon after the missiles exploded. Missiles don’t fly that fast. Exhaust contrails are shown trailing the missiles in the vacuum of outer space but contrails are formed by an atmosphere. And the object is projected to hit the Earth at 47 degrees North Longitude and 122 or 123 degrees West Latitude but longitude actually denotes East/West degrees and Latitude denotes North/South degrees.

The 4400 TV show was originally produced as a 5-part mini-series. It was so popular with viewers that the USA network decided to say that it was really a TV series, new episodes were ordered, and the original mini-series was refered to as “Season 1”. Because of the mini-series concept, the answer to where the 4400 were during their disappearances is explained during the “First Season”. It’s unlikely that would have been the case if the series was originally intended to be a TV show. So what’s left to make the series exciting? The 4400’s powers and why they have them provide plenty of options for future episodes!

The Pilot Movie was originally supposed to be two individual episodes. The second episode would have been titled, “You Can’t Go Home Again”. USA executives felt that they were so good, that a pilot movie was justified. Apparently, viewers agreed as it got 7.4 million viewers which set a record for the largest audience ever for a series premiere on a basic cable channel!

The 4400 is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The weather can get pretty bad there at times and can complicate outdoor filming. The filming of the scene at Buntzen lake where the 4400 returned in the pilot was delayed due to excessive wind, hail, and large amounts of rain for many days.

The Homeland Security Command Center set is a “hand-me-down” with a new paint job from the “Jake 2.0” series.

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