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‘Someone’s at the door’ – ‘Someone’s at the door’ – ‘Someone’s at the door’

Created by Shaun Cassidy in 1995, American Gothic was one of the darkest programs shown on network television.  In the eerie town of Trinity, SC, a battle of wills is taking place.  Sheriff Lucas Buck, who is supernaturally evil, has set his sights on a young boy named Caleb Temple.  Lucas Buck killed Caleb’s sister and coaxed his father, Gage Temple, into committing suicide, leaving poor Caleb all alone, or so Lucas thought.  With the help of his cousin Gail Emory, a reporter from Charlston, and Doctor Matt Crower, Caleb, Lucas Bucks illegitimate son, is able to fight Lucas off, but Lucas won’t be denied of what is rightfully his. Even though this series only had one season it was one of the best Supernatural Series ever, the acting was good, the storyline was awesome, and it was full of suspense and drama: just to the point there was something there for the whole family to enjoy. If you never seen this series we here at SciFi United recommend that you get this series on DVD. We don’t say that lightly, we seldom recommend a series for you guys to purchase on DVD but American Gothic is truely an exception and again get this series and come back and tell us what you think, I bet you’ll love it.  


Episode Guide


Episodes List With Original Air Dates

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The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot (9/22/1995)
  2. A Tree Grows In Trinity (9/29/1995)
  3. Eye Of The Beholder (10/6/1995)
  4. Damned If You Don’t (10/10/1995)
  5. Dead To The World (10/13/1995)
  6. Meet The Beetles (10/20/1995)
  7. Strong Arm Of The Law (11/3/1995)
  8. Rebirth (1/3/1996)
  9. Resurrector (1/10/1996)
  10. Inhumanitas (1/17/1996)
  11. The Plague Sower (1/24/1996)
  12. Doctor Death Takes A Holiday (1/31/1996)
  13. To Hell And Back (7/3/1996)
  14. The Beast Within (7/3/1996)
  15. Learning To Crawl (7/4/1996)
  16. Triangle (7/10/1996)
  17. The Buck Stops Here (7/10/1996)
  18. Requiem (7/11/1996)




Beware of little boys in striped shirts.
If you hear “Someone’s at the door.” — Run
Being dead does not mean being gone.
Don’t mess with the law. Even if you win, you lose.
Everybody has a secret, and someone who knows what it is.
Don’t trust your school teacher.
Don’t trust your clergy.
Shovels are for more than digging holes.
A lucky pen is not lucky at all.
Conscience is just a fear of getting caught.
No conscience is better than some conscience.
Angels in white are not as benevolent as they seem.
A good loser is still a loser.
Never accept a favor, the price will be too high.
If you witness a crime, find a way to profit from it.
Stay away from museums at night.
Stay away from boarding houses.
Strange things happen at bridges.
Bad things happen to bad people.
Terrible things happen to good people.
If you are really terrible, you must be the Sheriff


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