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Ambassador Delenn

Ambassador Delenn
A member of the Grey Council, Delenn chose to serve as the Minbari Ambassador to Babylon 5 to determine whether humanity was the race referred to in one of Valen’s prophecies. Towards the end of 2258, she shocked the Grey Council by declining the chance to become the Minbari Leader and announced her decision to transform herself into a half-Human, half-Minbari hybrid as a sign of the two races’ shared destiny. Once she had implemented her plan, she was banished from the Grey Council. Delenn later became a local leader of the Rangers, and announced the breaking of the Grey Council so that members of the religious caste could help in the defence of Babylon 5. Later, she re-established the Grey Council, giving a greater emphasis to the Worker Caste. Following Sinclair’s journey into the past, Delenn was appointed Ranger One or Entil’Zha – the commander of the Rangers. Delenn became romantically linked with Sheridan, and their son, David, shown in a glimpse into the future, will be the final link in the joining of the two races as prophesied by Valen. The first part of this has recently been fulfilled in Delenn’s marriage to Sheridan. Her next challenge is to help her husband further the Interstellar Alliance.





Delenn’s diplomatic attaché and devoted aide, originally brought up in a monastery on Minbar. Although he is mild mannered, and a spiritual member of the Minbari Religious Caste, he is trained in Minbari martial arts, and is the expert pilot of the White Star. He reveres Delenn as an almost holy figure and accepts her physical transformation without question. He has pledged his life to her, in fact, and is perfectly willing to die by her side. During his time on Babylon 5, Lennier has learned some of the art of diplomacy. Lennier has been helpful to Delenn in leading the Rangers and fighting against the Shadows. He is now undergoing training as a Ranger.





Dukhat Dukhat was a great and wise leader of the Minbari – the Minbari say that he was the best of them. He was Delenn’s mentor when she was an acolyte, training her until she took her place on the Grey Council. Dukhat suspected that Delenn was a descendant of Valen, and became convinced that this was the case when she was initiated into the Grey Council, because when she touched the Triluminary, it glowed. Dukhat wanted to make contact with the humans, but he was killed when the Minbari’s first contact with them went disastrously wrong in 2242. As was their custom, the Minbari were approaching with their gun ports open, but the humans thought that it was a threat and opened fire. Dukhat’s death started the Earth/Minbari War. Before Dukhat died, he tried to tell Delenn that she was a child of Valen, but it was not until many years later that she realised what he had actually said to her.



Neroon Alyt Neroon was a member of the Warrior Caste, and of the Star Riders clan. He was the aide to the Shai Alyt Shakiri, leader of the Warrior Caste. Whe he learned why the Minbari had surrendered to Earth (because the Minbari had discovered that Minbari souls were being reborn in some humans), he was appalled. In 2259, Neroon was appointed a member of the Grey-Council, and replaced the half-human Delenn, whom he felt was an affront to the Minbari. He later came to Babylon 5 to try to prevent Delenn becoming Ranger One, and would have become the first Minbari to kill one of his own if he had not been stopped by Marcus. However, during the Minbari civil war, he helped Delenn to end it, by sacrificing himself for his people in the Starfire Wheel, telling them that the war was over and to listen to Delenn.





Shai Alyt Shakiri

Shakiri Shai Alyt Shakiri was the leader of the Minbari Warrior Caste. During the Minbari civil war in 2261, he ordered his caste to attack Tuzanor, nearly destroying the beautiful capital city. He ordered the religious caste to surrender. Delenn agreed, but insisted that they follow the laws set down by the ancients before the time of Valen, by using the Starfire Wheel. The two opposing leaders would step into the Starfire Wheel, and the one who remained and sacrificed himself for their caste would determine which caste would become dominant. Shakiri was afraid and enterd the wheel reluctantly. However, he could not stand the pain, so jumped out, when Neroon took his place.





Draal is Delenn’s mentor and a close personal friend. He lived his entire life on Minbar until 2258, when he decided his life no longer had meaning. He felt that Minbar was changing for the worse, and sensed a growing dissatisfaction and selfishness. Consequently, he visited Delenn on Babylon 5 to say goodbye to his old friend. When the caretaker of the Great Machine was dying, he called to Draal and a few others. Draal took the caretaker back to the Great Machine and agreed to become the new caretaker. He now resides inside the Great Machine. It has extended his life and restored to him his youth and appearance of 30 years ago. When Sheridan and the rest went back in time to steal Babylon 4 it was Draal who gave them the equipment necessary for time travel. During the Shadow War, he allied himself with Sheridan and the Army of Light and put the Great Machine at their disposal.

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