Aliens in ‘Battleship’ and Much More Confirmed!


* The alien race is known as The Regents, who come from a planet with similar ecology as ours and have a similar biological make-up. They will be a combo of actors and CGI; Berg used Davey Jones from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' as a reference point.

* The aliens are not on Earth to destroy us. They are instead trying to build something, because they are in need of a power source. They do not want to deal with the humans, but will kill if they have to. The aliens mission will not be a secret in the movie.

* The aliens do not have advanced technology. While their boats fly down to Earth, once they hit water, they stay in the water. One of the ships gets damaged, which might be why the aliens cannot fly away.

* The ships look like giant water bugs, with giant legs that race across the surface of the sea.

* Some of the aliens are scientific and intelligent, while others are very violent. But they are all focused on fixing the mechanical problem with one of their ships.

* The hero of the film is the Commanding Officer of a destroyer, which is the main ship in the film. The hero has a team of five guys. They will be cut off from the rest of the world, but have a five ship fleet.

* Aspects of the game will be in the movie. The aliens will render the Navy's technology inoperable. Falling back on old school methods, the heroes will track and destroy the alien fleet through trial and error. Just like in the game.

* Since the movie is all about strategy, the aliens will not be unstoppable, but rather evenly matched with the Navy.

* The words "You sank my battleship" will be in the movie. Berg made sure of that.

* While the movie is set in modern day and features the newest naval technology, Berg will still use WWII elements. The Japanese will be mentioned and so will the USS Missouri, which fought during WWII.

* The reason Berg picked aliens to battle with, was because he didn't want to explain why the US Navy was at war with another country. He wanted something larger than life.

* Berg is thinking about shooting some sequences in 3D. "Battleship" will be in IMAX.

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