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Babylon 5 Season 1 Episodes



Babylon 5 Season 1 (1993-1994)

Babylon 5 The Gathering

TV Movie: The Gathering         First Aired: Feb. 22, 1993
The Gathering is the first of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set one year prior to the events of Babylon 5 Season One and as such is set in 2257.

Commander Sinclair is accused of trying to kill the Vorlon ambassador during an important peace conference.

Babylon 5 Midnight on the Firing Line 1×02 Midnight on the Firing Line         First Aired: Jan. 26, 1994
An attack led by the Narns on Raghesh 3, a colony led by the Centauri cause the hatred between Londo and G’kar to reach a critical point. Meanwhile the leaders of Babylon 5 have to deal with raiders attacking transport ships.
Babylon 5 Soul Hunter 1×03 Soul Hunter         First Aired: Feb. 02, 1994
We get introduced to the new doctor – Dr Franklin, who arrives just as Sinclair is excited by the prospect of being introduced to a new species. A broken down ship of unknown origin is found floating around in space. Once the ship is rescued they find a seemingly life-less Soulhunter – and Delenn is unusually agitated over its presence on the station. It turns out to be extremely dangerous, and attracted to death as they steal souls at the moment of death. The rumour of it being there soon spreads, and people scramble to leave Babylon 5. Dr Franklin finds his first day on duty to be a bit more than he expected, as people start dying around the station.
Babylon 5 Born to the Purple 1×04 Born to the Purple         First Aired: Feb. 09, 1994
Londo Mollari is a man who knows the value of secrets, especially other peoples’ secrets. This is why his files are one of his most priced possessions, and why it is highly worrysome when an exotic dancer manages to con him out of them. Knowledge is power, and Londo is desperate to keep that power intact. G’Kar has his own problems – a very strong-headed and aggressive aid arrived to the station to be at his side. Sinclair is frustrated working with them in the very important peace talks, as is Talia the P5 telepath who is assigned to the negotiations, as both Londo and G’Kar are obviously distracted and agitated. Meanwhile, Garibaldi is getting antsy when finding unauthorized communications taking place from within the station but Ivanova refuse to take him seriously.
Babylon 5 Infection 1×05 Infection         First Aired: Feb. 16, 1994
A old friend and mentor, Dr. Hendricks, of Dr Franklin turns up with a promise of an adventure. What he brings with him is slightly more dangerous than that though – he needs Dr Franklin’s help to analyze some ancient artifacts. The artifacts turns out to be highly contageous – when infected by it you turn into a perfect killing machine, with an implanted mind and reason. A journalist sent from earth to broadcast from the station for the first time ever, gets upset when not finding Sinclair onboard as expected. He’s a rather reluctant interviewee, due to earlier experiences, so Garibaldi has to take care of her.
Babylon 5 The Parliament of Dreams 1×06 The Parliament of Dreams         First Aired: Feb. 23, 1994
G’Kar receives a message informing him that an assassin has been sent by an old nemesis who’s hatred even surpasses his death. He has put his entire fortune on his death bed to the one who can reach the ambassador and kill him. G’Kar has 48 hours left to live, he finds out. Sinclair has other things on his mind, as his former lover Catherine arrived to the station, just in time for a rather rambunctious religious celebration hosted by Londo.
Babylon 5 Mind War 1×07 Mind War         First Aired: Mar. 02, 1994
The Psi Corps arrive to the station, led by Bester – in search of a renegade telepath. They have followed a thought-trail, as they call it. The hunted telepath, that used to be Talia’s instructor, asks her for help as he’s desperate to get away from the Psi Corps. Sinclair and Garibaldi are obligated to help Bester out. Catherine needs help reaching Sigma 957 – and finds G’Kar very reluctant to help her. He strongly advice her not to go there, but she doesn’t pay attention to his warnings.
Babylon 5 The War Prayer 1×08 The War Prayer         First Aired: Mar. 09, 1994
A friend of Delenn’s, a highly acclaimed artist from Minbari, was brutally attacked, stabbed and branded. Soon a pattern of similar attacks emerges – all made on prominent alien representatives. A group called Pro-Earth spreads racism and destruction, and Sinclair is convinced that there is no room for racism on board the space station. The unrest is growing amongst the citizens of Babylon 5, and he gets help from Garibaldi and Ivanova to try and solve the problems. Meanwhile Londo must deal with a young Centauri couple who wishes to marry for love, and thus go against the tradition of arranged marriages.
Babylon 5 And the Sky Full of Stars 1×09 And the Sky Full of Stars         First Aired: Mar. 16, 1994
The commander has a curious memory loss from the Minbari-Earth war, 24 hours simply missing from his memory. Two men has arrives to the station intending to pry it out of his subconsious mind. Delenn and Garibaldi start to worry, and the hunt is afoot, to find and save Sinclair as he fights for his life and sanity.
Babylon 5 Deathwalker 1×10 Deathwalker         First Aired: Apr. 20, 1994
Kosh requires Talia’s services in a business transaction. As Talia tries to deal with one of the most curious negotiations she’s experienced – the Narn society is putting pressure on Sinclair to arrest a war criminal known as Deathwalker. The problem is, Deathwalker is working on a serum that would grant immortality and this creates a problem as her work is prioritized from highest Earth authority.
Babylon 5 Believers 1×11 Believers         First Aired: Apr. 27, 1994
Dr Franklin battles with the problem of going against his oath in order to respect a family’s religious beliefs. As much as the parents wishes their son to survive his illness – it is against their religion to cut a human open by means of surgery. Meanwhile, Ivanova is growing restless, missing her days as a pilote. In order to calm her down, Sinclair sends her on an escort mission that encounters unexpected problems.
Babylon 5 Survivors 1×12 Survivors         First Aired: May. 04, 1994
President Santiago is in his way to visit Babylon 5. His visit is causing some concerns about the security on the space station and matters do not improve as there is an explosion, and Garibaldi gets implicated to have sabotaged the station. The presidential security takes over the investigation, led by the daughter of an old friend of Garibaldi’s. Her father had died in a tragic accident which she blames Garibaldi and his abuse of alcohol for.
Babylon 5 By Any Means Necessary 1×13 By Any Means Necessary         First Aired: May. 11, 1994
The dockworkers are facing nearly impossible tasks on a daily basis and having been in harms way one time too many they go on strike. As the cargo bay blowing up taking the life of a dock worker, an important Narn vessel is destroyed and much needed cargo eagerly expected by G’Kar is lost forever. The only one that can help him is Londo, to his great pleasure, which does’nt improve their relationship and puts additional burden on an already strained situation.
Babylon 5 Signs and Portents 1×14 Signs and Portents         First Aired: May. 18, 1994
Raiders are drawing closer to the space station in escalated attacks. A plan is drawn up in order to try and help travellers. Sinclair is trying to find out what happened during those 24 hours in the war that was erased from his memory, and Garibaldi promises to help him out. A new visitor, Mr Morden, makes his rounds among the ambassadors, asking for an answer to a very strange question. Meanwhile, Londo is excited, a shady deal-maker has gotten over one of the most priced symbols of Centauri, and it is for sale.
Babylon 5 TKO 1×15 TKO         First Aired: May. 25, 1994
A determined boxer from earth wishes to partake in a brutal fighting art competition, where no humans are allowed. As Garibaldi help him out a rabbi help Ivanova to deal with her father’s death.
Babylon 5 Grail 1×16 Grail         First Aired: Jul. 06, 1994
A cosmic wayfarer in search of the Holy Grail visits Babylon 5 and make friends with a thief. With Sinclair and Garibaldi, they get entangled in a monster combat with mind blowing side effects.
Babylon 5 Eyes 1×17 Eyes         First Aired: Jul. 13, 1994
The Internal affairs visits, bringing a telepath. The station finds itself with a new command while the officers refuses to undertake Psi Corp’s mindscan.
Babylon 5 Legacies 1×18 Legacies         First Aired: Jul. 20, 1994
One of the greatest leaders of the Minbari-Earth war has died, and a wake is to take place on Babylon 5. The ceremony is prestigious and rare – and there seem to be some sort of discomfort between the religious and the warrior casts, That Minbari and humans are forced to cooperate, is also an issue. Ivanova and Tahlia finds a youth telepath, scrunging her way around the station. They, not surprisingly find themselves on two different sides of the dilemma of what to do with the girl.
Babylon 5 A Voice in the Wilderness (1) 1×19 A Voice in the Wilderness (1)         First Aired: Jul. 27, 1994
A geological survey ship is sent to the nearby, presumed dead, planet as some seismic activity was detected. The station is depending on it’s gravitational pull, and as a massive power surge emerges from the planet core, questions arise on whether or not the planet is stable, and indeed, uninhabited. Meanwhile, troublesome news reaches the station, there is a civil war brewing on Mars. Garibaldi is having problems reaching his loved ones. Ambassador Delenn recieves a surprise visit from an old friend from Minbari. The joy of seeing a dear old friend is sadly dampened by the reason he arrived.
Babylon 5 A Voice in the Wilderness (2) 1×20 A Voice in the Wilderness (2)         First Aired: Aug. 03, 1994
The man found in the underground cave is taken to Babylon 5 to recieve medical attention. The Hyperion, an earth vessel, arrives to assume control over the station. The leaders of earth is very interested in the high-technology found on the planet below Babylon 5. President Santiago has been desperate to sample technology from other cultures, and now sees the opportunity. The civil war on Mars continues, and the situation at hand for Sinclair is to try to keep the autonomy of Babylon 5 intact. Delenn’s friend, Draal, finds himself in a situation where he must make a choice, with the surprising aid of Londo’s.
Babylon 5 Babylon Squared 1×21 Babylon Squared         First Aired: Aug. 10, 1994
Sector 14 displays unusual high amounts of tachyon emissions. A ship sent to investigate, mysteriously loses contact with the station. The pilot of the ship turns up dead, due to old age. Turns out the previous space station, called Babylon 4, is locked into a temperal flux. Ambassador Delenn heads out on her own, in a Minbari ship. She’s been called to stand before the Grey council, not knowing what to expect.
Babylon 5 The Quality of Mercy 1×22 The Quality of Mercy         First Aired: Aug. 17, 1994
The station doctor, is found running a free clinic aboard Babylon 5 but notice how his patients are decreasing in numbers. Turns out that a “healer” is residing on the station, running an unauthorised clinic, that Dr Franklin suspect is fraudulent. A prisoner is found guilty of murder and awaits sentencing. The options are slim, and Tahlia reluctantly agrees to use her powers to wipe his brain and reprogram him. Meanwhile, Londo recieves word from the emperor’s aid, requesting Londo to keep an “upper hand” and forge useful alliances. In lieu of this, Londo takes ambassador Delenn’s aid, Lennier, under his wings to experience the station, the “Londo way”.
Babylon 5 Chrysalis 1×23 Chrysalis         First Aired: Oct. 26, 1994
The Narn’s stake a claim to quadrant 37 previously expropriated by the Centauri and Londo is pressured by G’Kar to return it. Mr Morden is back and offers to help Londo out with the situation, price being to return the favour at a later point in time. Sinclair is growing more and more preoccupied by all the quarrels, but manages to find some time for romance. Delenn asks Kosh for advice regarding a promise she intends to fulfill. Somebody’s life is in danger, a dying informant told Garibaldi, but the informant didn’t live long enough to say who.

Babylon 5 Season 2 Episodes



Babylon 5 Season 2 (1994-1995)

Babylon 5 Points of Departure 2×01 Points of Departure         First Aired: Nov. 02, 1994
Since President Santiago was killed, Sinclair has been mysteirously recalled to Earth. Ivanova is working hard to keep the station together, as Garibaldi fights for his life in the medical bay. She is informed that Sinclair isn’t going to return, the Minbari has requested his presence, and he is to be replaced by capt John Sheridan of the Agamemnon. He will start his work at the station being goaded into initiating a battle with a Minbari warship. Delenn is in a mysterious cocoon, and there would seem that the Minbari and humans have more in common than what has previously been let on.
Babylon 5 Revelations 2×02 Revelations         First Aired: Nov. 09, 1994
Delenn’s abscence (being in a cocoon) is sorely noticed in the council, specifically by Londo. But her time in the cocoon is coming to an end and she emerges transformed. G’Kar returns from his investigation of what happened in quadrant 37, where he witnessed attacks taking place, by the mysterious shadow ships. Londo is worried that the blame may fall on him. There is some concern over Garibaldi’s health, and Dr Franklin suggests a rather unorthodox procedure to save his life. Sheridan’s sister comes to visit and she’s concerned about her brother.
Babylon 5 The Geometry of Shadows 2×03 The Geometry of Shadows         First Aired: Nov. 16, 1994
Garibaldi’s condition is improving and he’s starting to doubt his qualities as a security chief as it was one of his own that shot him. Londo is recieving a lot of attention on Centauri having solved the problem with quadrant 37. A shift in power is approaching on Centauri, and a group of people are very interested in making sure the correct person is residing on the throne. Seeing more than one techno-mage is considered a bad omen, so when three are spotted on the station, it creates some interest, specifically with Londo. Ivanova is surprised to find that she’s been promoted to commander and must start off her duties with brokering peace between two groups of the Drazi, where colour plays a prominent part of the argument.
Babylon 5 A Distant Star 2×04 A Distant Star         First Aired: Nov. 23, 1994
An impressive ship, the Cortez, visits Babylon 5. Capt. Maynard is an old friend of Sheridan’s, and they get a chance to catch up. Maynard claims to have seen something in hyper-space and is determined to try and find what it was and Sheridan gets reminded of how much he enjoyed running a ship. Dr Franklin is handing out “food plans” to everybody, as he’s concerned about their health. Neither Garibaldi, Sheridan nor Ivanova, are happy about being put on a diet.
Babylon 5 The Long Dark 2×05 The Long Dark         First Aired: Nov. 30, 1994
A signal from a drifting ship is recieved from an unknown ship by the name of Copernikus. As it is salvage, a woman is found in hybernetic sleep, and another crew-member, dead. And something else. Amos, a ranting, self-appointed prophet, starts warning everybody on the station that the day of judgement is coming, by the shape of something called Soldier of Darkness. The station experience several technical difficulties, and the crew feel a growing sense of discomfort.
Babylon 5 Spider in the Web 2×06 Spider in the Web         First Aired: Dec. 07, 1994
Tahlia has agreed to help an old friend in a business deal, she is to monitor the negotiations. The negotiations could, Earth control fears, aid in the future liberation of Mars. Sheridan is asked to keep an eye on the progress, but is not comfortable with the request. Many interests are suspects the negotiations are put to a halt by murdering Tahlia’s friend. The man who killed him, seems free of emotions with cybernetic-like qualities. Being controlled remotely the man causes grave danger for Tahlia.
Babylon 5 Soul Mates 2×07 Soul Mates         First Aired: Dec. 14, 1994
Ambassador Molari’s three wives comes to visit and it’s not like they get along very well. Londo is surprisingly happy under the circumstances – by a special grant from the grateful emperor he means to divorce two of them, keeping only one. Meanwhile, Tahlia finds out that her ex-husband, Stoner, is aboard the station. He used to be a Psi Corp and she doesn’t know exactly how he got out of the corp. Garibaldi takes an interest in Stoner, and it becomes surprisingly personal. Delenn fights a losing battle with a hairbrush, and requests Ivanova’s aid.
Babylon 5 A Race Through Dark Places 2×08 A Race Through Dark Places         First Aired: Jan. 26, 1995
Psi Corps cop Bester, is on the trail of runaway telepaths. By means of torture, the chase leads Bester to Babylon 5, suspecting that there’s an underground railroad transporting renegade telepaths. But the renegades are on to Bester. The finances are bleek for the space station, and measures needs to be taken to save money. Sheridan means to fight the attempts of making senior staff pay for extra space in their living quarters. This make him end up on Dr Franklin’s spare cot, when not helping Delenn to be more human.
Babylon 5 The Coming of Shadows 2×09 The Coming of Shadows         First Aired: Feb. 02, 1995
On the Centauri home planet the frail emperor has decided to visit Babylon 5, much to G’Kar’s chagrin. As the emperor is expected to die soon, plots are being forged in order to have a hand in who’s going to be the next emperor. With Londo in the middle of it, being asked to spin the situation to their advantage. Londo is not feeling at all comfortable with the situation, and is plagued by nightmares. G’Kar prepares to sacrifice his life taking the emperor’s, but faith would have it otherwise and tragedy strikes the Narn people once again. An unexpected message reaches Garibaldi from Sinclair containing a grave warning.
Babylon 5 GROPOS 2×10 GROPOS         First Aired: Feb. 09, 1995
Six earth-force ships arrives to the station, led by General Franklin, Dr Franklin’s father. He brings 25,000 infantry troups with him – that are quickly filling up the station. General Franklin claims that they have arrived to aid a planet in their civil war. He also means to upgrade the weaponry of Babylon 5, which in many ways goes against the peaceful intention of it being created. Accomodations are tight, given the number of soldiers, and the staff of the station unexpectedly find themselves having room-mates.
Babylon 5 All Alone in the Night 2×11 All Alone in the Night         First Aired: Feb. 16, 1995
The Grey Council have called Delenn to meet with them, to determine her future role. Her effort to understand humans, have made her an outcast among the Minbari. As Babylon 5 is low on staff, Sheridan takes the opportunity to check out some hostile activities right outside the station’s juridiction. He hopes to make it before a member of the joint chiefs are to arrive to the station in an unannounced, private matter. What at first appeared to be a routine mission, ended up getting Sheridan hijacked and kidnapped by an alien race. He finds himself in a gladiator-like situation and must fight for his life.
Babylon 5 Acts of Sacrifice 2×12 Acts of Sacrifice         First Aired: Feb. 23, 1995
The Narn-Centauri war continues with many casualties. G’Kar is surprised that Sheridan and his crew will try to aid their cause and intervene in some manner. With the war heating up, Sheridan must walk a fine line between helping and controlling the situation. Delenn is finding it difficult to come to G’Kar’s aid as he has on countless occasions claimed to want to see all Centauri dead. The Minbari are tired of war, but are willing to mediate. Ivanova faces another challenge when dealing with a race that seal alliances by intercourse.
Babylon 5 Hunter, Prey 2×13 Hunter, Prey         First Aired: Mar. 02, 1995
Sheridan’s curiousity about the Vorlon space ship Kosh arrived in, leads him and Ivanova to the bay where it’s kept in quaranteen. He is still confused about Kosh’s ability to get inside Sheridan’s head when he was kidnapped and seeks to understand it. Earth Alliance sends a group to the station warning about a fugitive doctor who’s suspected crimes against earth, and to be hiding on Babylon 5. Not knowing what the doctor is suspected of, the orders are to find him, alive if possible. Whatever it is the doctor is suspected of, Sheridan starts to feel doubts about whether or not the man is actually guilty of anything.
Babylon 5 There All the Honor Lies 2×14 There All the Honor Lies         First Aired: Apr. 27, 1995
A way to make money has emerged – merchandize. Ivanova isn’t too happy about having to arrange selling of B5-trinkets in the souvenir shops. Sheridan finds himself in a heep of troubles, at first having his comlink stolen – ending up being accused of murder. As the Minbari man Sheridan shot in self-defense was not carrying a weapon, the peace between the Earth and Minbari is at risk. Not receiving much help from the Minbari who witnessed it all, Delenn has launched an independent investigation. The situation doesn’t add up, and everybody races to find out what happened and why.
Babylon 5 And Now for a Word 2×15 And Now for a Word         First Aired: May. 04, 1995
The Interstellar Network News reports live for 36 hours from Babylon 5 and their presence coincides (luckily for the reporters) with a serious situation in the Narn-Centauri war. Babylon 5 is filling up with wounded and the situation is critical. The staff of the station needs to balance between public interest and get things done. We get to follow the broadcast, interviews, background history, statistics, commercials et al.
Babylon 5 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum 2×16 In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum         First Aired: May. 11, 1995
Injured Narns keeps filling up the station, and the situation is growing worse by the minute. There simply aren’t room enough and sending wounded back needs to be considered. Sheridan finds out by accident that Mr Morden, one of his wives crew-members, is at the station alive and well. Mr Morden is at the station to send a message to his associate Londo. As Sheridan’s wife and the entire crew has been reported dead, Sheridan feels the need to find out how Morden’s the only survivor. It’s apparant that Mr Morden is more than meets the eye, and Sheridan is determined to find out what is going on. Zack and Talia are invited to join in a group called the Nightwatch, instigated by Earth Force in order to make some extra cash, and provide extra security onboard Babylon 5.
Babylon 5 Knives 2×17 Knives         First Aired: May. 18, 1995
After finding a dead alien that unexpectedly reached out and grabbed him despite his condition, Sheridan is afflicted by dizzyness, strange vivid visions and dreams. He starts wondering what is the matter with him and soon suspect that he’s caught something from the dead alien, something with a mind of it’s own. Londo recieves a visit from an old friend, hero of the battle of Gorash, and it brings back memories of a happier time. It didn’t take long until the joy of seeing a friend, turns into frustration over politics and the need to choose sides – between a friend, a collaborator and his convictions.
Babylon 5 Confessions and Lamentations 2×18 Confessions and Lamentations         First Aired: May. 25, 1995
Lt. Keffer has been unable to let go of what he saw in hyperspace, the mysterious shadow ship, and have without permission venture out to try and catch a look again. A cargo-ship has disappeared on route to Babylon 5, and the crew works on finding it, or what happened to it. A mysterious disease is spreading among the Marcebs, with a 100% mortality rate. Franklin sets out to try and find a way to cure them. Delenn invites Sheridan over to dinner, which is an experience he wasn’t quite prepared for.
Babylon 5 Divided Loyalties 2×19 Divided Loyalties         First Aired: Oct. 12, 1995
Lyta Alexander is found unconsious on a ship floating right outside Babylon 5. After her mind scan of Ambassador Kosh almost two years ago, she has never been quite the same. She had to escape from the Psi Corp, as they keep pressuring her and after a detour on Mars, she reports that “sleepers” (people unknowingly being spies) have been placed somewhere on the station. Franklin, Garibaldi, Ivanova and Sheridan’s secret mission is continuing and they were contemplating bringing in Talia in their midst. Lyta’s news makes them unsure on how to proceed.
Babylon 5 The Long, Twilight Struggle 2×20 The Long, Twilight Struggle         First Aired: Oct. 19, 1995
Londo is back on Centauri, having been summoned to meet Reefa. The war is apparantly drawing to an end, and Londo is to play an important role. The Narn are growing increasingly worried about losing the war. They plan a last, daring, grand strategy change, that is very risky. The planet below is sending out a signal, and Draal the guardian of the planet, sends a message to Sheridan to come down for a visit.
Babylon 5 Comes the Inquisitor 2×21 Comes the Inquisitor         First Aired: Oct. 26, 1995
G’Kar is desperately trying to find help to change the situation for his people, having surrendered to the Centauri. The terms of the surrender was severe, and most unforgiving, and G’Kar is suffering from not being able to do much about the situation. Kosh announces that the Vorlon society have sent an inquisitor to investigate Delenn. The outcome of this inquisition which is brutal, can even be lethal, and she can not accept any outside help in whatever it is that is going to happen.
Babylon 5 The Fall of Night 2×22 The Fall of Night         First Aired: Nov. 02, 1995
The Centauri have gone on an invasion-craze – several worlds are under attack, and Sheridan is growing more and more concerned. Not even Earth are safe anymore, but the Eart Alliance have a plan. Keffer is still obsessing about the strange ship that he saw in Hyper-space, and feel the need to find it again. The Nightwatch are unseemingly interested in station activities, and Zack doesn’t feel comfortable with the degree of reporting that they require of him. The veil over the Vorlorn and Shadows are slowly dissipating and an image start to emerge.





Babylon 5 Season 3 Episodes



Babylon 5 Season 3 (1995-1996)

Babylon 5 Matters of Honor 3×01 Matters of Honor         First Aired: Nov. 09, 1995
The space station is still reeling from the revelation of Kosh’s true shape. A ranger, Marcus Cole, arrives to the station, having narrowly escaped from a warzone. The station is visited by a representative of the Earth Force Special Intelligence division, he wishes to find out more about the Shadows. The knowledge of it, isn’t given him lightly, and a secret war council is formed as the threat of Shadows is a growing concern. Mollari is trying to break the pact with Mr Morden. It’s proving more difficult than Londo naïvely thought it would be as he owes them.
Babylon 5 Convictions 3×02 Convictions         First Aired: Nov. 16, 1995
A wave of seemingly random terrorist bombings spreads fear across the station. No known terrorist group is claiming responsibility, and people are scared. The hunt for those responsible of the bombs becomes top priority. Meanwhile, Lennier who was caught in one of the explosions fights for his life in the medical bay. A religious group wishes to move in to the station, and spread the teachings of their God and learn of other races’ Gods. They are a highly educated group of followers, and means to spend 4-5 decades researching spirituality of other races.
Babylon 5 A Day in the Strife 3×03 A Day in the Strife         First Aired: Nov. 23, 1995
There are extensive delays in the customs check-point, and people are angry. Sheridan manages to calm things down momentarily, but problems are piling up. G’Kar is to be replaced by another council member, a council formed by the Centauri. This measure to defuse G’Kar’s attempt for a resistance movement. The Narn appointed is doing it out of pure fear for the continued killings, and means to try to stop them by cooperating with the Centaur. A mysterious alien probe is sweeping the station, making things even more stressful. The doctor is trying to keep the stress at bay, by taking stims.
Babylon 5 Passing Through Gethsemane 3×04 Passing Through Gethsemane         First Aired: Nov. 30, 1995
The monks are settling in nicely at the station, and are making friends amongst the staff. The punishment where a mind is wiped clean and replaced with another personality, usually works. But it would appear that sometimes it doesn’t work, one of the peaceful monks goes through a major transformation. Lyta Alexander returns from the Vorlon home world. She isn’t allowed to talk about what she saw there, but she is clearly affected by her experience, improved even. She has returned to work for Ambassador Kosh.
Babylon 5 Voices of Authority 3×05 Voices of Authority         First Aired: Feb. 01, 1996
The secret war counsil, containing the leaders of Babylon 5 and Delenn plans to seek out allies in a war with the Shadows, that they feel certain will take place. There are a race that are old and almost forgotten, The First Ones, old enemies of the Shadows and may prove to be difficult to approach. Draal, the guardian of the planet below, provides advice and help on their journey to find and negotiate with them. G’Kar is sensing there might be something of interest to him, fishing for information, and intends to be a part of it – not even knowing what it is. Beside not getting along with the Earth Force standard issue fashion, Zack is forced to help the new political officer that just arrived. This new position created, of course, being news to Sheridan and he’s objecting vehemently.
Babylon 5 Dust to Dust 3×06 Dust to Dust         First Aired: Feb. 08, 1996
The Nightwatch are taking a more agressive attitude in controlling expression of views and upholding codes of conduct. Things are a bit unstable after President Clark has been revealed as the man behind the murder of the former President Santiago. While the world awaits to hear if the proof of his guilt is correct, Bester is pursuing somebody he claims to be of danger to B5. A drug has been spread through the station, called dust and works as a telepathic conduit into somebody elses brain.
Babylon 5 Exogenesis 3×07 Exogenesis         First Aired: Feb. 15, 1996
Alien parasites that attaches itself to humans and then controls them – has been brought onboard Babylon 5. Marcus has a wide array of contacts down below, and one of his most trusted ones doesn’t show up. When going to look for him, it turns out that the contact has changed. When looking for another dear friend, that has gone missing, Marcus gets worried. Ivanova needs to find out if the newly appointed lieutenant David is to be trusted to be invited to partake in the secret alliance. David mistakes her interest as a romantic interlude.
Babylon 5 Messages from Earth (1) 3×08 Messages from Earth (1)         First Aired: Feb. 22, 1996
Marcus shows Ivanova a lot of attention – to her dismay. When not courting Ivanova, Marcus has a tough and physical task of having to deal with the underworld. As the alliance continues relentlessly to collect evidence against President Clark, Garibaldi has asked Marcus to bring a woman over from Mars. The story she has to tell is very important. She has encountered Shadows, and the people involved are not to be trifled with. Her revelations forces Sheridan to make a rather shocking decision. G’Kar doesn’t seem too affected by the experience of being in jail, and is spending his time writing a book. The Nightwatch continues to spy around the station and Zack is saddened by the prospect of having to make reports of his friends.
Babylon 5 Point of No Return (2) 3×09 Point of No Return (2)         First Aired: Feb. 29, 1996
The station is feeling the full force of the martial law set in motion by President Clark. The link for the secret alliance to earth, has been broken, and Sheridan and his group are finding themselves alone. The situation is very grave. They keep their eyes on the Nightwatch who has been given unprecedented power, and Sheridan desperately trying to think up some sort of solution. G’Kar gets an early release, as the staff-situation is scarse. He is enjoying a new-found inner peace and confuse his old friend, but give him a copy of the book he’s been working on. Lady Morella, a prestigious and important noble woman visits Londo. She’s a powerful seer, and Londo wishes to receive assurance that his dreams are not to come true.
Babylon 5 Severed Dreams (3) 3×10 Severed Dreams (3)         First Aired: Apr. 04, 1996
The citizens of Babylon 5 are leaving in droves since the martial law was put in place on the station. Things are getting hairy and few wants to be around when bad goes to worse. The Narns are helping out handling the security and don’t miss an opportunity to make Londo’s life a misery. Renegade ships fighting the current government finds their way to Babylon 5. Sheridan must decide on how to allow them on the station, without the Earth government finding out. Earth troups are finding themselves fighting eachother, they know everyone they kill and it’s taking its toll on everybody. A seriously injured ranger is smuggled into the medical bay and he reports that the Shadows are moving, with many allies.
Babylon 5 Ceremonies of Light and Dark 3×11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark         First Aired: Apr. 11, 1996
It’s eerily quiet around the station, since the stunning revelation that Babylon 5 has distanced itself from Earth and proclaimed itself independent. Scattered members of the Nightwatch are still around the station. They are biding their time and waits for the right moment to retake control over the station. Delenn initiate a rebirth ceremony in order to help a healing process to start and make the transition easier. It proves difficult to find members to partake. Londo takes an interest in current Centauri war plans – and realizes quickly that Mr Morden has found a new allie in Lord Reefa. Londo doesn’t hold back in order to try and stop the insanity and find a way to give Reefa an offer he can’t refuse. As the Earth still controls communications on the station the staff need to reprogram the entire system, which awakes a previously dormant artifical character with an attitude.
Babylon 5 Sic Transit Vir 3×12 Sic Transit Vir         First Aired: Apr. 18, 1996
There’s more to Vir than meets the eye. The lovable, naïve former aid of Londo’s have some side activitities going on – that includes Narns. Londo is fighting a losing battle against the insects that are infecting his living quarters while planning to marry Vir off. Vis isn’t exactly overjoyed by the prospect of an arranged marriage but slowly thaws up to the idea. Until he realizes that his wife to be, isn’t exactly the type of woman he’d respect in the long run. Delenn and Sheridan is slowly exploring their affection for eachother, and romance is in the air.
Babylon 5 A Late Delivery from Avalon 3×13 A Late Delivery from Avalon         First Aired: Apr. 25, 1996
A man claiming to be King Arthur arrives at the station. He has the sword Excalibur to back up his story. Marcus and Dr Franklin takes the king under their wings in order to try and help him out. The plight of Arthur is an enigma but he instills respect and stirs the imagination of all that meets with him. He finds an unexpected brother in arms in G’Kar who admires him deeply. The prices on the station are sky-rocketing and the internal finances needs looking over. Consequently Garibaldi is in a situation that is next to extortion with the local post office, who knows to charge through the nose. The food situation isn’t good – and the diet of some of the lesser fortunate causes diseases. The situation calls for a treaty, and Sheridan is working on making a deal with all the various races onboard.
Babylon 5 Ship of Tears 3×14 Ship of Tears         First Aired: May. 02, 1996
ISN is back on the air, finally, but it is soon clear, that ISN isn’t to be trusted as a news source anymore. What started as a hope for better circumstances, ends up being a proof that all is not right back on Earth. When Sheridan is out testing a new space ship – they pick up a distress signal. It comes from Bester, the Psi Corp leader. He claims he have information that may help them in their quest against the Shadows. Although not a person they’d normaly trust, Bester asks for an unprecedented collaboration. G’Kar is growing restless about not having been invited to the secret alliance yet and is forcing the issue.
Babylon 5 Interludes and Examinations 3×15 Interludes and Examinations         First Aired: May. 09, 1996
The Shadows are not hiding anymore and are now attacking openly. Knowing that they are vulnerable to telepaths, the secret alliance now finally have a weapon of sorts. The trouble is to create a fleet big enough to take them on. Kosh is hardly around at all, and is a troublesome sign. Adira is back, the exotic dancer that managed to catch Londo’s heart. Mr Morden moves about the station, with his ever present Shadows. They’re not happy with Londo not wanting to have anything to do with them. Worlds previously aided by the Shadows now find themselves on the receiving end of violence. Sheridan struggles to unite all races in a war against the Shadows, but internal quarreling and fear of the Shadows makes it very difficult. Dr Franklin handles the stress by taking too many sims, and it’s starting to affect his work.
Babylon 5 War Without End (1) 3×16 War Without End (1)         First Aired: May. 16, 1996
Commander Sinclair receives a mysterious letter, kept by the priest cast for nine hundred years to be delivered at a specific day and time. Messages from the past or future, Babylon 4 in a temperal flux – there are mysteries to solve and Sinclair, now ambassador, is the key. He returns to Babylon 5 meaning to set everything right. Delenn received a letter too, and plays a significant role in past, present and future. The planet below is finally fulfilling its purpose and our heroes are shown what they’ve already done and now must do.
Babylon 5 War Without End (2) 3×17 War Without End (2)         First Aired: May. 23, 1996
With Sheridan, trapped in time with a future emperor Londo, and a Centauri in burning ruins, Sinclair, Delenn, Ivanova and Marcus are on Babylon 4, trying to set in motion what has already been seen. Knowing, that in eight days they’d be destroyed by the Shadows, invigorated and with a lot larger fleet than if they don’t manage to change the past. The staff of Babylon 4 has no idea of the purpose of their presence and doesn’t make it easier for them. The future Londo has a startling revelation, and isn’t perhaps as hateful and filled with thoughts of vengeance as he first let on.
Babylon 5 Walkabout 3×18 Walkabout         First Aired: Oct. 03, 1996
Dr Franklin has taken a personal leave of abscence. His abuse of stims have pushed him to a limit where he’s lost control. He has left his normal life to pick up the pieces, and try to find himself. Lyta Alexander is heart broken to hear about Kosh’s death. A new ambassador of the Vorlons is sent to the station, and he is to be called Kosh as well. He’s no less enigmatic, than his predecessor. Sheridan decides to test and see if their theory of having a way to beat the Shadows will work – and he needs Lyta’s help to succeed. The Narn fleet is slowly getting back together, although heavily damaged.
Babylon 5 Grey 17 Is Missing 3×19 Grey 17 Is Missing         First Aired: Oct. 10, 1996
Delenn is to become the next head of the Rangers, now that Sinclair isn’t there anymore. She gets unexpected competition for the job, though. A maintenance worker disappears suddenly, and once Garibaldi starts digging – it would appear that a whole section of the station is missing. Ivanova is out looking for Dr Franklin – as he’s needed to try and get hold of more telepaths to help fight the Shadows. He’s suffering from stim-withdrawal syndrome and needs to take his time getting back.
Babylon 5 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place 3×20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place         First Aired: Oct. 17, 1996
The big battle with the Shadows are growing closer and Sheridan is working himself hard. The Narns have taken upon themselves to protect all the telepaths that are being sent out to participate in the war. Londo is plotting, as per usual, and he plans to get G’Kar out of his way. Poor Vir is the tool by which G’Kar is going to be lured into an ambush. The monk Theo becomes uncharacteristically annoyed as an ecclestical group from Earth arrives.
Babylon 5 Shadow Dancing 3×21 Shadow Dancing         First Aired: Oct. 24, 1996
The station is expecting the Shadows to attack at any moment. The war council is having troubles trusting the leaders, not being able to say clearly what the plans are in fear of it reaching the wrong people. Ivanova and Marcus are sent out to scout, to be able to give an advance notice on when the enemy turns up. The plan that has been worked out, depends on the station knowing exactly when they arrive. Dr Franklin is still on a walk-about, and his expertise is going to be needed.
Babylon 5 Z'ha'dum 3×22 Z’ha’dum         First Aired: Oct. 31, 1996
Delenn and Sheridan are growing closer , and are going through a Minbari tradition where the woman sit and watches the man sleep for three nights to see his true self. In the midst of this – John’s wife suddenly turns up. Anna – that died on Z’ha’dum several years earlier, has come to take Sheridan there. Sheridan goes through an emotional roller-coaster, and Delenn is on the receiving end. Having been warned about going to Z’ha’dum by Kosh, it’s a difficult decision for him to make. Londo receives a warning from one of Mr Morden’s associates – leave the station, or he may die.



Babylon 5 Season 4 Episodes


Babylon 5 Season 4 (1996-1998)

Babylon 5 The Hour of the Wolf 4×01 The Hour of the Wolf         First Aired: Nov. 07, 1996
The station is in mourning over Sheridan’s rumoured demise, and Ivanova is taking it the hardest as she blames herself. The participants in the defence treaty have nearly all withdrawn their fleets. Not having a strong leader in Sheridan, they no longer believe that there is any way to win. Delenn is fasting and praying, she’s the only one that believes that he may be alive. Londo is back on Centauri to take the office that he’s been assigned to. He wasn’t pleased about it, but makes the most of being at the royal court. He’s horrified to see how much it has changed – and that the country is now led by an insane emperor.
Babylon 5 What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? 4×02 What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?         First Aired: Nov. 14, 1996
Nine days since Garibaldi disappeared on a patrol mission around the station but at least his ship turns up. G’Kar and Marcus team up accidentally and reluctantly, to try and find out where he may be. At great personal risk for G’Kar. He is wanted, dead or alive, and being caught would make it worth somebody’s while. Sheridan realizes to his horror, that he is quite dead. And still he is trapped in the underground maze, together with the mysterious Lorien. Delenn, still overcome by her loss and refusing to let go – throws herself into her duty as Ranger One.
Babylon 5 The Summoning 4×03 The Summoning         First Aired: Nov. 21, 1996
Ivanova uses he White Star to find more people to help attack Z’ha’dum. Annoyingly to her, Marcus comes with, in order to help her translate which gives him more opportunities to pursue her. Not that she notices. G’Kar paid a high price to go look for Garibaldi. Now a prisoner and the source of entertainment to the insane emperor of Centaur. Londo asks him to take it in stride until he can find a way to rescue him from his shackles and they strike a deal. Garibaldi is alive – but held prisoner somewhere. He does not know by whome or where. Lyta Alexander is having difficulty with her new employer – the Vorlon ambassador, who seems to have a rather cold attitude towards humans. Lyta has been modified in various way to be able to serve them. She suspects that the Vorlorn are up to something, that they’ve let go of their support for the lesser species.
Babylon 5 Falling Towards Apotheosis 4×04 Falling Towards Apotheosis         First Aired: Nov. 28, 1996
The Vorlons having destroyed an entire planet in order to root out Shadows – puts all remaining races in grave jeopordy. Thousands of refugees finding themselves homeless trusts Sheridan to help out in the plight. His miracle return from death, offers some solace to the seriousness of the matter. Garibaldi is not himself since his abduction and his friends are concerned. His normal “not trusting anybody” attitude, has gone beyond his usual borders. On Centauri Londo is working on having the insane emperor assassinated – by the help from G’Kar, in return he has promised to free the Narns. Time is of the essence, having hundreds of Shadow ships on the planet puts the entire Centauri population at risk, due to the latest actions by the Vorlons.
Babylon 5 The Long Night 4×05 The Long Night         First Aired: Jan. 30, 1997
The fleet is gathering, and the battle expected is drawing near. Unknown weapons are used by the Vorlons to eradicate whole planets of life and the war council doesn’t know what to expect. Ivanova is sent to find the other race, belonging to the First Ones, she once approached in order to procure some more help. Londo is collecting like-minded to try and get rid of the Shadow ships hiding on Centauri. The death of the emperor is the key to the whole plan. The emperor plucked out an eye of G’Kar, because he didn’t like the way the Narn looked at him. But G’Kar stays as proud as ever, despite endless torture and humiliation and does what Londo asks of him.
Babylon 5 Into the Fire 4×06 Into the Fire         First Aired: Feb. 06, 1997
The plan to lure the Shadows to come to where the battle with the Vorlons will take place, at Coriana Six, succeeded. With the Vorlons on one side and the Shadows on the other, they are caught inbetween. Ivanova brings members of the First Ones into the battle, to even out the odds somewhat. Londo was, to his surprise, appointed Prime Minister while the Centauri search for the next emperor. He intends to send Mr Morden on his merry way – and has already freed the Narns from their reign of terror. Londo finds out the truth behind his love Adira’s death, having been withheld from him as long as the emperor was alive.
Babylon 5 Epiphanies 4×07 Epiphanies         First Aired: Feb. 13, 1997
The Shadow war has been won, the Vorlon and Shadows are forever gone from known universe. But the problem with Earth government remains – and attention needs to be given to the problem. Especially since the government wishes to see Babylon 5 down, permanently. Bester at the Psi Corps is one choosen to perform a task among other plans. Londo feels that he should leave Centauri – as his time as Prime Minister has come to an end. A regent has been choosen to do the job of leading the country, until an emperor can be appointed. Garibaldi is suffering from strange flash-backs from the two weeks that he was missing. He makes the radical decision to resign his position – despite the attempt from his friends to make him reconsider.
Babylon 5 The Illusion of Truth 4×08 The Illusion of Truth         First Aired: Feb. 20, 1997
Sheridan is worried about his family back home on earth – since the embargo took effect news are difficult to send and receive. Zack is doing a good job as the new security chief as Garibaldi starts up his own business venture. Things are visibly frosty between Sheridan and Garibaldi. A self-proclaimed unbiased news crew has arrived to the station. They are allowed to make a report, chaperoned by Lennier – but the outcome may not be as unbiased as they had wished for.
Babylon 5 Atonement 4×09 Atonement         First Aired: Feb. 27, 1997
Delenn has been summoned to Minbar to be tested, her continued relationship with Sheridan is to be determined. Depending on the outcome of the test, which is called the Dreaming, she may not be be able to return back to him. G’Kar needs to get used to his new eye, and to his pleasure he finds new uses for it. Imagine having an eye, that when removed continues to broadcast images to the owner… Babylon 5 has been effectively blinded by Earth forces, being in an effective quaranteen situation. They need to find ways to go around the blokade. Marcus and Dr Franklin needs to find a way to Mars to establish contact.
Babylon 5 Babylon 5: Thirdspace TV Movie: Babylon 5: Thirdspace         First Aired: Jul. 19, 1998
The crew of Babylon 5 discover a mysterious artifact of unknown origin. The artifact influences the minds of people aboard the station and endangers the lives of everyone aboard.

Thirdspace is the third of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. Essentially a stand-alone episode, it is set in the year 2261, half way through the Fourth Season after the Shadow War (episode 406 “Into the Fire”) and before war was declared with Earth (episode 414 “Moments of Transition”). Its best to watch it after episode 4×09 Atonement of the Babylon 5 TV series.

Babylon 5 Racing Mars 4×10 Racing Mars         First Aired: Apr. 24, 1997
Supplies are running short, and fast. Ivanova will deal with the black market to try and get hold of what they need, as she sends Sheridan off on forced vacation from the job. Marcus and Dr Franklin barely avoid going mad of boredom, after days on the ship that is smuggling them to Mars. They make a new acquaintance in a cargo bay. After Garibaldi having distanced himself from Sheridan publically on the television, a group would like him on their team. Sheridan on the other hand, is about to find out about yet another tradition of the Minbari.
Babylon 5 Lines of Communication 4×11 Lines of Communication         First Aired: May. 01, 1997
Babylon 5 finally receives a message from Franklin and Marcus – that they’ve arrived successfully to Mars. Earth force is working a major propaganda machine trying to sway the general population against both Mars and Babylon 5. Presumably to plan a “rescue” operation eventually. Sheridan comes up with a plan to counter-act the propaganda. Attacks are being made on Minbari neighboring worlds. Not only Minbar is affected by this, and Delenn goes home to investigate. Minbar is going through a difficult time, after Delenn effectively disbanded the Grey Council by asking them to go to war with her, leaving the planet vulnerable for prey.
Babylon 5 Conflicts of Interest 4×12 Conflicts of Interest         First Aired: May. 08, 1997
Garibaldi’s business is blossoming – there seems to be a great demand for a private eye on the station. He is also working with the resistance group, the resistance against Sheridan that is, and he gets his first assignment. Zack is given the unpleasant task to take back the standard issue effects that Michael is still holding on to. The new Newscast station is ready to go, but power is lacking in order to be able to have the transmission reach Earth. They’re going to need the planet below, Epsilon 3, to help out.
Babylon 5 Rumors, Bargains and Lies 4×13 Rumors, Bargains and Lies         First Aired: May. 15, 1997
Sheridan comes up with a plan to get allied races to accept having White Star ships patrolling the borders. As a sign of faith, the Centauri and Narn have already agreed to such a solution, and they hope that more will joing in. It is important, as it would send a powerful message to the Draak and make for a good base should bad turn to worse. Londo, as usual, do not understand the minds of humans, but relucantly agrees to do what Sheridan asks. Delenn must face the difficult task of keeping the peace on Minbar. The feud between the casts is escalating into a civil war.
Babylon 5 Moments of Transition 4×14 Moments of Transition         First Aired: May. 22, 1997
Garibaldi is now on a retainer from Mr Edgar – who asks of Michael to protect a product before it being patented. Sheridan is worried about Delenn – he hasn’t heard from her since the news about the civil war on Minbari broke through. The Warrior cast is holding Minbar hostage, and the situation is looking grim. Neroon, who seemingly fooled Delenn into cooperation with her, has returned to his leaders, although showing concern about the cost of the war. Lyta Alexander is desperate to find a paying job – not being with the Psi Corp any more makes her prospects slim. And as by mere coincidence – Bester turns up on the station.
Babylon 5 No Surrender, No Retreat 4×15 No Surrender, No Retreat         First Aired: May. 29, 1997
The war council is called together in order to to help fight earth forces, who have now resorted to attack civilan ships. The council rallying together means full-on war on Earth. The plans are to free the colonized planets that are being held in siege by Earth, Proxima 3 and Mars. Once again Babylon 5 is at war, and this time with their own. In an unprecedented move, Londo has asked to meet with G’Kar to express gratitude and respect, and also to ask to make a joint statement in helping out in the quest against Earth. G’Kar proves to be difficult to sway, though.
Babylon 5 The Exercise of Vital Powers 4×16 The Exercise of Vital Powers         First Aired: Jun. 05, 1997
The long march towards earth continues. Several earth ships, has joined in the crusade against President Clark. Garibaldi, not convinced about Sheridan’s motivation. He’s left Babylon 5, forever he says, and is now back on Mars to meet the illusive Mr Edgars. Dr Franklin is continuing his attempt to free the telepaths of Shadow implants. Any attempt to wake them up, ends up in drastic consequences. Sheridan, however, is pressing on to solve it. Lyta Alexander may prove to be of help.
Babylon 5 The Face of the Enemy 4×17 The Face of the Enemy         First Aired: Jun. 12, 1997
More and more ships join in with Sheridan against president Clark’s unjust war efforts. To Sheridan’s surprise and joy, his old ship Agamemnon, have defected to join in with their quest. Franklin, having with Lyta Alexander’s help, managed to wake up the telepaths, have arrived to Mars, bringing them with him. Garibaldi is supposed to give Sheridan to Mr Edgar – all in the quest to overthrow the government, only their own way. They use Sheridan’s feeling for his father to get him where they want. Garibaldi does not know the full extent of Mr Edgar’s plans to render telepaths useless for the Earth government.
Babylon 5 Intersections in Real Time 4×18 Intersections in Real Time         First Aired: Jun. 19, 1997
After having fallen into the trap set up by Garibaldi, Sheridan is now in a poor state, inprisoned by the Earth government. A simple signature, and they will let him go, they say. Alone and vulnerable, Sheridan must try to endure the worst of situations. An earthforce inquisitor tortures and tricks Sheridan, plays with his mind, to make him sign a confession of treason.
Babylon 5 Between the Darkness and the Light 4×19 Between the Darkness and the Light         First Aired: Oct. 09, 1997
Still inprisoned, and increasingly confused – Sheridan is penduling between clarity and complete hallocinatory states of mind. Both mind altering drugs and torture is used to pry out any information they can on Sheridan. Garibaldi, having found out he was nothing short of a hand puppet of Bester’s, is try to make people believe his story. The Mars resistance manages to capture him, and his life is at danger. He is determined to clear his name, by finding and releasing Sheridan before he gets transported off of Mars. Meanwhile, Ivanova is on her way to finish the mission to deliver Earth from it’s power hungry government.
Babylon 5 Endgame 4×20 Endgame         First Aired: Oct. 16, 1997
Ivanova is suffering from a fatal wound from the ambush and does not have many more days to live. Marcus is devastated and refuses to give up on her. The Mars troups are rallying – and the fleet is closing in for the battle to free the colony. Garibaldi, Lyta and Franklin are on the surface, undermining the earthforce fighting capabilities by using the telepaths. Sheridan closes in with the fleet. He hopes that the sheer numbers of the fleet, will discourage from a bloodied fight.
Babylon 5 Rising Star 4×21 Rising Star         First Aired: Oct. 23, 1997
They won the war – President Clark committed suicide. Sheridan is interrogated and decisions needs to be made how to work towards a lasting peace. Bester is worried that his lover, Carolyn, was used as a weapon in the war. Marcus hooked the life-force machine onto himself and Ivanova – his love for her made him sacrifice his life for hers. Garibaldi has dedicated himself to find Lise. Londo and G’Kar are building on their new-found peaceful relationship, their way naturally. Londo finds out that he has been choosen to become the new emperor.
Babylon 5 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars 4×22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars         First Aired: Nov. 30, 1997
We get to follow the historical events of our heroes success to liberate the Earth. How will the future remember what happened? Somebody is watching how various eras interpret the actions taking place during the B5 command. We will see the return of Sheridan and Delenn to Babylon 5 immediately after the event. We will also see snippets from the news reports in the aftermath of the war with consequent debates. Then we get treated with how Earth handles the historic event, one hundred, five hundred and then one thousand years after.



Babylon 5 Season 5 Episodes


Babylon 5 Season 5 (1998-2007)

Babylon 5 Babylon 5: In the Beginning TV Movie: Babylon 5: In the Beginning         First Aired: Jan. 04, 1998
In the Beginning is the second of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set during the Earth-Minbari War, prior to the events of the Babylon 5 TV Series.

The Earth military encounters an alien race called the Minbari. Through a series of accidents and misunderstandings, a war breaks out that nearly results in the death of every human on Earth. The war and its aftermath provide the background for the TV series “Babylon 5,” especially its first season.
Its best to watch it before Season 5.

Babylon 5 No Compromises 5×01 No Compromises         First Aired: Jan. 21, 1998
With Ivanova gone – the new commander Elizabeth Lochley arrives to the station. B5 is going to remain independent from earth but a human was selected as a commander even so. Elizabeth is going to have a tough time taking over control over the station, and wishes to run the station her way. Byron, a powerful telepath approaches Elizabeth, he wishes sanctuary for his group of telepaths. It’s also time for Sheridan’s inauguration as the newly elected president of the interstellar alliance. A man is planning to use the ceremony to his own interests and sends threatening notes with his intentions. G’Kar’s book has been gaining interest and it is so well written that Sheridan requests his aid in writing the oath and the declaration of principles.
Babylon 5 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari 5×02 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari         First Aired: Jan. 28, 1998
Londo drinks some bevaari – and suffers a severe heart attack. While unconsious he finds himself wandering in a strange version of Babylon 5 – having to face his past. Since he’s known his own death, he welcomes this opportunity somehow, to get out of it. He must decide if he wants to live and confront the mistreatment of the Narns. The stress he’s been under, and the guilt he has been feeling over his past – is what causes his heart to have problems. Lennier have decided to leave Delenn, and become a ranger. His feelings for Delenn is the reason – it’s difficult for him to be a part of her life, as Sheridan has the role he would like to have.
Babylon 5 The Paragon of Animals 5×03 The Paragon of Animals         First Aired: Feb. 04, 1998
The participants of the alliance are growing impatient. They are still waiting for the the advantages promised when entering. Nobody’s going to sign the Declaration of Principles. Sheridan must find a way to bring them all together again, and regain the respect lost. The council, now just containing Londo, G’Kar, Delenn and Sheridan – needs to find ways to rally the races together. Garibaldi would like to use telepaths in his intelligence operation. As there now is a growing community of telepaths onboard, they may be willing to help out he thinks. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. A ranger arrives badly hurt conveying that somebody is in great need of help.
Babylon 5 A View from the Gallery 5×04 A View from the Gallery         First Aired: Feb. 11, 1998
The station is on red alert, and we get to follow the progress of the leaders through the eyes of the maintenance men Bo and Mack. These men get to see more than one would think and aren’t the first ones you consider also being in danger when being caught in battle. And they obviously have a lot of opinions on what is done and how. Some of the decisions made by the officers doesn’t always make sense to them. But as time passes through this crisis, their respect grows.
Babylon 5 Learning Curve 5×05 Learning Curve         First Aired: Feb. 18, 1998
The teachers of the rangers are invited to visit Delenn at Babylon 5. They bring with them two young recruits. A new criminal lord has found his way to B5 – and his ruthless ways leaves nobody uninformed about his presence. He means to make an example of Zack as he appears non-corruptable and may pose a threat to the criminal activities. Garibaldi is pestering Elizabeth about which side she was on during the Earth-B5 crisis.
Babylon 5 Strange Relations 5×06 Strange Relations         First Aired: Feb. 25, 1998
Garibaldi finds out about Lochley and Sheridan having had a romance in the past – and this fuels his suspicions about her. Lochley is introduced to locking horns with Bester – by now a bit of an initiation ceremony for all new commanders for B5, it would seem. He’s come to round up the telepaths that are living on the station. Lyta Alexander and Byron are growing closer, and she’s doing her best to try and help him and his group out. The cruiser that were to transport Londo to his new responsibilities was sabotaged. He’s going to need a body guard – and one is appointed for him…
Babylon 5 Secrets of the Soul 5×07 Secrets of the Soul         First Aired: Mar. 04, 1998
Dr Franklin is hard at work at cataloguing all known diseases of alien races. All races are exceedingly accomodating, but some have their own reasons for it. More telepaths arrive to the station and few see it as a good sign. Zack isn’t comfortable with Lyta hanging with Byron and asks her to stop seeing him. Lyta is more and more convinced that Byron is what the telepath community needs. She reveals to him, and the community of telepaths, the secrets she has been carrying about the Vorlon’s responsibility for the origins of telepaths.
Babylon 5 Day of the Dead 5×08 Day of the Dead         First Aired: Mar. 11, 1998
Rebo and Zooty – the very popular comic duo visits the station. Although not everybody is a fan, Lochley not as appreciating for instance, their visit is most welcome. There is a Brakiri ritual of remembrance taking place on the station. They need to own a part of the station in order for their ritual to be successful. The ritual entails a meeting with somebody that is dead – and it affects all races that are on Brakiri territory. So those that lives in the area that the Brakiri purchased for this event, will be affected. They are mostly unprepared for this experience.
Babylon 5 In the Kingdom of the Blind 5×09 In the Kingdom of the Blind         First Aired: Mar. 18, 1998
Somebody is attacking freighters without stealing the cargo. As there is noone to blame, the risk is that various worlds will blame eachother. All members of the interstellar alliance. Londo returns to Centauri, bringing his bodyguard G’Kar with him. The regent is keeping himself secluded, and rumours are that he is unbalanced. Mundane tasks are being treated as highly classified intelligence, and the silence is spreading through the royal court. Back on B5 the telepaths finds out the truth about them having been manufactured by the Vorlons. Byron seeks to find somebody to take responsibity for all this.
Babylon 5 A Tragedy of Telepaths 5×10 A Tragedy of Telepaths         First Aired: Mar. 25, 1998
Since the telepaths have welded themselves shut in the brown sector – after Sheridan allowed Elizabeth to go ahead and deport them – a siege is effectively in place. The member races of the interstellar council are agitaded – they’re blaming eachother for the random attacks that still are going on, and they’re not happy about having been scanned by the telepaths. Elizabeth has a solution, that nobody is going to like, and it includes Bester. Londo and G’Kar is still on Centauri – and Londo can’t make sense of what is going on. Due to G’Kar’s apetite, they find a reason to investigate the south end of the castle. They find a prisoner, Na’Toth, G’Kar’s aid, chained in a cell.
Babylon 5 Phoenix Rising 5×11 Phoenix Rising         First Aired: Apr. 01, 1998
Squadrons of telepaths from the Psi Corp has arrived to the station, in order to capture the rouges led by Byron. Apart from the group who has welded themselves shut, and on a hungerstrike, there are other rogues lose on the station. They are armed and motivated, and turns the resistance into a bloodied battle. Byron and Bester apparantly has some sort of history together and it ruins any attempts at solving the issue. Garibaldi is unusually quiet – and with Bester on the station, that is not a good sign.
Babylon 5 The Ragged Edge 5×12 The Ragged Edge         First Aired: Apr. 08, 1998
The members of the council are boycotting the meetings. They feel that Sheridan and Delenn are failing, as they can’t protect the various worlds from the attacks. A possible witness to an attack seems to have gotten away. It would seem he is a smuggler though, and will probably not prove easy to find. Garibaldi is hitting the bottle – first time in years, unknown to the rest. He offers to go to Draasi space to find the witness. G’Kar’s book has been, against his will, been published while he was at Centauri, and those that have read it revere him – much to his dismay. He is now a religious icon.
Babylon 5 The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father 5×13 The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father   First Aired: Apr. 15, 1998
We get to follow the inner workings of the Psi Corps. Bester gets to take care of two new young recruits, to show them the ropes. Meanwhile a telepath at the training facility, has become unstable – and are killing other telepaths. Bester needs to hunt down his old student, who was at one point very close to him, and the two new recruits are given a scary crash course in the practice of the Psi Corps. The killer, a mindshredder, takes refuge to Babylon 5 – and Bester must yet again go back to his least favourite place in space. It’s of importance that nobody finds out about the inner problems within the Corps.
Babylon 5 Meditations on the Abyss 5×14 Meditations on the Abyss         First Aired: May. 27, 1998
Delenn meets with Lennier in secret – she needs to send him on a covert mission. She needs him to patrol the Centauri border and report in any suspicious activity. Nobody knows, not even Sheridan. Lennier will do whatever she asks of him, his devotion to her is as strong as ever. He confess to her, that during the day of the dead Mr Morden appeared to him saying that Lennier would betray the Rangers. On the ship that will take him where he needs to go, Lennier learns a few valuable lessons, as he needs to partake in the education although being on a mission.
Babylon 5 Darkness Ascending 5×15 Darkness Ascending         First Aired: Jun. 03, 1998
Lise returns to Garibaldi. Hiding his drinking problem to her will prove very difficult. Lennier is finding out more about the attacks – he needs to find solid proof about the Centauri participation. Meanwhile he still participate as if he is one of the trainees on the ship he’s stationed at. Londo is starting to wonder why so little interstellar alliance business is being made with them. Lyta is trying to find a way to form a colony for the telepaths. She’s approaching business interests in order to try and make a deal. The Psi Corps is holding Earth in too tight a grip though. She needs to find outside interests, and G’Kar comes to mind.
Babylon 5 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder 5×16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder         First Aired: Jun. 10, 1998
The alliance are preparing for war. One that may torn the fragile bonds between the races. Now having proof of Centauri involvement in the attacks – they need to fight them. Londo is terrified – not knowing what his government been up to. Londo is told that it is all lies, and his innocence is used to keep up appearance. G’Kar decides to continue to be Londo’s bodyguard and goes with him to Centaur, despite the fact that the council is now at odds with Centauri. Vir Kotto finds his new appointment as ambassador a huge and difficult task to keep up with, now that the situation at hand is what it is.
Babylon 5 Movements of Fire and Shadow (1) 5×17 Movements of Fire and Shadow (1)         First Aired: Jun. 17, 1998
The Centauri war continues – and it’s growing more and more serious. Centauri citizens on the station are murdered by acts of revenge, and the situation is spiraling out of control. The White Stars are now authorised to take on Centauri vessels and Babylon 5 may be caught in the cross-fire. They need to build more ships – and it’s going to be a great expense. Delenn needs to go through dangerous territories to start building. Vir Kotto, now tucked away in a non-descript quarter in order to protect him, wishes that the dead Centauri soldiers is returned to them. Londo and G’Kar are sharing a cell back on Centauri, as Londo insisted.
Babylon 5 The Fall of Centauri Prime (2) 5×18 The Fall of Centauri Prime (2)         First Aired: Oct. 28, 1998
Lyta Alexander found Shadow technology on the Draazi homeworld. Finally it’s clear, it’s the Draak, the leftover race from when the Shadow’s left that are doing all this, and they are controlling the Centauri regent. Centauri is left completely vulnerable, without any defense, and the attack on the planet leaves it in ruins. Londo scurries to try and salvage as much as he can of his beloved world, and this includes dealing with the regent. He finds out that it is his turn to accept the dark, that was foretold. The Draak wants a new home, and they have selected Centaur. Delenn is floating in space, in a wrecked ship having been attacked on her way to Minbar.
Babylon 5 The Wheel of Fire 5×19 The Wheel of Fire         First Aired: Nov. 04, 1998
G’Kar is back on Babylon 5, having left Londo on Centauri who now is emperor. G’Kar is now treated like a star, and it bothers him exceedingly. Garibaldi’s friends have decided to talk to him. His lapses and mistakes have finally been so apparant, that his drinking problem is no longer a secret. He needs to straighten out, and is suspended until he succeeds beating it. Elizabeth Lochley turns out to be a surprising support in his process. Lyta is escalating her protests in regards on how the telepaths are treated, and Delenn suddenly falls ill. Things aren’t the way it used to be around the station, and all are individually taking a look at their lives and what they want out of their future.
Babylon 5 Objects in Motion 5×20 Objects in Motion         First Aired: Nov. 11, 1998
Garibaldi is leaving for Mars to start a new life with Lise. Franklin’s heading for earth to start a new and exciting career. Lyta and G’Kar are to leave and explore space. Londo back on Centaur, not in touch with anybody else. Sheridan and Delenn on their way to Minbar to lead the alliance… Everybody are leaving, turning new pages in their lives. Edgar industries are regarded as a threat, the Mars resistance leader arrives to tell Garibaldi and Lise. Their lives are in danger.
Babylon 5 Objects at Rest 5×21 Objects at Rest         First Aired: Nov. 18, 1998
Sheridan and Delenn are preparing to leave Babylon 5, and set up head quarters on Minbar. It is time for bitter-sweet farewells. With most already gone, the station isn’t what it used to be, and new faces replace those that familiar ones once had. Talon arrives to find G’Kar already gone, but receives a message where G’Kar appoints Talon to be his successor. Vir Kotto is holding down Centauri interests. Franklin appoints his successor as he is to leave for earth. Garibaldi is getting used to his new role as head of Edgar Industries back on Mars. He starts by promoting “his” type of people, and is making a name for himself immediately. Lennier returns to watch over Sheridan and Delenn’s journey to Minbar.
Babylon 5 Babylon 5: The River of Souls TV Movie: Babylon 5: The River of Souls         First Aired: Nov. 08, 1998
River of Souls is the fourth of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set six months in the year 2263, towards the end of the Fifth Season. Captain Lochley now has solid proof that …
Babylon 5 Babylon 5: A Call to Arms TV Movie: Babylon 5: A Call to Arms         First Aired: Jan. 03, 1999
A Call to Arms is the fifth of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set in the year 2267, 5 years after Sheridan and Delenn left for the new ISA offices on Minbar. The TV Movie Serves …
Babylon 5 Sleeping in Light 5×22 Sleeping in Light         First Aired: Nov. 25, 1998
Twenty years has passed since Z’ha’dum – and as prophesized it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some lose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Kotto is Emperor of Centauri, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the corporation, Franklin is working on Earth – but they all immediately pack their things and head to Minbar after receiving an invitation. They are all still important to eachother, and have great impact on eachother’s lives. A time for remembrance and goodbyes – and the final decomission of Babylon 5.
Babylon 5 Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight TV Movie: Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight         First Aired: Jan. 19, 2002
The Legend of the Rangers was a pilot for a series that was not produced any further than the first episode. But as part of the Babylon 5 series it sits as the sixth of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set in 2265, which would place it before the events of A Call to Arms and Crusade.

After being punished for retreat from combat, Ranger David Martel is given command of the Liandra, a haunted 20-year old Minbari fighting ship. He’s escorting ambassadors to a secret archaeological site, the oldest city on record and a clue to a dangerous ancient race.

Its best to watch it after episode 21 of season 5.

Babylon 5 Voices in the Dark: Over Here TV Movie: Voices in the Dark: Over Here         First Aired: Jul. 31, 2007
It’s the tenth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance, and President Sheridan is on his way to Babylon 5 for the celebration.

Col. Lochley asks a Catholic priest to come to Babylon 5 a few days before President Sheridan is to arrive for the Interstellar Alliance’s tenth anniversary celebration. A crew member who recently returned from a vacation on Earth had been complaining of hearing voices before finally barricading himself in a section of the station. The crewman, Burke, is now restrained within a security cell and claiming to be possessed by a demonic spirit. The priest is skeptical at first, suspecting mental illness or some kind of hoax. But after a demonstration of the being’s power, he is convinced. He is unsure whether or not to try to perform an exorcism immediately, or summon additional help from Earth. If he calls for help, the word of the reason will spread. And while this may cause some panic, it would also lead to a renewed purpose for a Church that has been declining toward irrelevance. The demonic being claims this is, in fact, its purpose – that it was trapped in space by God so that starfaring humans would find reason to believe. The being’s apparent eagerness to be exorcised gives Lochley and the priest pause – there is another agenda here. But denying the demon’s wish would seem to condemn Burke to suffer, and that responsibility may be too much to bear.

This TV Movie is also known as Babylon 5: The Lost Tales – Voices in the Dark

Babylon 5 Voices in the Dark: Over There 5×25 Voices in the Dark: Over There         First Aired: Jul. 31, 2007
En route to Babylon 5 for the anniversary celebration, Sheridan begrudgingly gives an interview to ISN. He mentions his regret that Londo will not be at the celebration to represent the Centauri, but that his ship will be picking up Prince Regent Vintari, third in line to the throne. The night before the rendezvous, Galen appears to Sheridan in a dream, and shows him a vision of the destruction of New York City. In 30 years, he says, Emperor Vintari will attempt to restore the Republic’s former glory by destroying an old adversary – Earth. This can all be prevented if Sheridan will simply kill Vintari now. But when Sheridan meets the young man, who already feels trapped by the political intrigues of the Republic, he begins to doubt that he can kill a man for actions he has not yet committed.

This TV Movie is also known as Babylon 5: The Lost Tales – Voices in the Dark



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