Being Human (UK)

Being Human

Being Human (UK) Overview

Being Human is a contemporary supernatural drama that is witty , exciting, sexy and takes a extraordinary look at the friendship between three 20-something outsiders trying to find their way in an enticing, yet complicated world as they deal with the challenges of being supernatural creatures. Mitchell and George are two lads who, like any of their peers, would love to hit the town, pull girls and spend evenings down the pub. Mitchell is a hospital cleaner, good looking, laid back and a hit with the ladies. Oh, and he’s a blood-sucking vampire. Mitchell’s friend George works in the same hospital as a porter. He’s an awkward but lovable geek who was befriended by Mitchell two years ago. George was heartbroken after he had to move away from the love of his life; he had to leave before she discovered that at every full moon, he sprouts a snout, grows a very hairy back and transforms into a werewolf. Having had enough of sleeping in hostels and temporary accommodation, Mitchell and George decide to get a flat together where they can indulge in their love of beer, pizza and watching TV. They just want to have a go at being normal – being human. Annie is their uninvited lodger. When the guys moved into their new creepy abode they were not expecting to share it with a ghost with a confidence crisis. Annie used to live in the flat with her boyfriend but following a mysterious fatal accident, and now suffering from a distinct lack of self esteem, she can’t move on. So, she spends her time wandering around the house, making cups of tea she can’t drink and scaring away anyone who dares try to move into her home. But when George and Mitchell move in Annie’s surprised to find two new friends who are as unusual and weird as she is. Life is never dull as the threesome deal with the challenges of being supernatural creatures, bonded by their desire to adopt the lifestyle of their neighbours and humanity.



MitchellMitchell George George
AnnieAnna  NinaNina 


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