‘Atlantis Rising’ Comic coming to Big Screen

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing along with Platinum Studios chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who created the original "Atlantis Rising" five-part series.

In "Atlantis," an underworld civilization is discovered after seismic rumbles announce its presence. Hostilities with Earth’s land-dwellers ensue.

"In all the classic versions of this kind of movie, the threat is always from the stars," Orci said. "The idea that it’s somehow our cousins who went off in a different path of evolution who have been here, literally, underneath our oceans. That’s fascinating, the idea of secrets right under your nose."

The newly independent DreamWorks hopes to have "Atlantis" to be a big-budget film with Sci-Fi effects ansd also push this as a war movie in the style of the James Cameron, who directed "Aliens" and "The Abyss." They are hoping to have the movie in theaters during the summer of 2011.


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