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Caprica Episode Guide

Caprica Season 1 (2010-2011)

1×01 Pilot
Caprica PilotAn extended version of the pilot premiered exclusively on DVD and digital download on April 21, 2009 as a preview to the series. On the vibrant world of Caprica, in a culture recognizably close to our own, two dynamic families – the Graystones and the Adamas – live separately on opposite ends of society until they are brought together by tragedy. Daniel Graystone, a computer engineering genius, owns a large corporation that is spearheading the development of artificial intelligence. His unwavering professional pursuits are driven to extreme measures when personal tragedy strikes him and his wife Amanda: their strong-willed daughter Zoe dies in a terrorist bombing fueled by an underground religious dogma. Unbeknownst to her parents, the teenager had also been dabbling in these radical teachings, which were secretly propagated by her school’s headmistress, Sister Clarice Willow. Also living on Caprica but deeply entrenched in a cultural heritage that sets them apart from the rest of civilization, is the Adama clan. The family is helmed by Joseph Adama, a renowned criminal defense attorney with questionable ties and sometimes-devious methods, and father to William and Tamara. When Joseph’s wife and daughter perish in the same attack that befell Zoe Graystone, Joseph’s path soon crosses Daniel’s, and the two become united in their grief. Soon after, Daniel lets Joseph in on a sinister secret. He’s discovered that Zoe, a computer genius in her own right, had been experimenting with perilous virtual reality technology along with her friend Lacy, and managed the impossible: She created a life-like avatar of herself, a perfect digital copy. Obsessed with the possibility of seeing his daughter once again, and preying on Joseph’s shared emotions, Daniel implores his new confidante to help him make Zoe’s vision a complete reality. Appalled by the ethical implications of recreating a soul, but aching to bring his own daughter back to life, Joseph complies… and the fate of the human race is altered forever.

Jan. 22, 2010
1×02 Rebirth
Caprica RebirthZoe’s avatar tries to adapt to her new life inside a robot’s body while the Graystones and the Adamas cope with their losses. Elsewhere, Lacy dines with Sister Clarice, and young Will Adama spends some quality time with his shady uncle.

Jan. 29, 2010
Caprica The Reins of a Waterfall1×03 The Reins of a Waterfall
The Graystones deal with the repercussions of Amanda’s claims, including doing publicity as a talk show host uses their poor image as a punchline every night. With hopes that Lacy will pick up her deceased counterpart’s plan, Zoe recovers her avatar, as well as that of Tamara whose father desperately wants to see her again. Meanwhile, Sister Clarice continues in her attempts to get closer to Lacy, as the Caprican government stumbles across a misplaced piece of their investigation.

Feb. 05, 2010
1×04 Gravedancing
Caprica GravedancingAs the fallout from Zoe’s involvement in the MAGLEV bombing grows, Daniel prepares to defend himself and his company on the hugely popular talk show Backtalk with Baxter Sarno. His plan to distance himself from Zoe finds him alienating Amanda, who is still reeling from her own public detractors. As Daniel steps in front of the cameras for show time, Amanda arrives at the studio, with no intention of staying backstage. After ordering the death of Amanda Graystone, Joseph is wracked with a heavy conscience and desperately tries to stop Sam from carrying it out but hitman brother Sam is already closing in. Agent Duram uses his GDD resources to circle closer and closer to Clarice and the youth of the STO, forcing Lacy and Keon closer together and possibly into an unexpected romance.

Feb. 19, 2010
1×05 There is Another Sky
Caprica There is Another SkyThe avatar of Tamara Adama wanders V-World, scared, lost, and unaware that she died nearly a month ago in the MagLev bombing. Falling in with a group of gamers, Tamara discovers a new side to V-World – New Cap City, a place where people live random lives of violence and crime in search of the game’s elusive meaning. Forced into aiding a digital crime spree, Tamara befriends a young gamer, until she discovers a devastating secret that threatens everything she knows.

Feb. 26, 2010
1×06 Know Thy Enemy
Caprica Know Thy EnemyCompany rival Tomas Vergis confronts Daniel over the theft of the meta-cognitive processor and the two workers who were murdered in the robbery. However, his means of revenge aren’t quite what Daniel expects. Keon takes Lacy to meet Barnabas Greeley, leader of the Soldiers of the One. Troubled over the work he’s been doing with the STO, Clarice hopes to gain attention by presenting the Zoe avatar and sets course by taking it directly from Daniel’s lab.

Mar. 05, 2010
1×07 The Imperfections of Memory
Caprica The Imperfections of MemoryAmanda’s life spirals out of control as she begins to see visions of her brother, who died years earlier. As a result, Clarice sees an opportunity to gain her trust and we learn a dark secret from Amanda’s past that could have major implications for her life with Daniel.

Mar. 12, 2010
1×08 Ghosts in the Machine
Caprica Ghosts in the MachineAttempting to find his daughter, Joseph Adama re-enters New Cap City. His guide, Emanuelle. prepares Joseph for the ugly truths of the game, and equips him with a gun and a digital performance enhancement drug – amp – to improve his reaction time and increase his brutality. Daniel Graystone, also seeking his daughter, is pursuing his breakthrough discovery that Zoe’s avatar exists within the U-87. In a desperate attempt to communicate with her, Daniel presses her with a story of their burning home, and the fire that almost killed her – but to no avail. Joseph and Emanuelle seek Tamara at the New Cap equivalent of the Adama home, but the apartment is inhabited by a drug addict – an “amphead”. As the druggie yields the information that Joseph’s daughter is at a club called “Mysteries,” a gang of drug dealers bust in on the scene and threaten to end Adama’s New Cap life. Feigning innocence, Emanuelle claims not to know Adama, and as the gangsters are focused on Joseph, deftly takes out the whole team with her pistol. Joseph is relieved, but she berates him for freezing up – if he can’t pull the trigger when he needs to, he’ll never be able to help his daughter

Mar. 19, 2010
1×09 End of Line
Caprica End of LineIn a tense foreshadowing, we see the U-87 driving a stolen van, armed police in pursuit. But what brought Zoe Graystone to such a desperate action? Rewinding the clock, we learn that Daniel’s financial troubles are worsening, and he must sell the Buccaneers to his rival, Tomas Vergis. The army knows the chip was stolen, and have given him a week to finish the project. Unbeknownst to Daniel, they’re discussing a contract with Vergis. Barnabas is surprised by a visit from Clarice, who leaves him with the threat that she’ll go to STO leadership on Gemenon and shut him down, but Barnabas has his own plans to end Clarice’s life. Lacy, determined to get the U-87 to Gemenon, insinuates herself in Barnabas’s STO cell. He promises to get her cargo off-world as soon as the recent shipping embargo is lifted, but demands a favor in return. He gives Lacy a small device and orders her to switch it with Clarice’s key chain. Fearfully, Lacy complies. Amanda Graystone, whose sanity continues to slip, indulges her fascination with bridges, and reaches out to Clarice as a confidant. Clarice suggests Amanda open up to Daniel, but Amanda hints that Daniel has his own secrets, even darker and more destructive than her own…

Mar. 26, 2010
1×10 Unvanquished
Caprica UnvanquishedHaving lost both his wife and company, Daniel approaches the Ha’la’tha with a deal to capitalise on virtual avatars as a means of defeating grief. Clarice pitches her plan for apotheosis to the doubtful leadership on Gemenon.

Oct. 05, 2010
1×11 Retribution
Caprica RetributionA botched spaceport bombing leads Clarice to discover that her young converts have turned and uses it as an opportunity to dismantle Barnabas’s cell. Agent Duram’s investigations steers closer to Clarice and sows the seeds of doubt Amanda has in her. Daniel straddles a moral line as he works with the Adamas to blackmail Graystone Industries board members.

Oct. 12, 2010
1×12 Things We Lock Away
ICaprica Things We Lock Awayn New Cap City, a vengeful Tamara confronts fellow “deadwalker” Zoe. Clarice and Amanda depart from the cabin, Amanda to an empty home and Clarice to a kidnapped Lacy. Meanwhile, Daniel has successfully won back his company, but there’s one more part of the process that Daniel isn’t ready for.

Oct. 19, 2010
1×13 False Labor
Caprica False LaborGraystone Industries provides an opportunity to never lose a loved one thanks to breakthrough technology. Others are staring down the same path as the deceased when held at gunpoint, and even still others are doing the gun-holding against another life-force. What the frak will they do?

Oct. 26, 2010
1×14 Blowback
Caprica BlowbackAmanda tries to get more information from Clarice, but can’t get close enough. In order to provide her with the equipment to do so, Duram would have to give her up as his CI, a dangerous confession given the possible leak within the department.

Jan. 04, 2011
1×15 The Dirteaters
Caprica The DirteatersAs the Adama brothers rise to new positions in the Ha’la’tha, they are haunted by the mission of their late parents and the different direction the Guatrau is taking them. Daniel hopes to use this with Sam by offering Cylons for Tauron, in exchange for refraining to carry out the ordered hit.

Jan. 04, 2011
1×16 The Heavens Will Rise
Caprica The Heavens Will RiseAs the “Avenging Angels” change code inside New Cap City, Daniel is able to track them down, but an early snafu in trying to reach out to Zoe leave the Graystones to enter the game only under its strict rules. With only one chance, Daniel asks help from Sam who has no interest in disturbing his brother’s peace of mind.

Jan. 04, 2011
1×17 Here Be Dragons
Caprica Here Be DragonsThe Graystones’ search for Zoe leave them oblivious to the danger of Clarice and her two husbands invading their home. At the same time, the Adamas are targeted by the Ha’la’tha. One family will finally begin the move forward, while the other will experience yet another tragedy.

Jan. 04, 2011
1×18 Apotheosis
Caprica ApotheosisClarice and Olaf move forward with the plan to blow up Atlas Arena when they learn of their powerful ally in the GDD. Singh covers their tracks by framing the Graystones as terrorists, forcing them to go on the run. The grieving Adamas confront the Guatrau for his string of recent decisions in the hopes of avoiding further violence.

Jan. 04, 2011


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