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First Ones - Babylon 5


Elric was the leader of a group of Technomages who boarded Babylon 5 in 2259. Elric revealed they were heading for the Rim to preserve their knowledge from the “black and terrible storm” that lay ahead. Technomages are dreamers, shapers, singers and makers who study the mysteries of laser circuits, crystals and scanners and use them to achieve the effect of magic. Legends claim that Technomages know all the true secrets: they know the 14 words that will make someone fall in love with you forever and the 7 words to say goodbye painlessly to a dying friend; they know how to be rich and how to be poor; and they know how to rediscover dreams when the world has taken them away.




N’Grath is an insectoid alien who is Babylon 5’s resident enforcer, or “fixer” – somebody you go to when you need something…a bodyguard, forged identicards etc. N’Grath can supply black market-style items or information to anyone who can pay for it. He speaks in cicada-like chirps and whistles, which are translated by the translation device on its chest. Garibaldi is quite aware of N’Grath … and knowing that if he just vanished, somebody’d take his place in five minutes, prefers the trouble he knows to the trouble he’d have to track down.




Soul Hunter

Soul Hunter
Little is known about the Soul Hunters, but they are believed to be immortal. They are drawn to death in the way that moths are attracted to the light, and can sense the moment of death. They believe that by collecting souls they are preserving life, and never travel without their collection.






Jha'dur Jha’dur, also known as “Deathwalker”, was an infamous Dilgar war-criminal, who believed that it was natural for the superior to control the inferior. She was personally responsible for countless deaths, she wiped out races, destroyed whole planets and experimented on living beings. Jha’dur claimed that she wanted to give the universe the gift of immortality as a monument to her extinct race. However, one of the key ingredients of her anti-agapic had to come from living tissues, so one person could live only at the expense of another. In this way, Jha’dur hoped her serum would lead to a battle for eternal life across the universe. However, as her ship left Babylon 5 for Earth, it was destroyed by the Vorlons. Kosh gave the reason for this action to Commander Sinclair when he told him; “You are not ready for immortality.”




The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor (also known as Sebastian) was sent to Babylon 5 by the Vorlons to test Delenn and Sheridan. Sebastian had believed he was a chosen one, and committed a series of killings in London’s East End until the Vorlons abducted him on November 22th 1888 and taught him “the terrible depth” of his mistakes. He paid 400 years of penance by serving the Vorlons as an Inquisitor who tests “Chosen Ones”. Sebastian was kept in statis when he was not required. When Sheridan and Delenn demonstrate that they are willing to die for each other, Sebastian declares that thay have passed the test, and that they are the Chosen Ones – the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Before leaving the station, Sebastian tells Sheridan that he hopes the Vorlons will now allow him to die in peace.



King Arthur

King Arthur Arthur, King of the Britons arrives at Babylon 5. He says that his last memory is of dying on the battlefield of Camlan, all his mighty knights dead around him, and that before he could rest he needed his brother Bedevere to give Excalibur back to the Lady of the Lake. His return now to Babylon 5, he claims, signifies that he must be most needed here and now. “Arthur” is in fact David McIntyre, and was Gunnery Sergeant on the EAS Prometheus which opened fire on Minbari vessels in a first contact situation and thus sparked the Earth-Minbari war. When Dr Franklin tells “Arthur” who he really is, the memories flood back into him, and in his mind they mix with a vision of himself trying to give back Excalibur but being struck down from behind by a black knight, and this knocks him into a state of catatonic shock. Marcus and Franklin finally figure out what McIntyre came to the station to do: to give up the King’s responsibility, the King’s pain, the King’s sword, to the Lady of the Lake. Delenn takes Excalibur from him, and thus relieves David’s guilt for the war and its hundreds of thousands of deaths. His spirit healed, McIntyre leaves the station bound for Narn, where G’Kar thinks he would make an excellent organizer of the resistance movement.




Zathras is Draal’s aide from Epsilon 3. Zathras first showed up in 2258 when Babylon 4 reappeared. Zathras has nine brothers, all named Zathras but with slightly different intonations. Zathras is the oldest living caretaker of the Great Machine, and he knows more about it than anyone else, even Draal. Zathras went with Sheridan and the rest when they stole Babylon 4, so it could be used in the last Great War to defeat the Shadows. He played a vital role, as he delivered the equipment necessary for time travel. When Sinclair went back 1000 years into past with Babylon 4, Zathras went with him. Zathras’ nine other brothers are still on Epsilon 3.



Lorien – The First One

Lorien is the very first of the First Ones, and acted as mentor to both the Vorlons and the Shadows. He returned from Z’ha’dum to Babylon 5 with Sheridan, and left the galaxy together with the Vorlons and Shadows at the end of the Shadow War.








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