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Alcatraz Season 1 (2012)

Alcatraz Pilot 1×01 Pilot        First Aired: Jan. 16, 2012 Detective Rebecca Madsen and Dr. Diego Soto joins forces with a secret agency charged with catching recently resurfaced Alcatraz inmates; the team retraces the steps of the past to apprehend a sniper who is targeting young victims.
Alcatraz Ernest Cobb 1×02 Ernest Cobb        First Aired: Jan. 16, 2012 Featured in this episode is Ernest Cobb, another prisoner who is now working as a consultant at a major law firm. Also, a new lead is found at another prison with another prisoner, “Bluebeary” Neacam.
Alcatraz Kit Nelson 1×03 Kit Nelson        First Aired: Jan. 23, 2012 When child killer Kit Nelson, a terrifying kidnapper who always returns his victims home – after he’s killed them – reappears from the past, the team is in a race against time to catch the man before he kills again.
Alcatraz Cal Sweeney 1×04 Cal Sweeney        First Aired: Jan. 30, 2012 When a bank robbing criminal returns from the past and things go wrong in the present, Rebecca has to break him out of the hostage-filled bank before people can find out who he is.
Alcatraz Guy Hastings 1×05 Guy Hastings        First Aired: Feb. 06, 2012
Alcatraz Johnny McKee 1×06 Johnny McKee        First Aired: Feb. 13, 2012
Alcatraz Clarence Montgomery 1×07 Clarence Montgomery        First Aired: Feb. 20, 2012

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