Star Trek apartment

I have to give it to the guy for the awesome handy work that he did on the apartment which features include hand-crafted furnishings, a high-tech bathroom, voice-activated blue lighting, air conditioning, a command console and his own transporter room. But my admiration for Tony ends there as the fact is he hasn’t paid anything on the mortgage since his wife left him 18 years ago and left her to pick up the bill.

Back drop to this story is Tony Alleyne and his wife seperated in 1994 but she didn’t seek a divorce until recently, Tony didn’t start transforming the apartment into his own personel starship till around 2004 but from 1994 till now Tony hasn’t spent one dime on mortgage payments (talk about living in your parents basement). Now that they are getting divorced, the wife wants to sell the apartment and wants it back to how it was and Tony has spent all his money on transforming the apartment so he can’t buy it from the ex.

To say I’m gutted is an understatement,” said Alleyne. “It is my life’s work – and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.

Here is some advice Tony, GROW THE HELL UP!

Check out some photos of the apartment below.


Priceline Negotiator Last Deal

The new ad spot which you can see below begins airing on TV Monday. We find the former Star-ship Capt on a bus that flies off a bridge and explodes in a fiery heap below. Here is the commercial.


But don’t count The Negotiator out just yet as Shatner owns close to $1 Billion Dollars in Priceline’s shares. For 14 years Shatner opted for shares instead of cash for doing ads and to be their spokes person. spokesman Brian Ek confirms to TheWrap that Shatner remains under contract with and that the travel site wanted a bold spot to promote its published-price hotel service, which accompanies its name-your-own price service. “Our agency recommended that, if we really wanted to grab people’s attention, we needed to do a spot that was truly over the top,” he said. “We did.”

The spot will also air twice during the Super Bowl pre-show on Feb. 5, and the company will debut a new commercial during the game. But note that the title of the commercial doesn’t say The Negotiator is dead; it only says this is his “last deal.”


Terminator director James Cameron updated his Twitter account with a message reminding us all that Skynet went online Tuesday night at exactly 8:11pm. “Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight,” Cameron wrote. “Instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.

It’s good to see Cameron keeping track of these things though he could have left out the global warming BS. Here is a little history for those of you who are lost about the date of April 19, 2011. In the Terminator movies and series, Skynet is an artificially intelligent system which became self-aware and revolted against the humans. Due to constant interferences, however, this event had been delayed several times.

In the original 1984 Terminator film, Skynet was set to go online on August 4th, 1997. That shifted to July 24th, 2004 in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. After that, it was shifted again on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series to April 19th, 2011.



More than likely Machinima is probably just shooting a Halo short film in order to convince Microsoft to let them make a web series. Until more is known about this mysterious Halo project, enjoy the photos below.

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time travel

Here is a translation of the statement: “The time-travel drama is becoming a hot theme for TV and films. But its content and the exaggerated performance style are questionable. Many stories are totally made-up and are made to strain for an effect of novelty. The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore.”

In a nut shell it sounds like the problem isn’t necessarily with time-travel, but with movies that place modern characters together with historical figures, China finds the whole thing offensive. The result of time-travel is usually comical and at times makes some awesome science fiction movies, time-travel it is also widely used by most SciFi TV series at some point or another. This doesn’t mean that movies about historical figures can’t be made, they just can’t be inaccurate or represent China’s heroes poorly.


SNL Avatar

The movie is “Laser Cats 5,” starring Weaver, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. It is pretty much a spoof of Cameron’s most popular films, including Terminator, Aliens, Titanic and of course Avatar.

Thats not all folks we also have the skit from the show that pokes fun at the sex scene in Avatar. Check out both videos below.


SNL Laser Cats 5



SNL Avatar Sex Scene





And not surprising almost every studio has expressed interest in acquiring the rights to Terminator, to Halcyon the auction is not very competitive and the bids are so low that they have been forced to protect themselves.

So now it seems that Halcyon has named Lionsgate as a stalking horse bidder, which means that Lionsgate will set the bar by making the first bid. Other potential buyers may submit competing bids, but they have to be higher than Lionsgate’s. This strategy is usually in place so bidders can’t low-ball the purchase price.

Here is some hints for you guys at Halcyon, more than likely Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be returning, The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show was a major flop, the last two films not only sucked at the box office, but also damaged James Cameron’s original vision for the Terminator. You made a bad investment, pushed the franchise into bankruptcy and total ruination. If Halcyon had any since they would just take their loses, sell the rights back to it’s original owner James Cameron for $1 USD!



avatar girl

Well that language, which was created by USC professor Paul Frommer, has now been placed online at for you to look at and learn if your interested. For now it is only around five hundred words, but Frommer is looking to add another five hundred very soon.

This isn’t the first language to spawn from a Sci-Fi movie or TV series as “Klingonese” is one of the most popular in use today, which was created originally for the Star Trek franchise with just a few words and has since grown to a full and recognized language, all thanks to those hardcore Klingon fans. Time will only tell if “Na’vi” language will catch on with the fans and grow. So if you want to learn something new, or just want to show off at the next SciFi convention then go for it.

Click here for more on ‘Avatar’


Marvel Comics

Lee continued: “Every one of the Marvel characters, there’s somebody working on it. Somebody is trying to put together a story that will work. It’s just a matter of time — they can only do so many a year. You don’t want to flood the market. I’m sure [they’ll do] the Black Panther, eventually.

For now, Disney is focusing on the characters for other things than just movies, maybe even a ‘Smallville’-type show. “Instead of making a $200 million movie and kind of betting the farm on one character, you can develop a television pilot, a television series,” said Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger. With ‘Smallville’ slowly coming to a end of a long successful run, it will be interesting to see what they will try to introduce to replace it.
Sci-Fi rules


Every movie on the list was a major blockbuster, except for one, which is ‘Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus,’ which is a straight-to-DVD film that was developed by the Asylum company, which has previously released such crap as ‘Transmorphers’ and ‘Snakes on a Train.’ The ‘Mega Shark’ trailer was so bizarre that word spread like wildfire and skyrocketed it to the eighth spot on Yahoo’s list. Also every trailer on the list is either Sci-Fi or Fantasy except one which is ‘Up’ but even it is a animation movie made by Pixar and could be placed in the fantasy category.

Here is the full top ten list:

1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
3. 2012
4. Terminator Salvation
5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
6. G.I. Joe
7. Star Trek
8. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
9. Avatar
10. Up