‘Angels & Demons’ Teaser Has a Hidden Message

It just so happens that Sony owns a site with a domain name called AltarsofScience.com, which contains a video feed of a room with the word "Illuminati" written on the wall and a device that looks like a bomb. There is also a countdown set to run out on May 15th, 2009, which is the theatrical release date of "Angels & Demons." Check out the image below for the clue.

Angels & Demons Clue

Well it doesn’t stop there folks, as we know how the first movie went we just knew there had to be more and lord and behold if you look at the source code for the website there seems to be a message from the Illuminati, stating: "We will destroy your four pillars, brand your preferiti and sacrifice them on the altars of science…and then bring your church down upon you. Vatican City will be consumed by light."

So what do you think about this sequel and how they leaving messages hidden all around?

Click here to check out the teaser.


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