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Battlestar Galactica Character Guide

Admiral Adama, played by Edward James Olmos

AdamaAdmiral William Adama (callsign “Husker”), a veteran of the First Cylon War, is the commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica, and the highest ranking officer left in the Colonial Fleet after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

Adama rose through the ranks of the peacetime fleet, becoming the executive officer of the battlestar Columbia, then on as commander of the battlestar Valkyrie. After a mission failure, and in an attempt to cover up the off the book black-ops mission Adama was reasigned as the commander of the aging battlestar Galactica as a graceful way of easing him into retirement. Bill Adama is on the point of retirement when the big Cylon attack occurs that destroys the Twelve Colonies. He is then tasked with leading a rag tag fleet to the 13th Tribe of man known as Earth.

Adama was shot by Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii (who was a sleeper Cylon) but he survived. When the battlestar Pegasus appeared there was friction between the two commanding officers. Eventually Adama retook command of the fleet as Admiral after Admiral Cain was shot by a Cylon Six model named Gina.

When the fleet settled on New Caprica, Adama had to leave the population behind when the Cylons suddenly reappeared. Later, Adama reunited the fleet in space after a big battle, but lost the battlestar Pegasus in the course of the fight.


Major Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama, played by Jamie Bamber

LeeLeland Joseph Adama, commonly known as Lee Adama or by his callsign, “Apollo”. After the Fall, he is appointed Galactica CAG. He is later promoted to executive officer, then commander of Pegasus. After Pegasus’s destruction, he resumes being Galactica CAG until he resigns from the Colonial Fleet to aid in Romo Lampkin’s defense of Gaius Baltar.

Lee becomes the Caprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, then later the interim President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. He is the sole surviving son of William Adama.


Captain Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace, played by Kathryn Ann “Katee” Sackhoff

StarbuckKara “Starbuck” Thrace is a gifted Viper pilot, with an attitude that has hindered her career in the Colonial Fleet. However, William Adama has confidence in Thrace’s military skills, and she greatly aids the Fleet inside and out of the cockpit. She is the last Commander, Air Group (CAG) of Galactica, and mysteriously vanishes in a region that will later be known as Tanzania on the second Earth shortly after the Fleet’s arrival on the planet (Daybreak, Part II).


President Laura Roslin, played by Mary McDonnell

Laura RoslinLaura Roslin serves as Secretary of Education at the time of the Cylon attack, later becoming President of the Twelve Colonies, despite never actually being elected to office.

Despite being thrust into the role of President in highly unusual and stressful circumstances, Laura Roslin initially proves herself both tough and capable within the role. Initially in awe of Commander Adama, and worrying that he didn’t hold her in high regard, she quickly overcomes her doubts and fears to be able to make the required decisions at the right time, and also stand up to Adama himself. She is always prepared to put the safety and destiny of the Fleet first, no matter what the cost of her actions while remembering her limitations and fears. Roslin is rarely hesitant to make controversial decisions unilaterally, but often must deal with the significant ramifications of her choices.


Dr. Gaius Baltar, played by James Callis

Gaius BaltarDoctor Gaius Baltar is a brilliant scientist, becomes President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, and, later, a revered religious figure for the remnants of humanity. Though not without his flaws, Baltar has acted selflessly on numerous occasions, and has saved the Fleet on numerous occassions.

Known as Vice-President, President, traitor, hero, doctor, scientist, prophet and ladies man.


Number ‘Caprica’ Six, played by Tricia Helfer

Six“Number Six” is a humanoid Cylon who plays several key roles in Cylon society. She is the first humanoid Cylon that viewers witness in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Stunningly beautiful, sensual, and highly religious, this highly driven model is marked by a ruthlessness against all who stand in her way.

To date, more unique versions of the Six model have been witnessed than any other humanoid Cylon. Besides the use of numerous aliases, Six is also the only Cylon model known to have varied appearances and personalities: while most often seen as a platinum blonde, Six has also been seen with honey blonde and black hair in varying styles, and displaying personalities ranging from overtly sensual to wide-eyed and innocent, and from blindly supporting the attack on the Colonies to desiring peaceful coexistence. This differs from the other known models who generally display the same personality traits, use the same name, and have fewer cosmetic differences in appearance.


Colonel Saul Tigh, played by Michael Hogan

Colonel TighSaul Tigh is the Executive Officer (XO) of Galactica, and repeatedly serves as acting commander in the absence of William Adama. Before his service on Galactica, he served as Adama’s XO on the battlestar Valkyrie. During the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, Tigh commanded the New Caprica Resistance.

A tough but troubled man with a long history of alcoholism, Tigh has false memories of having served in the Colonial Fleet since his teenage years, seeing action in the First Cylon War. He is married to Ellen Tigh whose death was incorrectly (though logically) presumed to have been permanent. Believing himself to be a widower, he entered a sexual relationship with Caprica-Six with whom he sired a miscarried child named Liam Tigh.

Upon reaching the Ionian nebula, he and three others became aware of their nature as Cylons. Since then, he has sporadically regained memories and knowledge of his prior life.


Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol, played by Aaron Douglas

Chief TyrolGalen Tyrol, often referred to as “Chief”, is the highest ranking NCO remaining aboard Galactica. He served aboard battlestars from the age of eighteen, including Columbia, Atlantia, and Pegasus. He has served under William Adama on Galactica for five years, and has considerable respect for the Commander – a feeling that is reciprocated. Indeed, he admires Adama to such a degree that he has modeled his own style of leadership on that of Adama: firm, fair, and willing to go to the fullest degree in support of his crew.

However, when people under his responsibility are injured, threatened or killed, Tyrol becomes rather irrational, angry, and reckless in his actions, to the point of further endangering his people or his reputation with senior officers. Prime examples of his lack of emotional control includes the venting after a nuke hit and cursing Tigh in front of Commander Adama for the vent and loss of 85 of his people (Miniseries), and saving a mortally-wounded crewmate while leaving himself and Cally Henderson highly vulnerable in. Tyrol’s tryst with Sharon Valerii and a subsequent cover-up attempt resulted in the jailing of Specialist Socinus, who was trying to protect Tyrol.


Lt. Sharon ‘Athena’ Agathon, played by Grace Park

AthenaSharon “Athena” Agathon is a copy first encountered by Karl “Helo” Agathon, when he is stranded on Caprica. She is initially assigned to seduce him by impersonating Lieutenant Sharon Valerii, as part of a Cylon cross-breeding experiment. To facilitate her mission, this Sharon was given Boomer’s memories at least up until the point of leaving Helo behind on Caprica. Unlike Boomer, she is always aware of being a Cylon. Sharon later turns against her people and helps Agathon escape the planet; pregnant with his child during that time. Helo, first shocked by her true nature, ultimately accepts her as the mother of his child and declares his love for her.

Once on Galactica, she is imprisoned in the cell built for Boomer and long seen as nothing but a “toaster”. She frequently provides intelligence and earns Admiral Adama’s trust by helping the Colonial Fleet escape peril several times. Sharon gives birth on Galactica to a daughter named Hera, but President Roslin considers the Cylons’ interest in the baby a threat to the Fleet and so has Doctor Cottle fake the child’s death and give her to a foster mother. Sharon eventually marries Karl Agathon and becomes a Colonial Raptor pilot with the callsign “Athena”. She believes Hera to be dead for more than a year, unaware of her presence on New Caprica or her recovery by the Cylons during the exodus from that planet. After learning the truth during a confrontation with Sharon Valerii, Athena is able to regain her daughter from the Cylons with the help of Caprica-Six.

Since her joining the Fleet she has become a trusted officer who is assigned the hardest of missions, at least one which being a Cylon helped her survive when it would be difficult for normal humans (The Passage). She tells Helo at one point that she has to struggle to be accepted everyday because of her true nature as a Cylon, but despite that she remains loyal to the Fleet. When she learns that the Colonials plan to wipe out the whole Cylon fleet by unleashing the lymphocytic encephalitis virus, she says that she will keep her word nonetheless even if it menas she’s the last Cylon in existence. At one point she encounters several other Eight copies on the Rebel Basestar, who revere her since she was the first Cylon to say “no” to the overall plan and now has a child and a place among the humans. They ask her to lead a mutiny against Natalie and the other Sixes, whose leadership they blame for their current troubles; however, Athena refuses, saying that the other Eights disgust her. She explains that they should choose which side they are on and not cut and run when things get ugly, or else they’ll never achieve any of the things they want for themselves.

Athena later is severely beaten by Boomer and locked, half-conscious, in one of the ship’s bathroom stalls, having to watch as Boomer seduces Helo. Athena frees herself too late to prevent Boomer from kidnapping Hera. Athena seems to fall into a depression, basically ignoring her husband and stating that she doesn’t think they’ll find Hera alive even when a rescue is finally launched for her. Athena is part of the strike team that invades The Colony through Raptors and finds that Boomer has saved her daughter from dissection. Boomer returns Hera to her, but Athena refuses to forgive Boomer, saying that returning Hera doesn’t absolve Boomer’s various betrayals. Boomer agrees. Athena then shoots and kills Boomer for her actions. Athena, Helo, and Hera survive the Battle of The Colony and settle on the new Earth to live out the rest of their days in peace.


Lt. Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon, played by Tahmoh Penikett

HeloCaptain Karl C. “Helo” Agathon is the former Commander, Air Group (CAG) of Galactica. He is young, capable, and resourceful with an acute sense of right and wrong, something which he is prepared to articulate and act upon, even at risk to his own standing. After being stranded on Caprica after the attack he develops a relationship with a Number Eight copy later known as Athena. The two remain devoted to each other and have a child named Hera.

His closest friend among the crew is Kara Thrace. Agathon is almost always addressed by his callsign Helo.


Lt. Felix Gaeta, played by Alessandro Juliani

GaetaLieutenant Felix Gaeta a young, capable officer in the Colonial military. For the three years prior to the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies, he served as William Adama’s Senior Officer of the Watch aboard Galactica.

Gaeta with a strong attention to detail and highly efficient led Adama to rely heavily on him as a member of Galactica’s command crew performing the role of Tactical Officer, the ship’s FTL drive, including the calculation and initiation of jumps, he also managed the needs of the various primary computer systems used on the battlestar.

Following the fleet’s discovery and evacuation of Earth and the controversial decision to install Cylon FTL technology on all ships in the fleet, Gaeta used his CIC role to co-lead a bloody mutiny of Galactica while collaborator Vice President Tom Zarek staged a coup d’etat of the government. Gaeta was promoted by Zarek to the rank of Commander, and given charge of Galactica, a position he held briefly, until Adama was able to regain control of the ship.

Gaeta was executed by firing squad for his role in the coup.


Petty Officer Anastasia ‘Dee’ Dualla, played by Kandyse McClure

DeeAnastasia “Dee” Dualla is the former Communications Officer of Galactica and was the Executive Officer of the battlestar Pegasus prior to its destruction. At one time she was married to Lee Adama, but separated from him.

At the time of the Cylon attack she monitors Colonial Fleet communications traffic. Dualla is among the first to notice the unusually high levels of shipboard malfunctions and failures aboard other battlestars (Miniseries). After the Fleet’s initial escape and pursuit by the Cylons, Dualla coordinates Fleet activities such as FTL jumps with Tactical Officer Felix Gaeta. Dualla’s avionics training helps in building a stable communications package for the experimental Blackbird fighter.



Major ‘Doc’ Sherman Cottle, played by Donnelly Rhodes

Doc CottleMajor Sherman Cottle, M.D. is Galactica’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO). As the ship is operating with a minimal crew complement leading up to its expected decommissioning, Cottle is the only real physician/surgeon aboard Galactica, supported by a handful of medics such as Layne Ishay and Howard Kim. While Cottle acts as the Fleet’s defacto Surgeon General, conducting inspections on other ships, there are also civilian physicians like Dr. Robert (The Woman King) and Dr. Stoffa (Hero), though the latter might be a clinical psychologist and not a medical doctor.

Cottle is somewhat eccentric and is considered a “bastard” among some of Galactica’s crew, in addition to his penchant for being a heavy smoker, despite knowing the risks, and one not overly impressed by positions of power. He is, above all things, a healer. To him, nothing else really matters, be it rank, riches, or species. However, Cottle has shown a carring side that he hides under the gruffness. He comforts the mortally wounded Natalie as she dies by holding her hand and takes good care of Roslin. When Roslin brings this up, he shows he does care and is clearly affected by her words, but she has him return to his usual grumbling and smoking to save his reputation.


Samuel Anders, played by Michael Trucco

SamSamuel T. “Longshot” Anders is a rook Viper pilot aboard Galactica and husband to Captain Kara Thrace.

Before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Anders was captain of the Caprica Buccaneers. On Cylon-occupied Caprica, he becomes leader of the human resistance until they are rescued by his future wife. He later becomes aware of his true nature as one of the Cylon “Final Five” (Crossroads, Part II).

After suffering a near fatal-gunshot wound to the base of his skull during a mutiny on Galactica, he regains memories of his life as a Cylon on Earth. In the short time he has before undergoing essential surgery, he tries to tell fellow Cylons Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster and Saul Tigh their history as the Final Five, but after the surgery he is left comatose. The Rebel Cylons try to jumpstart his brain by installing a Hybrid tank on Galactica and linking him to a datastream, and though initially unresponsive he begins to act very much like a Hybrid and is able to interact with Galactica because of the Cylon repairs and upgrades throughout the ship. He dies when, as part of the Colonial plan to abandon their advanced technology and begin anew, he pilots Galactica and her fleet into the sun of the second Earth.

During his life on Earth, he also composed a song identical to the modern “All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan. Dreilide Thrace and Hera Agathon independently echo this song, pointing towards their link to the same “ethereal source”.


Tory Foster, played by Rekha Shanti Sharma

Tory FosterBefore the Cylons came, Tory Foster was a precinct captain for the Federalist Party in Delphi, where her job included taking polls. After the death of Billy Keikeya, Tory was tapped to become President Laura Roslin’s new aide and campaign manager. Tory’s duties for Roslin at this time included finding a foster mother for Sharon Agathon’s child. In her spare time, she conspired with Saul Tigh and Lt. Dualla to rig the Presidential election is Roslin’s favor; but the ruse is discovered by Admiral Adama and Lt. Gaeta. During the occupation of New Caprica, Foster helps create a list of humans who are helping the Cylons and is tasked with the failed mission of getting baby Hera off-planet. Tory suffers an arm injury during a Raptor crash with Colonial One.

As part of her duties, Tory helps the president assemble a tribunal against Baltar. In the process she helps to establish security arrangements for the trial and tries to stonewall the defense. After the death of Starbuck, she and Samuel Anders hook up, but Roslin doesn’t like this development. As the fleet nears the Ionian nebula, Tory starts to hear a strange noise that disrupts her sleeping and waking routine. This causes problems; she lashes out against reporters during a press conference and Laura threatens to replace her.

When the Fleet reaches the nebula, Tory is drawn to Tigh, Tyrol and Anders-and they collectively realize they are four of final five Cylons.


Lt. Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii, played by Grace Park

AthenaSharon “Boomer” Valerii is a copy initially planted as a “sleeper” agent in the Colonial Fleet. Implanted with false memories, she is unaware of her Cylon nature and serves for two years as Lieutenant Valerii on Galactica, where she is assigned as a Raptor pilot and also engaged in a secret relationship with Chief Tyrol. After the Cylon attack, her underlying programming repeatedly emerges which leads her to unconscious acts of sabotage. Growing confusion about her true self results in a deep depression and a failed suicide attempt. After Valerii returns from a successful mission to destroy a Cylon basestar, she shoots Commander Adama in the chest, wounding him critically. She is incarcerated in the brig and is shot and killed by Specialist Cally while being moved to a specially-built holding cell.

Her consciousness is downloaded and she is reborn in another body. Subsequently, she experiences severe problems integrating into Cylon society and long considers herself more human than Cylon. She eventually works together with Caprica-Six in an attempt to change Cylon popular opinion about humans and she emerges as one of the Cylon leaders jointly responsible for the end of the occupation of the Twelve Colonies and later the Cylon occupation on New Caprica. Following the failure on New Caprica, Valerii abandons her hopes for coexistence with humans and she denounces her past on Galactica.

Later she sides with Cavil in the Cylon Civil War and is the only Eight on his side. She is in a physical relationship with Cavil, and is even aware of the identities of the Final Five and that Ellen Tigh is being held prisoner within the Cylon fleet. She appears to defect and helps Ellen escape, but it’s part of a succesful plan to kidnap Hera Agathon, the daughter of the Eight called Athena. Boomer is put in the brig upon her arrival on Galactica despite her rescue of Ellen, but escapes by manipulating the emotions of her old lover Galen Tyrol. She tells Tyrol that despite everything, she still loves him and thinks about him often, even creating a projection of their dream home and a daughter for them. Knowing that the rebel Cylons plan to try and execute Boomer for betraying them, Tyrol knocks out another Eight and switches her with Boomer. Boomer then assaults and switches places with Athena, and kidnaps Hera so that she can be studied on The Colony. She seems to show some remorse for kidnapping Hera, who she bonds with on the trip to The Colony, and is the only one of Cavil’s faction who shows her any compassion. Boomer gives Hera back to Athena and Helo during the Battle of The Colony, saying that she owed Admiral Adama a favor and she has made what was probably her last choice. Boomer is then shot and killed by Athena.


D’Anna Biers, played by Lucy Lawless

D'Anna Biers“Number Three” is a model of humanoid Cylon, female, blonde, and marked by a religious curiosity notably surrounding the verboten Final Five that sets her against the other Cylon models, notably the Number Ones. Threes are also referred to as “D’Annas” collectively.

The model was first introduced as an infiltrator in the Fleet under the alias “D’Anna Biers” posing as a reporter for the Fleet News Service. She appears to be more of a tabloid rumor-and-innuendo format news journalist and less of the conventional Fleet journalist types such as James McManus.

Because of their defiance of the taboo against learning more about the Final Five, the entire line is boxed, and their consciousnesses are stored at the Cylons’ central Resurrection Hub.

Natalie’s faction in the Cylon Civil War wants to unbox the Number Three who visited the Temple of Five, so that the seven and the five may be united. They eventually forms a fragile alliance with the Colonials to retrieve this Three, and then destroy the Hub. Three is resurrected, and with the destruction of the Hub she becomes the sole Three in existence.

Fallen into despair with the discovery of a dead Earth, this last Three chooses to stay and die on the planet.


Brother Cavil, played by Dean Stockwell

Cavil“Number One” is the first of eight humanoid Cylon models created by the Final Five for the Centurions following the first Cylon war. The Final Five referred to him as John, and he was created in the image of Ellen Tigh’s biological father, John.

One of the Number Ones, prior to being discovered among the Fleet, posed as Brother Cavil, a member of the Colonial clergy. However, contrary to his assumed role, he did not share the other Cylons’ religious beliefs and frequently mocked them.

After the Final Five contacted the Centurions, they agreed to create humanoid Cylons and share resurrection technology with them in exchange for an end to the Cylon War. The first humanoid Cylon created by the Final Five was “John”, named after and created in the likeness of Ellen Tigh’s biological father. He was “treasured” by the Five, and even assisted them in the creation of the other seven models.

John grew intensely jealous of Daniel, the seventh model, because Daniel was emotionally favored by Ellen. John sabotaged the Sevens’ genetic code and amniotic fluid, wiping out the entire line permanently.

He later trapped the Final Five in a room, suffocated them, and boxed them before they could be resurrected fully. Sometime after, he obscured their original memories, gave them false ones, and planted each of them “like a Boomer” among the humans in an effort to teach them a lesson about their foolish appreciation for humans. This plan backfires when The Five become even more sympathetic towards the Colonials, a fate that is eventually sealed with the destruction of the resurrection hub. Without The Hub, The Five can no longer regain their original memories, thus remaining Colonials and enemies with John. Although The Five still unconsciously possess their lost memories, if any of The Five were to die then the knowledge needed to recreate resurrection technology would be lost forever.

John also corrupted the memories of his six surviving “sibling” models to remove from them the knowledge of the Final Five’s identities and programmed them not to think about the matter, though they still knew that another five models were extant. John pretended to know no more about the Five than his fellows did, insisting that the imperative not to seek them out came from the “original programmers”. John was extremely contemptuous of many of the human traits the Five gave him. He eliminated his need for sleep and dreaming by rewriting his own software, having previously suffered from night sweats and dreams in which he was being pursued through yellow mists by dog-faced boys.


Leoben Conoy, played by Callum Keith Rennie

Leoben Conoy“Number Two”, better known as Leoben Conoy, is a humanoid Cylon first encountered at Ragnar Anchorage. He fancies himself as a prophet with predilections for enlightened monotheistic religion, whereas he is more likely to sow the seeds of doubt or mis-information, weaving lies in the fabric of truth and faith.

Number Two is first Cylon encountered at the Ragnar Anchorage, where he poses as an arms dealer and calls himself Leoben Conoy. He is already sick from the radiation around Ragnar and becomes trapped aboard the station with Commander Adama after a warhead is accidentally detonated. As they try to find another way out of the station Adama identifying Conoy as a Cylon on the point of death challenges him and learns of the Cylon’s ability to transfer their consciousness to another body when dying. Only Leoben can’t — the radiation of Ragnar is interfering with his ability. A fight ensues, during which Conoy exhibits unnatural strength and speed. Adama manages to kill him by forcing his head over a venting steam pipe and then repeatedly bludgeoning the Cylon to death with a flashlight. He then brings Conoy’s lifeless body back to Galactica for further examination. Samples from this body, when burned, reveal synthetic materials — which permit Adama, Colonel Tigh and Dr. Baltar to deduce that the Cylons could mimic humans in appearance (Miniseries). The corpse is later stored in the ship’s morgue.


Tom Zarek, played by Richard Hatch

Tom ZarekThomas Zarek, commonly known as Tom Zarek, a political activist for more than 30 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. He is charismatic, eloquent and a ideological political agitator who was incarcerated for destroying a government building on Sagittaron.

His 20-year incarceration culminated in a sojourn on the Astral Queen, an FTL-capable prison ship, whilst in transit to parole hearings. Assigned the prison number of 893893, Zarek is under consideration for parole at the time of the Cylon attack.

He ends up becoming first the Sagitarion delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, the Vice President under Gaius Baltar, and serves as the President for a few days, before he returns Laura Roslin to power and becoming her Vice President.

After leading a coup against the civilan government, he is executed for murder and treason alongside Felix Gaeta.


Ellen Tigh, played by Kate Vernon

Ellen TighEllen Tigh is the wife of Colonel Saul Tigh, a genius scientist, and a Final Five Cylon. According to Sam Anders, she spearheaded the experiments that allowed Cylons to resurrect. She and the other four members of the Final Five Cylons are responsible for creating the humanoid Cylons that planned and carried out the Cylon Holocaust.

According to William Adama, her marriage to Saul Tigh was the reason that he took to drinking. While her husband was away from home, she apparently “went through half the (Colonial) fleet” in her sexual promiscuity.

During the occupation of New Caprica, she collaborated with the Cylons and was killed by her husband, only to download to a Cylon Resurrection Ship. Besides Anders who regained his memories due to a bullet to the brain, Ellen was the only one of the Final Five to ever regain her full memories which was due to her resurrection after Saul poisoned her to death in her old body.


Crewman Specialist Cally, played by Nicki Clyne

CallyCallandra Henderson Tyrol (also known as Cally or Crewman Cally, Deckhand Cally, or Specialist Cally) works as an air maintenance Specialist on Galactica’s flight deck and is married to her boss, CPO Galen Tyrol.



CenturionThe current mainstay of Cylon ground forces, the modern Centurion is a taller, swifter and more agile unit than the Model 0005. Its “fingers” serve as edged weapons in close-quarters combat, and can retract to make way for projectile weapons built into its forearms.

There are apparently two armor configurations – the Centurions encountered by Lt. Karl Agathon on occupied Caprica were susceptible to normal small-arms fire, while a boarding party dispatched to Galactica in a boarding action could only be impeded by explosive rounds.

While the earlier Centurion models presumably took a leadership role in their war against the Colonials, modern Centurions appear completely mute and are subservient to the human models. To prevent an uprising of their own, the human models did not design the modern Centurion with any sentience.



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