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The former ambassador of the Narn regime and one time member of the ruling body – the Kha’Rhi. G’kar was driven by revenge against the Centauri, until Kosh appeared to him in a vision and gave him a new purpose., G’kar then became a Soldier of Light, hoping one day he will see the freedom of his people restored. At the end of 2260, G’kar was shocked by the disappearance of his closest friend, Garibaldi. G’Kar is well-read, deeply spiritual, and extremely intelligent. The passionate and eloquent representative of the Narn Regime, G’Kar now finds himself protecting the life of his long-time rival, Ambassador Mollari. At the end of 2262 the pressure to turn him into a religious icon by the other Narn become so great that he leaves Babylon 5 with Lyta to explore the galaxy.




Na'Toth Na’Toth is the former aide to Ambassador G’Kar. She is a skilled warrior, and proved her loyalty to G’Kar when she rescued G’Kar from an assassin. Her family had a Shon’Kar (Blood Oath) against the “Deathwalker” Jha’dur, so she tried to kill Deathwalker when she came to Babylon 5, to honour her family. Na’Toth does not believe in the book of G’Quan as deeply as G’Kar, but she believes in herself as a warrior, becasue “chance favors the warrior”. After the bombing of Narn, by the Centauri, Na’Toth was taken captive and held on Centauri Prime. She was eventually rescued in a daring feat by Londo and G’Kar.




Ta’Lon is a militant Narn. In 2259 he was taken prisoner by the Streibs, but was rescued by Captain Sheridan. He always wanted to return to Babylon 5 to thank Sheridan for saving his life, and in 2260 was appointed as Na’Far’s bodyguard (a member of the Centauri-appointed Narn government sent to replace G’Kar as the Narn representative aboard the station) and accompanied him to Babylon 5. Once there he told Sheridan that he owed him his life and that he hoped to serve him for the rest of his life. He decided to stand down as Na’Far’s escort and remain on Babylon 5. When G’Kar has his revelation, during his imprisonment for attacking Londo, he tries to explain it to Ta’Lon. In order to save themselves the Narn must be willing to give up pride and vengeance, be willing to die by the millions for others and for the Universe itself. The humans are the key, he says, and a key that they must turn to find salvation for all. When G’Kar leaves Babylon 5 in 2262 to escape his people’s attempts to try and turn him into a religious icon, he appoints Ta’Lon as his successor to speak for the Narn, to help their people rebuild and to strengthen ties with the Alliance. He asssures Ta’Lon that he is ready for this task, and that the Narn now need someone who is “more warrior than priest” in this position. He instructs Ta’Lon to “Serve our people reasonably, fairly, and with honor,” assuring him that “The rest will attend to itself.”




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