The Orville Character Guide

The Orville Character Guide

Character Guide for FOX’s The Orville TV Series. Get all the latest info on your favorite The Orville TV Characters with cast images, celebrity news, …

Christopher Chance photo

Human Target Character Guide

Chance has spent a great deal of his life staying one step ahead…One step ahead of the police, one step ahead of the FBI and one step ahead of his past.

killjoys character guide

Killjoys Character Guide

Killjoys TV Series Character Guide: Dutch is a gorgeous, complicated and deadly flirt, Dutch is bold and fun loving on the surface…

Alcatraz Characters

Alcatraz – Character Guide

Alcatraz Character Guide: Rebecca Madsen, a San Francisco Police Department homicide detective with family ties to Alcatraz…

The Sarah Conner Chronicles Characters

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Characters

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Character Guide: Cameron played by Summer GlauCameron is a Terminator whom John Connor sent back from 2027 to protect his earlier self. Her model and exact capabilities are not known,

Crusade Characters

Crusade Character Guide

Crusade Character Guide: Matthew Gideon is the Captain of the Excalibur and an Earthforce officer. Gideon is a man with a chequered past, known for his unorthodox and often risky approaches.

Battlestar Galactica Characters

Battlestar Galactica Character Guide

Battlestar Galactica Character Guide: Admiral William Adama (callsign “Husker”), a veteran of the First Cylon War, is the commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica, and the highest ranking officer left in the Colonial Fleet after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.