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Ambassador Kosh Naranek

Ambassador Kosh The original Vorlon ambassador, Kosh showed little interest in participating in the Babylon project until Captain Sheridan arrived. He then prepared Sheridan for the fight with the Shadows, by teaching Sheridan more about himself, so he would be able “to fight legends”. At the end of 2259, Kosh left his encounter suit to fly to Sheridan’s aid as he was plunging to his death from an exploding transport tube. He was revealed to be creature of light and appeared as a different being to different aliens: the humans perceived him as an angel, the Minbari saw valeria and the Drazi saw Droshalla. Kosh was killed in 2260 after he agreed to help Sheridan strike a military blow against the Shadows.


Ambassador Kosh 2

Kosh 2

The second vorlon ambassador who was sent to Babylon 5 after the original ‘Kosh’ was killed by the shadows. This vorlon also wanted to be called Kosh saying “We are all Kosh”. However, Kosh 2 was very different in both attitude and conduct until he was forcibly removed from the station by the piece of the original Kosh that was inside Sheridan. The two vorlons fight, eventually flowing through the ceiling, then moving through the rest of the station and eventually emerging and coalescing onto the Vorlon ship, which is making its way away from the station. As the two forms encompass the ship, it explodes, probably killing both of the fighting vorlons.

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