Battlestar Galactica (1978) Character Guide

Battlestar Galactica 1978 Characters

Battlestar Galactica (1978) Character Guide

Commander Adama, played by Lorne Greene

AdamaAdama is the commander of the battlestar Galactica, one of twelve ships guarding the Colonies as the story begins. He realizes that the truce under which the Cylons are approaching is a ruse—but by then the Cylons have launched their devastating attack on the human worlds. It is too late. Once the massacre is over, Adama is the only battlestar commander left (until they later meet up with the battlestar Pegasus, lead by Commander Cain). His youngest son, Zac, is the first warrior casualty that alerts the fleet to the menace. His wife dies during the attack on Caprica.

Adama’s vision and eloquence persuade the refugees to leave their home planets. With allies such as his surviving children, Apollo and Athena, he leads the last battlestar and the remnants of the human race toward the planet Earth—and, he hopes, salvation.


Captain Apollo, played by Richard Hatch

ApolloCaptain Apollo is the son of Commander Adama and brother to Athena. Like everyone from the Colonies, Apollo suffered great losses during the Cylon attack—but his duty and dedication to the fleet give Apollo a sense of purpose. Early on he loses his brother Zac during a patrol. Then Apollo meets and becomes sealed to the newswoman Serina, but their time together is short. After she dies, Apollo is left to care for her son, Boxey, as a single parent.

Serina’s death leaves a hole in Apollo’s life that he fills with one-way missions and pilot banter. When Commander Cain’s daughter Sheba joins the crew, Apollo feels attracted to her but won’t admit it to himself—until she makes the first move.


Lieutenant Starbuck, played by Dirk Benedict

StarbuckAs a child, Starbuck was found with other orphaned children after a Cylon attack on a Caprican agro colony. Legendary among the warriors for his womanizing ways, flying prowess and smart mouth, Starbuck is often seen smoking a fumarello and utilizing his skill at the game of pyramid. Although Starbuck’s rule is never to volunteer for anything, he still somehow manages to get all the dangerous missions, thanks to his best friend Apollo.

According to the final episode of Galactica 1980, Starbuck is marooned (possibly for good) later on after a Cylon ambush strands him on a small planet. It is then revealed in a dream that Doctor Zee is his offspring.


Lieutenant Boomer, played by Herb Jefferson Jr.

BoomerLt. Boomer is a loyal friend and skilled warrior, second only to the team of Apollo and Starbuck on the battlestar Galactica. Boomer’s background includes a tour of duty at Ice Station Thola and the riding of hovermobiles in his youth. Boomer speaks fluent Gemonese and is an expert on electronics and communications.


Colonel Tigh, played by Morris Chestnut

TighColonel Tigh is Commander Adama’s trusted second-in-command and staunch ally. Tigh and Adama flew together in their younger days. Although Col. Tigh is a strict taskmaster, Tigh often shows a sense of humor, and he’s more of a religious skeptic than Adama. Col. Tigh often commands the Galactica in Adama’s absence, including an incident when Adama is on Kobol and Cylon Raiders attack while Galactica’s pilots are ill and another when Adama is critically wounded in a Cylon attack on Galactica. Col. Tigh sometimes takes on the role of humanitarian; once he convinced Adama to search for the lost Apollo when the commander is reluctant.


Lieutenant Athena, played by Maren Jensen

AthenaThe only daughter of Commander Adama, Lt. Athena is a bridge officer assigned to the Galactica’s Command Center, usually stationed as the bridge communication officer but is well trained on all bridge scanners and equipment. A trained shuttle pilot who after the Galactica’s Viper pilots fell ill due to a mysterious disease volunteered to be trained as a reserve Viper pilot. Athena also helps teach the young children in the classroom aboard the Galactica following the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. She also has a romantic attraction to Starbuck and shares a rivalry for his affections with Cassiopeia.


Cassiopeia, played by Laurette Spang

CassiopeiaCassiopeia’s designation is that of a socialator (a call girl, perhaps an escort or a prostitute) and is morally condemned by many of her fellow Gemonese. However after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, Cassiopeia leaves the trade and becomes a skilled medical corpsman aboard the Galactica. Cassiopeia forges a relationship with Starbuck, engaging him in a bit of a love triangle (since he is already seeing Athena at the time).


Lieutenant Sheba, played by Anne Lockhart

ShebaLt. Sheba is the only daughter of the legendary Commander Cain, and stayed aboard the Galactica when the Pegasus commanded by her father went on a suicide mission and never returned. Sheba is ace viper piliot and becomes a invaluable warrior on the Galactia. She also has a romantic attraction to Apollo and finale confesses her love for him.


Boxey, played by Noah Hathaway

BoxeySerina’s only son, six-year-old Boxey lost his daggit in the Cylon attack on Caprica. He and his mother were quartered on the Galactica, but Boxey fell into depression at the loss of his little dog-like creature. Serina sought help for him from a handsome pilot named Apollo, and it was Apollo who arranged for a droid daggit, Muffit, to be given to Boxey. Apollo marries Serina, and when Serina dies, becomes Boxey’s only parent.

Boxey expresses interest in becoming a pilot when he’s older, and spends time with his aunt Athena and his grandfather Adama when Apollo is out on patrol. He often worries that his father won’t come home from a mission.


Serina, played by Jane Seymour

SerinaSerina is a Caprica based television newscaster reporting the peace treaty between the Colonials and the Cylons when the main Cylon force attacks. She, her son Boxey survive and board the spaceship Rising Star. Serina later asks Apollo to help her with her son who is mourning over the loss of his daggit. Apollo tries to comfort him by recruiting him for the Colinial Force, handing him a Colonial pin. He later surprises Boxey with a robotic daggit named Muffit. With this he not only wins the heart of Boxey, but also Serina’s.

Serina becomes a piliot and eventually Apollo and Serina are sealed, right after the ceremony Serina is killed by Cylons on the planet Kobol, where Humanity once sprung from.


Baltar, played by John Colicos

BaltarBaltar first appears to us as an unwitting ambassador between the Cylon Empire and the Twelve Colonies of Man. However, it is later learned that Baltar brokered a deal with the Cylons that would bring destruction to all of the Colonies except his own, which would be subjugated under his rule. The Cylons themselves would then betray the Betrayer, instead destroying all twelve Colonies.

Baltar is spared by a new, more “charitable” Cylon Imperious Leader who instead assigns a baseship to Baltar to help destroy the Colonial remnants. Baltar eventually surrendered himself to Adama and was sentenced to life in prison but was later released to an uninhabited planet in exchange for information concerning an upcoming attack on a Cylon baseship that was being planned.


Flight Sergent Jolly, played by Tony Swartz

JollyJolly a Colonial Warrior, and close friend of Boomer, Starbuck, and Apollo. He is almost constantly the butt of fat jokes. He often cracks jokes about himself in the same vein. Despite this, he is a well-valued crew member, and participates in many important missions for the Galactica. Jolly is often one those tasked with leading Viper squadrons when Starbuck and Apollo are indisposed.



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