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Alcatraz Character Guide

Rebecca Madsen played by Sarah Jones

Rebecca Madsen photo

Rebecca Madsen, a San Francisco Police Department homicide detective with family ties to Alcatraz; she becomes involved after one of the inmates – her grandfather – is responsible for the death of her partner, directly meeting the task force when investigating the death of the former deputy warden at Alcatraz. She was raised by her great-uncle – a former Alcatraz guard and, later, cop – after the death of her parents, occasionally helping him look over his case files as she was growing up and offering useful insight into his cases, inspiring her own career.


Diego Soto played by Jorge Garcia

Diego Soto photo

Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto, a PhD in both Criminal Justice and Civil War History, author of books on Alcatraz, comic book store owner, writer, and artist. He claims that he received the PhDs to satisfy his parents, subsequently deliberately disgracing himself in the industry by writing a crime evaluation report using Gotham City as his example so that he could open the store. He went through an unspecified traumatic experience at age eleven involving being abducted, which affected him deeply. Although he lacks field training, Doc’s detailed knowledge of the missing Alcatraz prisoners has proven invaluable in helping the task force identify and track the returning inmates.
Emerson Hauser played by Sam Neill
Emerson Hauser photoEmerson Hauser, an FBI agent and former police officer who arrived on the dock at Alcatraz to find the prisoners gone in 1963. Currently heads the Alcatraz Task Force. Although his priority is generally to capture and contain the inmates to find out where they went and why they are coming back, he has shown that he is willing to put innocent lives over the lives of the inmates when the situation directly requires him to make a choice. He studied Philosophy at Yale University before he began working at Alcatraz.

Lucy Banerjee played by Parminder Nagra

Lucy Banerjee photo

Dr. Lucille “Lucy” Banerjee, Agent Hauser’s technician/colleague and friend. In 1963, she was known as Dr. Lucille Sengupta, who served as a psychiatrist at Alcatraz, and apparently had the potential of a romantic relationship with Hauser before she vanished. She spent some time in a coma after she was injured during one of the first cases, but recovered thanks to a blood transfusion from Webb Porter due to the accelerated healing of certain inmates due to tests they underwent at Alcatraz.

Jack Sylvane played by Jeffrey Pierce

Jack Sylvane photo

Jack Sylvane (#2024), the first inmate tracked down and captured by the Alcatraz Task Force. While most of his targets fit in with his expected pattern – going after Tiller and his brother, who married his ex-wife –, he also went to an unconnected house to acquire a distinctive key from a man’s safe. His own ignorance of his reasons for requesting that key suggests that there is another agenda behind the inmates’ sudden return.

Ray Archer played by Robert Forster

Ray Archer photo

Raymond “Ray” Archer (previously Ray Madsen), Rebecca’s great-uncle and former Alcatraz prison guard; he was approached by Hauser to join the task force sixteen years ago, but rejected the offer due to his responsibilities to Rebecca. He now owns a bar and is aware of at least Tommy Madsen’s return, although he is generally unaware of the other 63s.

Jimmy Dickens played by Santiago Cabrera

Jimmy Dickens photo

  [No description found for this character]

Warden Edwin James played by Jonathan Coyne

Warden Edwin James photo

Edwin James, the warden of Alcatraz. Although more tolerant of the prisoners, he has been shown to resort to psychological torture in order to learn crucial information about them, such as manipulating Ernest Cobb’s attempts to be placed in solitary confinement or threatening to leave Kit Nelson in a small dark room until Nelson admits the truth about his first crime. He apparently vanished with the rest of the inmates, and his present whereabouts are unknown, although he appears to be the only person who knew what was really going on at Alcatraz.

E.B. Tiller played by Jason Butler Harner

E.B. Tiller photo

Elijah Bailey “E.B.” Tiller, the deputy warden of Alcatraz, whose cynical views of the inmates often put him at odds with James; he was killed in the present by Jack Sylvane in the pilot, although he still appears in flashbacks to the past where he brutally treated the various inmates.


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