Babylon 5 Character Guide

Babylon 5 charaters

The Humans

John Sheridan President John Sheridan Commander Susan Ivanova Commander Susan Ivanova
Michael Garibaldi Michael Garibaldi Captain Elizabeth Lochley Captain Elizabeth Lochley
Dr Stephen Franklin Dr Stephen Franklin Zack Allen Zack Allen
Lyta Alexander Lyta Alexander Marcus Cole Marcus Cole
Commander Jeffrey Sinclair Commander Jeffrey Sinclair Lieutenant David Corwin Lieutenant David Corwin
Mr Morden Mr Morden Alfred Bester Alfred Bester
Talia Winters Talia Winters Keffer Lieutenant Warren Keffer
Anna Sheridan Anna Sheridan Justin Justin
Lise Hampton Edgars Garibaldi Lise Hampton Edgars Garibaldi Edgars William Edgars
President Clark President Clark President Luchenko President Luchenko
Byron Byron Theo Brother Theo
Number One Number One


The Minbari

Delenn Ambassador Delenn Lennier Diplomatic attache Lennier
Dukhat Dukhat Neroon Neroon
Shakiri Shai Alyt Shakiri Draal Draal


The Centauri

Londo Ambassador Londo Mollari Vir Diplomatic attache Vir Cotto
Refa Lord Refa Cartagia Emperor Cartagia
Regent The Regent


The Narn

G'Kar Ambassador G’Kar Na'Toth Diplomatic attache Na’Toth
Ta'Lon Ta’Lon


The Vorlons

Kosh Ambassador Kosh Naranek Kosh 2 The second Kosh


Other Characters

Elric Elric – The Technomage N'Grath N’Grath
Soulhunter Soul Hunter Jha'dur Jha’dur
Sebastian Sebastian Arthur King Arthur (David McIntyre)
Zathras Zathras Lorien Lorien – The First One


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