Avatar’s Na’vi Language Site is Up

Well that language, which was created by USC professor Paul Frommer, has now been placed online at www.LearnNavi.org for you to look at and learn if your interested. For now it is only around five hundred words, but Frommer is looking to add another five hundred very soon.

This isn’t the first language to spawn from a Sci-Fi movie or TV series as “Klingonese” is one of the most popular in use today, which was created originally for the Star Trek franchise with just a few words and has since grown to a full and recognized language, all thanks to those hardcore Klingon fans. Time will only tell if “Na’vi” language will catch on with the fans and grow. So if you want to learn something new, or just want to show off at the next SciFi convention then go for it.

Click here for more on ‘Avatar’

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