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Addams  Family Characters

The Addams Family Character Guide

Gomez Addams, played by John Astin

Gomez AddamsGomez, head of the family and self-made millionaire. He has a love of everything weird but his main interest is his toy trains, which he loves to crash together. He also loves playing the stock market. Although the family is completely odd to the normal sect, to Gomez they are normal and the rest of us are strange.


Morticia Addams, played by Carolyn Jones

Morticia AddamsMorticia is Gomez Addams wife and mother of Wednesday and Pugsley. Morticia’s maiden name is “Frump” and she has an opposite sister named Ophelia. She has pale skin and long, flowing black hair, and she commonly wears long, black gothic dresses to match her hair. She is a glamorous and exotic seductress who easily allures her husband Gomez simply by speaking French. Morticia is elegant, artistic and musically inclined. She sings opera, dances the tango and plays numerous musical instruments. She frequently enjoys cutting the buds off of roses which she discards, keeping only the stems. She also has a carnivorous plant named Cleopatra which she enjoys feeding.


Wednesday Addams, played by Lisa Loring

Wednesday AddamsWednesday Addams was named after a line from the nursery ryhme “Wednesday child is full of woe,” and that she is. She has a love for death and the macabre. Her favorite pet is her spider and her favorite toy is a Marie Antoinette doll, which she had guillotined. She is also close to their giant butler Lurch.


Pugsley Addams, played by Ken Weatherwax

Pugsley AddamsPugsley is the oldest child of Gomez and Morticia. He is a fun loving, inventive child with great mechanical skills who seems oblivious to the families odd ways. His unusual hobby is stealing road signs and has them placed all over his bedroom walls. He also has a pet octopus named Aristotle.


Uncle Fester, played by Jackie Coogan

Uncle FesterUncle Fester is a bald headed, sunken eyed fellow who wears a heavy full lengthed coat and a sinister grin on his face. He seems to be happiest while blowing things up and relieves stress by laying on a bed of nails. He has a strange ability to conduct electricity with his body, including illuminating a room by putting a lightbulb in his mouth.


Grandmama, played by Blossom Rock

GrandmamaGrandmama is Gomez’s mother. She is a gray haired, shawl wearing witch who can conjure up potions, hexes and spells. She has a morbid sense of humor and is obsessed with the occult. Grandmama also can tell fortunes and has a crystal ball.


Lurch, played by Ted Cassidy

LurchLurch is the families 6′ 9″ tall, groaning butler with a deep, resonating voice who resembles Frankenstein’s monster. He answers the call of the bell (which sounds more like a gong) by saying “you rang?” Lurch can often be seen playing a harpsichord in the families living room.


Cousin Itt, played by Felix Silla

Cousin IttThe dark and mysterious Cousin Itt. Not much is known about him other than he is completely covered in hair and is 3 feet tall. He seems to be a bachelor too. He speaks in gibberish that only family members can understand. Cousin Itt was not a character created by cartoonist Charles Addams but was instead created for the TV show.


Thing, played by Ted Cassidy

ThingIt is not clear if THING is a member of the Addams Family, one of their many unusual pets, or a member of their service staff like their butler Lurch.

THING’s appearence is that of an otherwise disembodied hand and forearm that inhabits a number of small, decorative, hinged-lid boxes scattered throughout the Addams residence or any other small enclosed space on the premesis such as a hollow in a tree in the front yard or their curbside mailbox.

THING’s most important duty is to fetch the mail from the mailbox, bring it into the mansion and handing it to one of the other residents for distribution. THING’s enthusiasm for this chore often startles Mr Briggs, the postman, as THING will reach out of the mailbox and grab the mail away from Mr Briggs before he’s had a chance to put the mail into the mailbox. THING also answers the residence’s old-fashioned candlestick style telephones by picking the ear-piece off the switchhook and handing it to the nearest family member.

THING is also a helping hand with other tasks around the Addams Estate, such as helping Uncle Fester climb the tree in the front yard by acting as a booster step for him, helping Morticia wrap gifts in elegant black gift wrap with black ribbon by lending a finger for her to tie a bow, and acting as scribe (due to THING’s excellent penmanship) while a family member dictates a note or letter.

After THING has completed the task at hand, the benefactor of his service always complements THING with “Thank you, THING.”

THING is very expressive with just the hand and 5 fingers, but if THING needs to communicate more specifically, he does so by tapping out morse code on the side of whatever container he happens to be occupying at the moment. THING is indeed very handy around the Addams household.


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