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Season 1

Dylan HuntThree hundred years after the fall of the Systems Commonwealth, Captain Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant are pulled away from their sleep at the edge of a black hole. With a crew of cargo runners and bounty hunters, Dylan sets off on a quest to reunite the galaxy.

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 2

New CommonwealthThe crew’s mission to restore the fallen Commonwealth takes on a note of urgency, after they discover that a Magog worldship populated by trillions of hungry Magog and led by a mysterious alien energy being, is headed for their part of the Universe and the new allies that have joined Dylan Hunt to help restore the Commonwealth. Big changes befalls the crew of the Andromeda.

Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 3

Slip FightersWith a new Systems Commonwealth established, Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew embark on new adventures throughout the galaxy! They encounter new friends and old, and suffer a betrayal very close to home.

Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 4

Under AttackThe crew of the Andromeda struggles to maintain order in a universe once again on the brink of chaos, as forces of darkness conspire to destroy the fragile Commonwealth after it is betrayed.

Season 4 Episode Guide

Season 5

The AvatarsDylan finds himself in a mysterious system cut off from the rest of space, and must reassemble the crew of the Andromeda. But the ship’s command staff and crew will never be the same again to include Rommie.

Season 5 Episode Guide

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