Alcatraz Characters

Alcatraz – Character Guide

Alcatraz Characters

  Rebecca Madsenplayed by Sarah Jones Rebecca Madsen played by Sarah Jones Diego Sotoplayed by Jorge Garcia Diego Soto played by Jorge Garcia
Emerson Hauserplayed by Sam Neill Emerson Hauser played by Sam Neill Lucy Banerjeeplayed by Parminder Nagra Lucy Banerjee played by Parminder Nagra
Jack Sylvaneplayed by Jeffrey Pierce Jack Sylvane played by Jeffrey Pierce Ray Archerplayed by Robert Forster Ray Archer played by Robert Forster
Jimmy Dickensplayed by Santiago Cabrera Jimmy Dickens played by Santiago Cabrera Warden Edwin Jamesplayed by Jonathan Coyne Warden Edwin James played by Jonathan Coyne
E.B. Tillerplayed by Jason Butler Harner E.B. Tiller played by Jason Butler Harner

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