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Dylan HuntCAPTAINKevin Sorbo

Captain Dylan Hunt, a human from Tarn-Vedra, began his career with the Systems Commonwealth more than 300 years ago. As with all High Guard officers, Hunt started his career as an enlisted man. Serving a year in his local Home Guard unit on Tarn-Vedra and another as a spacer in the High Guard Argosy, Hunt was then selected to attend the High Guard Academy, Tarn-Vedra branch.

During his studies, shipboard tours of duty alternated with post-graduate stints at the Antares Command Lyceum, the Advanced Studies program on Patterson’s World and the Imperial Strategy College on Tarn-Vedra. He graduated with honors as an officer in the Argosy.

His command of the Andromeda Ascendant was the latest in his impressive career path when fate intervened. When he and the Andromeda Ascendant were pulled from the event horizon of a black hole by Beka Valentine in the Eureka Maru, Hunt discovered that the passage of 303 years had robbed him of his family, his much loved fiancée – his entire world and way of life. Hunt’s extensive training prepared him for a career protecting civilization, but now as the High Guard’s last surviving captain, he’s taken on the new mission of restoring it.


Andromeda Ascendant (aka Rommie)AVATARLexa Doig

In addition to his new crew, Dylan’s only tie with the past – and most formidable ally is his ship, the XMC-10-284, better known as the Andromeda Ascendant. The Andromeda is a sentient being in her own right, a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence with a host of computers and processors which contain her personality.

The Andromeda Ascendant interacts with her crew through voice, holograms and video images of herself as well as an avatar, built by Harper, in the form of a very beautiful young woman. In this form, affectionately called “Rommie” by the rest of the crew, Andromeda can now experience all the sensations of a living being, even while enjoying her existence as the toughest starship in the galaxy.

Totally loyal to Dylan and protective of her crew, Rommie is very committed to the restoration of the Commonwealth — with all the powerful means at her disposal.



Beka Valentine1st OFFICERLisa Ryder

Rebecca (“Beka”) Valentine is human but has never lived on a planet. The daughter of a small-time cargo runner and occasional smuggler, Beka grew up on a ship roaming space and has spent her entire life searching for the big score and the fat payday.

She is now first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant, as well as commander of her own small cargo ship, the Eureka Maru. She’s fiercely loyal to her crew and ship, but follows her own shadowy code. Though she remains deeply skeptical of Dylan’s quest to restore the Commonwealth, she takes her duty as his first officer seriously. She’d lay down her life before she’d let him down. As Andromeda’s best pilot, she’s gotten him out of more than one scrape, and continues to prove herself a valued member of the crew.



Seamus HarperENGINEERGordon Michael Woolvett

Seamus Harper is the Andromeda’s irascible engineer and fix-it man. Harper is the only member of the Andromeda’s crew born and raised in the hell of post-Commonwealth Earth.

Harper’s tumultuous upbringing has left him with somewhat deficient social skills, and he prefers to spend his time in the company of machines, constantly fixing and upgrading Andromeda and her various systems.

Harper doesn’t believe much in great causes or noble quests, but life on the Andromeda is the best thing to ever happen to this cynical young man, and he knows a good thing when he sees one.

Harper has a neural interface at the base of his skull.


Trance GeminiUNKNOWNLaura Bertram

The most mysterious member of Dylan’s crew is Trance Gemini, a beautiful young female alien of a completely unknown species. Trance doesn’t like to speak about her people or her past, and her crewmates have mostly given up asking.

She manifests a startling ability to predict possible outcomes. Can she see the future, or is she just adept at making lucky guesses? Only Trance knows for sure, and she’s not talking. Trance serves as life support officer as well as the crew’s botanist, xenobiologist, make-do medic, and when necessary, spy and thief.

Last year she had a little encounter with her “future self” and ended up trading places with her. So she may look a little different than you remembered, but she’s still the same Trance – just a little older… with some alternate history in her past… and different skin color…



Tyr AnasaziSECURITY CHEIFKeith Hamilton Cobb

Tyr (pronounced “Teer”) Anasazi is a Nietzschean, part of a subspecies of humanity that have genetically engineered themselves to be the ultimate survivors. Because of his modifications, Tyr is much stronger and faster than a normal human


Tyr has been thoroughly indoctrinated into his people’s “kill or be killed” philosophy. Survival is his principal focus, for himself first and his friends second. Beyond that, the rest of the galaxy can go to hell as far as he’s concerned.

As the last survivor of a decimated clan, Tyr is shunned by other Nietzscheans and considered unfit. For Tyr, the Andromeda represents a chance at proving his worth as well as a secure base of operations from which to make his own plans for dominance and power. Once a freelance mercenary and hired killer, Tyr now employs his deadly talents as Andromeda’s fire control officer and security chief.



Rev (as in Reverend) Bem (as in Bug Eyed Monster), a Magog, has a real name, but it’s an unpronounceable screech in his native language. The closest English translation is Red Plague.

Savage, predatory and voracious, the Magog are feared throughout the known worlds – except for the few who, like Rev Bem, have found religion. Rev Bem is a convert to an amalgam of human faiths called “Wayism.”

He is a scientist, a scholar, and one of the kindest souls one could meet. Rev Bem eagerly embraces Dylan’s mission to the resurrect the Commonwealth, seeing it and the spread of Wayism as mutually complimentary goals.

Rev Bem is at constant war with his own Magog nature, and it’s only the force of his faith that gives him the gentleness and discipline needed to overcome his instincts to kill and devour his crewmate friends, or make them the unwilling hosts for his progeny.

Rev Bem serves as Andromeda’s unofficial science officer, translator, as well as spiritual adviser and valuable sounding board to Dylan and the rest of the crew.


Telemachus RhadeLt. COMMANDERSteve Bacic

Telemachus Rhade (pronounced “RAH-day”) is Lieutenant Commander of the Andromeda Ascendant. He is also a direct descendant of Gaheris Rhade, the Andromeda’s original first officer, who betrayed Captain Dylan Hunt 300 years ago.

Capt. Hunt first met Telemachus Rhade when he was leader of the isolationist movement on Tarazed. In the ensuing years, he became an Admiral of the Commonwealth and was awarded the Gold Spiral for heroism at Greenwood Nebula. Rhade joined the crew of the Andromeda after he assisted them in tracking down former crew member Tyr Anasazi, who had escaped custody in an attempt to acquire the map to the Route of Ages.




DoyleANDROIDBrandy Ledford

When the Andromeda crew first meets Doyle, she is the Gal Friday to Seamus Harper. She serves as his assistant and, more noticeably, as his bodyguard.

Blonde, buxom and good with a blaster, she’s Harper’s ideal companion. She also has a roundhouse kick that’ll put your lights out.

The secret of her versatility is that she is one of Harper’s biomechanoid creations, an android programmed to think she is human. When she leaks superconductor fluid, she sees it as blood.

Soon after joining the Andromeda crew, she learns the truth of her origin: Harper, in order to salvage Rommie’s core A.I., had to suppress its memories and allow it to build up a new cushion of memories and emotional experience.

Though Doyle has a unique personality and her own memories, she also serves as a vessel for the memories and essential core of Rommie, giving Dylan and the rest of the crew hope that they will one day be reunited with their friend.

Recurring Characters

Person:  CharactersEpisodes
Rik KiviahoplayedHohne’s Assistant (Rakeeb) / Rakeeb / Monk / Captain Perim4 Episodes
Janyse JaudplayedSecretary / the Clarion of Loss / Voice Artist / Cavava4 Episodes
Robert Saunders (2)playedSpirit of the Abyss / Abyss4 Episodes
Alan ScarfeplayedFlavin3 Episodes
Gerard PlunkettplayedBloodmist3 Episodes
Alex DiakunplayedHohne3 Episodes
Peter KelamisplayedGrask / Doge Miskich / Casino Thug #13 Episodes
Steve BacicplayedTelemachus / Gaheris Rhade / Rhade3 Episodes
Brandy LedfordplayedDoyle3 Episodes
John TenchplayedGerentex3 Episodes
Elizabeth ThaiplayedRefractions of Dawn / Than Pilot / Twilight3 Episodes
Nicholas Lea (1)playedTri-Lorn3 Episodes
Kyle CassieplayedSembler3 Episodes
Ingrid TorranceplayedDuran / Saguro2 Episodes
Emmanuelle VaugierplayedMaura2 Episodes
Hiro KanagawaplayedBurma2 Episodes
Emy AnekeplayedThompson2 Episodes
Nigel BennettplayedParoo2 Episodes
Sarah Jane RedmondplayedJane Rollins2 Episodes
John de LancieplayedUncle Sid2 Episodes
Keith Hamilton CobbplayedTyr Anasazi2 Episodes
Dylan BierkplayedFreya2 Episodes
Stuart O’ConnellplayedDimitri2 Episodes
Marco SorianoplayedRestorian / Maitre’d2 Episodes
Sam JenkinsplayedDr. Sara Riley2 Episodes
Ken KirzingerplayedWillie / Glux2 Episodes
Kim HawthorneplayedLawyer / Tri-Camille2 Episodes
Rachel HaywardplayedAdulasia / Cory2 Episodes
John DeSantisplayedStalin Kuleshov / Hsigo2 Episodes
David PalffyplayedUrsari / Professor Lor-Near2 Episodes
Darrin KlimekplayedArun / Dockmaster2 Episodes
Anne Marie LoderplayedMajor Whendar / Astrid2 Episodes
Meredith McGeachieplayedMaia / Geryon2 Episodes
Christopher JudgeplayedAchilles AI / Hector / The Resolution of Hector2 Episodes
Michael ShanksplayedBalance of Judgement / Remiel / Gabriel2 Episodes
J. R. BourneplayedWilliam Ataturk Fleet Marshall of the Drago-Kazov / Marshall Ataturk2 Episodes
Michelle HarrisonplayedFemale Guide Android / Female Guide Droid2 Episodes
Colin Cunningham (1)playedShig2 Episodes
Jianna BallardplayedYoung Beka2 Episodes
Cobie SmuldersplayedRhade’s Wife2 Episodes



































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