American Gothic Character Guide

American Gothic


American Gothic Character Guide


Sheriff Lucas Buck  Played by Gary Cole

Sheriff  Lucas BuckA malevolent force with an inexhaustible hunger for control. Sheriff Lucas Buck masquerades as a benevolent lawman while he rules without law or conscience.


Caleb Temple  Played by Lucas Black

Caleb  TempleCaleb Temple is a 10 year old boy who is determined to come to terms with the loss of his sister. He finds himself running away from Lucas Buck.


Merlyn Temple  Played by Sarah Paulson

Merlyn  TempleMerlyn Temple, Caleb’s sister, returns as a ghost/angel to look over Caleb. She wants Lucas Buck to pay for all his crimes and won’t rest until she succeeds.


Ben Healy  Played by Nick Searcy

Deputy Ben  HealyDeputy Ben Healy is concerned with Lucas’ lethal amorality but is helpless to stop him.


Gail Emory  Played by Paige Turco

Gail EmoryGail Emory, a former Trinity resident who now works as a newspaper reporter, returns to the scene of her haunted past when she learns that Lucas Buck is threatening her young cousin, Caleb Temple.


Selena Coombs  Played by Brenda Bakke

Selena  CoombsSelena Coombs is Trinity’s sweet school teachers by day and Lucas’ loyal partner-friend-lover by night.


Dr.Matt Crower  Played by Jack Weber

Dr Matt  CrowerDr. Matt Crower, a newcomer to Trinity, takes Caleb Temple under his wing when he realizes the sheriff has taken an intense interest in the young boy.


Billy Peele  Played by John Mese

Dr Billy  PealeDr.Billy Peele is a representative for the government’s Center for Disease Control who came to Trinity investigating a mysterious plague affecting local residents.


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