Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Episode Guide

Buck Rogers Episode Guide

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Episode Guide Theatrical Film (1979) and TV Series (1979-81)

Episode Guide

Season 1
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1x01 1Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: “Awakening”
Original Airdate: Thursday, September 20, 1979
Writers: Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens
Director: Daniel Haller


In the year of 1987 the United States launched the last of NASA’s deep space probes. On board Ranger 3 is a lone astronaut, Captain William “Buck” Rogers. However, the spaceship has moved from its planned orbit, and instead of being gone a few months, it returns to Earth five hundred years later. Captain Rogers is placed in a deep hibernation by forces beyond his control, and remains frozen at the controls until the year 2491. The ancient lost ship is found perfectly preserved by fighter craft of the Draconian Empire, who fire on Ranger 3, then tow it to their alien flagship, The Draconia. After being revived, Buck meets Princess Ardala and her ship’s commander, Kane. Although Ardala is supposed to be on her way to Earth on a peace mission, in reality she is preparing to invade the planet, one that has long been the enemy of her race. They use Buck, who still thinks that his entire alien encounter is nothing but a dream, by sending him ahead to Earth to discover the location of a safe corridor through Earth’s defenses. The ploy works because of a transmitter aboard Buck’s ship that sends back messages with the corridor’s location. Buck finally realizes that he actually has travelled into the future after meeting Col. Wilma Deering and Dr. Elias Huer, but the Earth Defense Directorate considers him to be a traitor when the transmitter is found on board Ranger 3. In an attempt to clear himself of a death sentence, Buck returns to the Draconia and pretends to join Ardala and her army, in the process learning of the plans to invade Earth. Buck decides that he must stop the attack, no matter what the odds. (This episode was also released as a theatrical movie with slightly different footage.)


In the year 1987, NASA launches space probe Ranger III. One lone astronaut, Captain William “Buck” Rogers, is aboard to take the ship on a five-month journey around the solar system, but a collision with a swarm of meteors disrupts the delicate balance of the ship’s life-support system–Rogers is quick-frozen and Ranger III goes into an orbit that returns it to Earth in the year 2491. For 504 years, the body of Buck Rogers remains perfectly preserved until his ship is brought aboard the alien flagship Draconia, on its way to Earth on a peace mission. Buck is revived by Princess Ardala (Hensley) and her second-in-command, Kane (Silva). Their true plan is to attack Earth and take control. Kane sends Buck on his way to Earth with a homing device hidden within Ranger III. Locked on to the device’s signal, the Draconians plan to use the path Buck takes to Earth’s defense headquarters to pour through the planet’s defense shield. Once back on Earth, the transmitter is discovered and the Earth Defense Directorate accuses Buck of treason. Stating that he must go back aboard the Draconia to prove his case, Buck plans to stop the aliens from launching their attack. As the man from the 20th century prepares to make his move, he is held at gunpoint by Twiki and Dr. Theopolis. Buck must prove his innocence to the two mechanoids before the attack can be launched. The opening two-hour episode is basically the feature film re-edited, with new footage to lead into the TV series. (Joseph Wiseman’s brief appearance of King Draco was completely edited out of the broadcast.)

1x03 1Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: “Planet of the Slave Girls”
Original Airdate: Thursday, September 27, 1979
Writers: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon and Cory Applebaum
Director: Michael Caffey


The majority of Earth’s fighter squadron becomes ill and unable to fly after consuming poisoned food discs. Buck, Wilma, and Duke Denton fly to a distant planet to track down a slave trader named Kaleel. While on the planet Vistula, they find that Kaleel has been building a fleet of attack ships in secret, and plans to use them against Earth’s meager defense forces. With Earth heavily outnumbered, Buck decides that he must destroy the alien’s ships and rescue Wilma, who has become trapped in Kaleel’s mountain fortress.


Most of Earth’s defense squadron becomes incapacitated after ingesting poisoned food discs. Buck travels to the planet of the food’s origin, Vistula, with Wilma and flight instructor Duke Danton (Groh), an old boyfriend of Wilma’s. On the planet, they trace the plot to a man named Kaleel (Palance) who has been selling slaves to the planet’s governor (McDowall) and secretly building an attack fleet. With so few fighter pilots, Earth’s defense force is now outnumbered 10-to-1. Buck must rescue Wilma from Kaleel’s mountain fortress and destroy the fleet before they can reach Earth. This episode was initially aired as a two-hour special.

1x05 1Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: “Vegas in Space”
Original Airdate: Thursday, October 04, 1979
Writer: Anne Collins
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.


Buck and Directorate agent Marla Landers travel to Sineloa, a gambling city that Buck finds resembles old Earth’s Las Vegas. Their mission from the Earth Defense Directorate is to locate and return to Earth a kidnapped girl being held prisoner by the city’s ruler, Velosi. The young woman has critical knowledge that Velosi must extract in order to destroy Armat, his competitor. Learning of their plans to rescue his prisoner, Velosi offers the Earth Directorate a deal: in return for keeping the girl, he will turn over blueprints of Princess Ardala’s Draconian Hatchet fighters that have been attacking Earth’s defenses.


Buck is sent to the gambling city of Sineloa with special Directorate agent Marla Landers (Clay). The two are assigned to rescue a young woman (Alicia) who has been kidnapped by the city’s ruler, Velosi (Lynch). Velosi plans to extract some information from the girl’s mind to destroy one of his competitors, Armat (Romero). Armat offers the Directorate plans to the Draconian Hatchet fighters that have been plaguing Earth’s defense forces in exchange for the girl’s life. (Note: Juanin Clay plays the female lead in this episode. She was originally cast as Wilma before Erin Gray decided to do the series.)

1x06 1Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: “The Plot to Kill a City”
Original Airdates: Thursday, October 11, 1979 and Thursday, October 18, 1979
Writer: Alan Brennert
Director: Dick Lowry


Buck’s home of New Chicago may be destroyed if the Legion of Death is successful. They plan to self-destruct the city’s anti-matter/matter reactor in retaliation for a Defense Directorate agent killing in self defense of one of their members. Learning of their plans, Buck is sent out masquerading as an assassin looking to join the group, but he is soon discovered to be an impostor.


After a Defense Directorate agent kills a member of the Legion of Death, the group of interstellar assassins plot to take their revenge out on New Chicago. Buck masquerades as an assassin in an attempt to join the group, but he is soon discovered. The assassins plan to explode the city’s matter/ant-matter reactor which will wipe out all of New Chicago.

1x08 1Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: “Return of the Fighting 69th”
Original Airdate: Thursday, October 25, 1979
Writer: David Bennett Carren
Director: Philip Leacock


Gun runners named Roxanne and Trent plan to kill Wilma as part of their revenge for her capturing them years earlier, during which their ship had caught fire and disfigured them both. Their plans involve the use of captured 20th century nerve gas, which is still potent enough to destroy all life on Earth. As commander of the Defense squadron, Wilma must find a way to locate and destroy the gas, which is hidden at the gun runner’s hideout inside an asteroid belt. She discovers that the only one who has knowledge of how to traverse the belt is the elderly leader of a retired squadron, the Fighting 69th. Although the pilot is willing to lead his old pilots through the asteroids, Wilma does not know whether or not she should ask him, believing that the age of his squadron may be too great to complete the mission.


Some time before Buck’s arrival, Wilma set out to capture interstellar gun runners Roxanne and Trent (Allen and Quarry). A fire in their spaceship disfigured them both and the two set out their plan to take their revenge out on Wilma and Earth. Capturing a space freighter with 20th-century weapons in its hold, they plan to use the ancient, yet still toxic, nerve gas aboard to poison Earth. Buck and Wilma must destroy the villain’s base, located deep within an asteroid belt. Only the retired 69th squadron, led by an old friend of Wilma’s father, can navigate the belt, but she refuses to ask them, fearing that their advanced years may prove a handicap.

1x09 1Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: “Unchained Woman”
Original Airdate: Thursday, November 01, 1979
Writer: Bill Taylor
Director: Dick Lowry


Buck breaks into a prison to free Jen Burton, where she has been falsely jailed for the murder of her boyfriend. Earth Directorate hopes to return her home so she can testify against the boyfriend, Malary Pantera, a pirate who has been raiding space lanes. Entering the prison while masquerading as a fellow prisoner, Buck finds Burton, frees her, and they head out across the barren desert terrain of the planet. However, traveling to the nearest spaceport is the least of Buck’s problems, as an indestructible android prison guard is following their every move and will stop at nothing to capture the two Earthlings.


Buck masquerades as a convict to break into prison in an attempt to rescue a young woman (Curtis) who has been sent to Zeta when she takes the blame for a murder actually committed by her boyfriend, pirate Malary Pantera (Delano). The Directorate believes that Jen Burton can supply the evidence required to put Pantera in jail. Breaking out of the underground jail, Buck and Jen head for a nearby spaceport, but the danger is far from over. An indestructible android prison guard (Hunter) is dogging their trail and Patera awaits their arrival at the spaceport.

1x10 1Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: “Planet of the Amazon Women”
Original Airdate: Thursday, November 08, 1979
Writers: Dorothy and Richard Fontana
Director: Philip Leacock


Buck is tricked into landing on the planet Zantia, where he is made a prisoner before being sold as a slave to Ariela, the daughter of the planet’s Prime Minister. While living on the planet, Buck learns that all male members of Zantia’s population have become prisoners of war while battling the planet Ruathan. Ariela talks Buck into helping free the prisoners, which involves secretly boarding the Ruathan ambassador’s ship while it orbits Earth, a move that could place Earth at war with Ruathan.


Kidnapped to the planet Zantia, Buck finds himself auctioned off to the daughter of the planet’s Prime Minister (Jeffreys). Through Ariela (Dusenberry), Buck learns that the male population of the planet are prisoners of war of the Ruathans. Buck agrees to help Ariela free their men, but the first step of his plan is to board the Earth-orbiting ship of the Ruathan ambassador–a move that could touch off an interplanetary war!

1x11 1Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: “Cosmic Wiz Kid”
Original Airdate: Thursday, November 15, 1979
Writers: Alan Brennert and Anne Collins
Director: Leslie H. Martinson


Buck isn’t the only 20th century human to survive into the future: a small boy named Hieronymus Fox is a genius from Buck’s time. The eleven-year-old child’s brilliance makes him the popular ruler of the planet Genesia, until he is kidnapped by Roderick Zale and is threatened with death unless his planet pays a heavy ransom – a huge sum that Genesia cannot hope to raise. Fox’s bodyguard, having escaped capture, enlists the aid of Buck and Wilma to save her planet’s valued leader, whose inhabitants cannot do without.


Hieronymus Fox (Coleman), an 11-year-old child-genius from Buck’s 20th-century past, is kidnapped by the sinister Roderick Zale (Walston). The boy is president of the planet Genesia and his bodyguard, Lt. Dia Cyrton (Rogers), fears his immanent death because they cannot meet Zale’s ransom demand. Buck, Wilma and Dia make separate attempts to locate and break into Zale’s fortified home.

1x12 1Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: “Escape from Wedded Bliss”
Original Airdate: Thursday, November 29, 1979
Writers: Cory Applebaum, Patrick Hoby, Jr., and Alan Brennert
Director: David Moessinger


Princess Ardala makes another attempt to make Buck her mate. This time she places a super-weapon into Earth’s orbit and threatens to obliterate New Chicago if Buck isn’t handed over to her. Buck, considered by the princess to be the perfect male, must somehow escape wedded bliss without bringing about the death of his friends on Earth.


Princess Ardala returns in her second attempt to sink her claws into Buck Rogers, who she considers the most genetically perfect male in the galaxy. With her pyramid weapon in Earth orbit ready to destroy New Chicago at any moment, Ardala commands the Earth council to hand over Buck–or else!

1x13 1Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: “Cruise Ship to the Stars”
Original Airdate: Thursday, December 27, 1979
Writers: Alan Brennert and Cory Applebaum
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.


While on the cruise ship Lyran Queen, Buck becomes friends with a beauty queen after he foils the kidnapping of Miss Cosmos. A woman who seems to have super-human abilities continues to try to capture the contest winner, while the would-be kidnapper, Sabrina, eludes the attempts of Buck, Wilma, Twiki, and Theo to collar her. After considerable investigation, Buck finally learns the hidden identity of the super-kidnapper, but he only has moments to find the beauty queen before she is killed by a laser beam.


Murder and romance await Buck, Wilma, Theo and Twiki aboard the cruise ship Lyran Queen. Buck befriends a shy young girl (Beck) while investigating the attempted kidnapping of beauty queen Miss Cosmos (Stratten) by a woman (Noble) with superpowers. To his surprise, Buck learns the true identity of the mystery woman as he seeks the location of Miss Cosmos before a deadly dissection laser kills her.

1x14 1Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: “Space Vampire”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 03, 1980
Writers: Kathleen Barnes and David Wise
Director: Larry Stewart


What appears to be a deserted derelict spaceship crashes into an orbiting space station that Buck and Wilma are on. Buck checks out the ship and finds the remains of the crew, whom he learns were killed by a vampire-like creature known as the Vorvon. Buck doesn’t realize that the Vorvon is still present until personnel aboard the space station – including Wilma – begin to be taken over by the strange creature, who can control the wills of other beings.


He drains the living soul instead of blood, but no one believes that the Vorvon (Hormann) is responsible for the deaths on space station Theta, except for Wilma–the creature’s next victim.

1x15 1Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: “Happy Birthday, Buck”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 10, 1980
Writer: Martin Pasco
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.


Missing the people and places of his own time, Buck is helped out of his depression by Wilma and Huer who plan to cheer him up with a surprise birthday party. As a diversion to Buck, he is sent with Raylyn Derren to escort her on a trip to New Detroit with some of Huer’s paperwork. Little do they realize that an assassin named Traeger is waiting for the girl so he can steal Dr. Huer’s schedule, and plot to kill him as revenge over a previous encounter.


It’s Buck’s 534th birthday and Wilma and Dr. Huer plan a surprise party to cheer up the despondent astronaut. Wilma arranges to get Buck “out of the way” by asking him to escort Raylyn Derren (Brittany) to New Detroit with Huer’s schedule. However, Traeger (MacLean), a man plotting revenge against Huer, is waiting for Raylyn in an attempt to obtain the schedule and kill Elias Huer.

1x16 1Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: “A Blast for Buck”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 17, 1980
Writer: Richard Nelson
Director: David G. Phinney


A communication probe arrives in Dr. Huer’s office, and delivers a strange riddle: “A man out of old Earth’s past, has the key to the next and the last; but you won’t solve this riddle, till the end is the middle, and Terran sands disappear with a blast.” The future survival of Earth depends on whether or not mind probes used on Buck can solve the riddle. Searching for a solution, Buck recounts his previous adventures since his arrival on Earth.


To discover the secret behind a terrifying riddle, Buck subjects himself to a mind probe in an attempt to find out who is responsible for the mysterious objects that have teleported into the Directorate building. Flashbacks from the first eight episodes are used as Buck tries to figure out who might be responsible.

1x17 1Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: “Ardala Returns”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 24, 1980
Writers: Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
Director: Larry Stewart


Princess Ardala makes yet another attempt to capture the heart of Buck, and contrives to take over Earth as well. To capture Buck, he is misled into believing he has found a 20th century spaceship. But the ship is a fake and he is caught by Kane, who creates several duplicates of Buck in another scheme to conquer Earth.


The Draconian princess returns with another plan to snare the man from the 20th century. This time she captures Buck by luring him aboard a phony 20th-century-type spacecraft. Once aboard the Draconia, Kane (Ansara) uses “Lab 23” to create four duplicates of Buck…another attempt to rule the Earth.

1x18 1Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: “Twiki Is Missing”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 31, 1980
Writer: Jaron Summers
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.


Earth is faced with mass destruction from an asteroid heading towards the planet. Meanwhile, Twiki is stolen by Kurt Belzak and taken to his mining colony on a different planet. To replace rebelling mine workers, Belzak schemes to reproduce the drone and send the duplicates into the mines. Buck travels to the planet to save Twiki, and while in the mines he finds a powerful explosive that can destroy the asteroid. But first he must get past a trio of Omni Guard super androids sent by Belzak to kill Buck.


Twiki is kidnapped by the evil ruler of a mining colony. Faced with an uprising of his workers, Kerk Belzak (Ryan) plans to make copies of the unique little drone and send them into the mines. When Buck pursues the ambuquad, he is faced with Belzak’s powerful Omni Guard (Benton, Louie, Wright). While in the mines, the astronaut finds the answer to saving Earth from a collision with a 10-ton “spaceberg,” which threatens to ignite and scorch half the planet. He must escape with the explosive, rescue Twiki and dodge the Omni Guard. It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

1x19 1Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: “Olympiad”
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 07, 1980
Writer: Craig Buck
Director: Larry Stewart


Buck becomes involved in interplanetary politics when, while a guest at the interplanetary Olympics of 2492, he and Wilma are approached by an athelete who wishes to defect. Little do they realize that the alien, Jorex from the planet Loziria, has been given an explosive implant in his head that can kill him should he try to escape while on the planet Mykos.


Buck is invited to be a special guest at the 2492 Olympics. Shortly after arriving on Mykos, Buck is drawn into a “game” of political intrigue as an athlete from the planet Lozeria attempts to defect. However, both Wilma and Buck are unaware that the implant in Jorex’s (McFadden) head can be made to explode!

1x20 1Season: 1
Episode: 17
Title: “A Dream of Jennifer”
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 14, 1980
Writer: Alan Brennert
Directors: Harvey Laidman and David G. Phinney


Buck cannot believe his eyes when he sees his 20th century girlfriend alive on present day Earth. Buck follows the young girl, but she continues to give him the slip until he catches her in the resort town of City-on-the-Sea. The stranger, named Leila, reveals that it is no coincidence that she looks like Buck’s long-lost girl friend: her appearance has been purposedly altered by an alien named Reev so that she could serve as a lure. With Buck now a captive, Reev demands that the human stop a shipment of arms to a planet his people have plans to conquer.


Buck is haunted by the appearance of a young woman who bares a striking resemblance to Jennifer (Lockhart), a woman Buck left behind more than 500 years ago. He is compelled to follow her to City-on-the-Sea, where he learns that Leila has been made to look like Jennifer in order to lure Buck into a trap. An alien named Reev (Koslo) wants Buck to prevent a space freighter from delivering weapons to the planet his people hope to conquer.

1x21 1Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: “Space Rockers”
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 21, 1980
Writers: Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
Director: Guy Magar


Buck becomes involved with a futuristic rock group named Andromeda when a series of riots break out at all of their concerts. Buck’s investigation finds that the band’s manager, Lars Mangros, has been secretly encoding the group’s music with behavior-altering sounds that create the riots. Buck is forced to convince Andromeda not to play at galactic-wide broadcast from the space station Musicworld, to prevent Mangros from causing chaos throughout the galaxy.


The evil Lars Mangros (Orbach) plans to broadcast a signal with the next performance of his rock group, Andromeda, that will cause the youth of the galaxy to riot. Buck invades Musicworld, where Mangros broadcasts his concerts, in attempt to stop the madman from destroying the galactic capitals.

1x22 1Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: “Buck’s Duel to the Death”
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 20, 1980
Writer: Robert W. Gilmer
Director: Bob Bender


Buck is sent on what may be a one-way mission: he must overthrow the warlord ruler of a peaceful planet, not knowing that the Traybor possesses special powers that may bring his career to an abrupt end. Buck learns of the Traybor’s abilities the hard way after leading a Defense Directorate attack force into Traybor’s fortress in an attempt to free a prisoner.


Buck attempts to free a peaceful planet from the powerful grip of an evil warlord known as the Traybor (Smith). The terran leads a band of men into Traybor’s fortress in hopes of freeing the women the alien has kidnapped, but the Traybor has a few special powers which may end Buck’s career at any moment.

1x24 1Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: “Flight of the War Witch”
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 27, 1980
Writers: Robert W. Gilmer and William Mageean
Director: Larry Stewart


Buck enters a space warp that sends him into an alternate universe where he encounters the planet Pendar, a peaceful world under attack by a “war witch” named Zarina. Matters become further complicated with the arrival of Princess Ardala on the Draconia, who has brought along Wilma and Dr. Huer during a temporary truce between her world and Earth. Buck enlists the aid of both Earth and Draconian forces to save Pendar from the attack of a huge Zaad battlecruiser.


Buck journeys through a space warp to another universe. There he discovers the planet Pendar, a peaceful world now threatened with the extinction by the sinister war witch, Zarina (Newmar). The Pendarans enlist the help of both Buck and Princess Ardala. The Draconians have followed Buck through the warp with Wilma and Dr. Huer aboard the Draconia. An unsteady alliance between the terrans and Draconians is formed as Buck prepares to lead a combined fleet of Starfighters and Marauders against the giant Zaad battlecruiser.


2x01 2Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: “Time of the Hawk”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 15, 1981
Writer: Norman Hudis
Director: Vincent McEveety


Buck, Wilma and Twiki are assigned duty aboard the Searcher, a long distance space probe. Under the command of Admiral Asimov, the ship sets out to find various groups of humans that left Earth before the holocaust. Buck’s first adventure aboard the Searcher begins when they find a nearly-destroyed spaceship, whose last living crew member reveals that a bird-like man named Hawk attacked and destroyed their ship. In retaliation for the destruction of his tribe by humans, the bird-man has vowed to destroy any and all humans he comes across. Buck tracks Hawk down to the planet Throm, when he captures Koori, Hawk’s mate. Koori sends out a message to Hawk, who arrives to battle Buck to the death.

2x04 2Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: “Journey to Oasis”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 22, 1981
Writers: Robert and Esther Mitchell
Director: Daniel Haller

Hawk joins the crew of the Searcher to find lost colonies from Earth, just as his own people had left Earth centuries ago for a new home elsewhere in space. Dr. Goodfellow directs a group consisting of Buck, Hawk, and Wilma, to escort a visiting ambassador to a peace conference. However, the shuttle Buck is piloting crashes with Duvoe aboard, possibly bringing about an interplanetary war if he does not reach the conference in time. Relations between the men are strained because of Duvoe competing with Buck for Wilma’s affections, as the ambassador had been romantically involved with her in the past. While Buck tries to keep the group alive and reach the conference on time, the Searcher comes under attack by the ambassador’s ship, whose crew wants to know what has happened to their leader.

2x05 2Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: “The Guardians”
Original Airdate: Thursday, January 29, 1981
Writers: Paul and Margaret Schneider
Director: Jack Arnold


A dying old man gives Buck a strange glowing box while they are on the planet Janovus XXVI. Hawk and Buck return the container to the Searcher, where it begins to cause hallucinations among the crew. While an alien causes chaos aboard the ship, it takes over control and heads the Searcher at top speed toward an unknown destination. Buck and the crew must overcome their delusions and stop the ship before they are lost forever.

2x06 2Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: “Mark of the Saurian”
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 05, 1981
Writer: Francis Moss
Director: Barry Crane


The Saurians, a monsterous-looking group of aliens, have landed aboard the Searcher under the guise of friendship. Using a device to make them appear human, they plan to infiltrate the ship to cause a galactic war. However, Buck, who has just overcome a flu-like virus, sees the aliens for what they are. He tries to convince the crew that monsters are aboard, but to no avail. His friends believe him to be mentally unbalanced from the sickness. The Saurians fear that Buck will expose them and decide to kill the pilot before others become suspicious.

2x07 2Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: “The Golden Man”
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 19, 1981
Writers: Calvin Clement, Sr. and Stephen McPherson
Director: Vincent McEveety


The Searcher finds an escape capsule in a field of asteroids, and rescues a golden-colored boy from it. Shortly after, the Searcher is struck by an asteroid, and Asimov is saved when the boy uses telepathic powers to alter the molecular structure of a metal beam that fell on the admiral. The boy Velis, says that he cannot repair the disabled ship in the same way as he is too young to have sufficient power. But an adult friend imprisoned on a nearby planet can help if Buck and Hawk can free him.

2x08 2Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: “The Crystals”
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 05, 1981
Writer: Robert and Esther Mitchell
Director: John Patterson


Buck, Wilma and Hawk leave for a planet to search for crystals needed to power the Searcher. After landing they find a young girl inhabiting the planet, and also a strange mummy-like creature that continually attacks the search party. The super-computer Crichton believes that the amnesia-stricken girl will, in time, mutate into a mummy creature herself, as it is the natural evolution of her species.

2x09 2Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: “The Satyr”
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 12, 1981
Writers: Paul and Margaret Schneider
Director: Victor French


While searching another planet, Buck and Twiki locate the remaining survivors of a colonization attempt. Most of the colony members had left years earlier because of an unknown plague. Two of the survivors, a young widow named Syra and her son Delph, stayed behind to run their farm. While there, they are continually attacked by a horned creature named Pangor, yet Syra refuses Buck’s invitation to leave, which Buck cannot understand. Before he can convince them to abandon the planet, Buck is stricken by the plague, which begins to transform him into a creature known as a “Satyr”.

2x10 2Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Shgoratchx!
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 19, 1981
Writer: William Keys
Director: Vincent McEveety


Buck and Hawk are ordered to explore an old derelict spaceship, where they find a hold full of solar bombs and a crew of seven dwarfs. The crew are transferred to the Searcher, and it is decided to take the derelict to a safe location to detonate the bombs before they can explode on their own. Buck turns the seven uniformed men over to Wilma, who has her hands full when she discovers the little aliens have never seen a woman before.


2x11 2Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: “The Hand of Goral”
Original Airdate: Thursday, March 26, 1981
Writer: Francis Moss
Director: David G. Phinney


Buck, Hawk and Wilma travel to an unusual world known as “The Planet of Death” and encounter many strange happenings. They first find a wrecked space ship with its pilot, whom Wilma returns to the Searcher. While she is gone, Buck and Hawk explore an abandoned village where they both momentarily disappear. As if this isn’t enough, they return to the mother ship only to find the personalities of the crew have drastically changed.

2x12 2Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: “Testimony of a Traitor”
Original Airdate: Thursday, April 09, 1981
Writer: Stephen McPherson
Director: Bernard McEveety


It appears that Buck may have been at least partly responsible for the nuclear holocaust that nearly destroyed the Earth. A recently-found video tape from the 20th century provides enough evidence for Commissioner Bergstrom to start a war crime trial against Buck, who will be put to death if found guilty. In order to prove his innocence, Buck once again is placed under the mind probe, where his memories only seem to further indicate his guilt.


2x13 2Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: “The Dorian Secret”
Original Airdate: Thursday, April 16, 1981
Writer: Stephen McPherson
Director: Jack Arnold


On a space station is a group of survivors from a planetary disaster who are being transported to a new home. Also on board are Hawk and Buck who rescue a young woman being attacked by Dorian males. After returning to the Searcher, the ship is attacked by a Dorian vessel whose commander demands that an escaping Dorian female be turned over to them immediately. The girl, wanted for the murder of a Dorian leader’s son, is the one Buck brought on board the Searcher. Buck believes the Dorians are making a mistake, but the passengers, under the pressure of constant Dorian attacks against the Searcher, finally take matters into their own hands and turn over both Buck and the girl to the Dorian warlord.


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