Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Trivia

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles


Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Trivia

Summer Glau got the role of Cameron based partly on the strength of her fight scenes in Serenity. Josh Friedman wrote the character with Glau in mind.
This series effectively ‘retcons’ Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, continuing the Terminator universe from the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
During Derek Reese’s flashback scene in the future, we learn that Andy Goode was so ashamed of his involvement in creating Skynet that he began using the alias William “Billy” Wisher. William Wisher Jr. is a long-time collaborator of James Cameron, the creator/director of the Terminator films. Wisher also co-wrote the screenplay for Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
German broadcaster Pro7 renamed the show to “Terminator: S.C.C.” because the name was deemed too long and to avoid confusion with German celebrity/singer Sarah Connor.
SPOILER: The word “terminator” was not spoken by any character until the finale of season two, “Born to Run,” where Sarah Connor referred to Catherine Weaver as such.
Michael Shanks auditioned for the role of Derek Reese.
The source code that is visible on-screen in some episodes is written in Visual Basic.
The character of Charlie Dixon was played by Tim Guinee in the original pilot. His scenes were re-shot with Dean Winters before the show aired in early in 2008 and Dean Winters played the character throughout the series.
The house rented by the Connors in season 2 is the same house used in Cellular where Jessica Martin was held captive.
The Terminator “Cromartie” is an anime/manga reference to Cromatie High school. One of the students is a robot.
Cameron tells Sarah that she is from the year 2027 and that Skynet goes online in 2011.
During the initial fight in the house between Cameron and the rival Terminator, the shot gun Sarah pulls out of the wall is the same model the character used against the T-1000 in the final scenes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Sarah and John use the alias of Reese. Kyle Reese was Sarah’s first protector in the original Terminator movie and is John’s father.
Sarah Connor was born in Los Angeles, CA. She is 33 years old, 5’4″ tall and weighs 110 pounds.
“Gnothi Seauton” is a transliteration of the Greek for “know thyself”.
Enrique Salceda is the man Sarah, John, and the male Terminator visited in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day for supplies, guns, and a truck.
The address to the computer store was “1337” pronounced “leet” (substituting letters for similar looking numbers), hacker wannabe slang for “elite”.
Andy refers to the original Turk, created in 1770, as an automaton, which the device was purported to be. However, since the mid-nineteenth century, the Turk has been known to be merely a magic illusion, with a human being sitting within the machine playing chess, rather than the machine itself.
Actor Phil Morris contributed an uncredited portrayal of the character Miles Dyson in a photograph in the pilot episode. A scene with the character was written and possibly even shot for this episode, but eventually left out for unknown reasons. Due to contractual reasons, Phil Morris still receives main guest credit, without appearing in the episode.
The red truck being driven off by the thieves is owned by “Tetsuo” corporation. Tetsuo (1989) is a J-horror/cyberpunk/Cult movie by Shinya Tsukamoto, about a man who becomes mechanical.
A face recognition system recognizes Cameron with the tag “101”. In the Terminator films the main character was a Model 101 Terminator of the 800 Series.
In the future, the character Andy Goode uses the alias “Billy Wisher”; a reference to William Wisher Jr. who co-wrote and had cameos in the first two Terminator films.
During the future sequence, we see one of the T-600 Terminators that was described by Kyle Reese in the original The Terminator as being easy to spot because they had rubber skin.
Sarah’s closing narration, outlining how a terminator can not be deterred from its mission, was indeed said by Kyle to Sarah in the first Terminator movie. Kyle did say, “the terminator is out there,” rather than, “the machine is out there,” but after all those years, Sarah can surely be forgiven for not getting it verbatim.
In one scene, Cameron (Summer Glau) is undercover in a ballet class. In reality, Summer Glau is a trained ballerina.
The title of the episode “The Demon Hand” is an allusion to a short story Harlan Ellison wrote which was, in part, the inspiration for James Cameron in forming the story of the original Terminator movie.
When Cameron walks by a memorabilia store window, the cover of Pumping Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger can be seen.
Busy Philipps was over eight months pregnant during the filming of her scenes.
Crusade Trivia

Crusade Trivia

J. Michael Straczynski tried to remove his name from the writer credits. He registered the pseudonym “Eiben Scrood” with the WGA, but the WGA caved to pressure from Warner Bros. and would not allow the pseudonym.

Contains several similarities with the anime series “Star Blazers” (1979). The biggest is the fact that both shows are about starships sent from Earth to retrieve the cure for a planetary disaster. Another is the “primary weapon” of the ships – a massively powerful one-shot cannon.

Part of Gary Cole’s costume was a class ring for “Earthforce Academy”. He kept the ring and wore it in his next role, as Lumberg in Office Space.

The cure to the Drakh plague was going to be discovered at the end of the second season. Whether it would have been used then has never been revealed.

The voice of the Apocalypse Box was actually Gary Cole’s, distorted electronically to sound very ethereal.

The hated gray and red uniforms were going to be “accidentally” destroyed in a “laundry accident” in the second-to-last episode of the first season.

J. Michael Straczynski had completed the script for the season 1 finale before the series was cancelled, an episode titled “The End of the Line”. The episode was to have Captain Gideon discover the origin of the hybrid-Shadow vessel encountered earlier in the series: a secret EarthForce project to combine human and Shadow technology. An EarthForce officer would have subsequently revealed that Techno-Mages were originally agents of the Shadows who rebelled, but still use the Shadows’ technology. The friendship between Gideon and Galen would have been strained, not only by the revelation of the Techno-Mages’ origins, but by Galen’s admission that he was sent by the Techno-Mages to find any more leftover Shadow technology, and that was why he’d been helping Gideon in the first place. The episode, and the season, was to have ended with Gideon on Mars trying to expose the EarthForce experiments, only to be shot by an EarthForce sniper.

J. Michael Straczynski had completed the script for episode 14 before the series was cancelled, titled “To the Ends of the Earth”. The episode would have seen Gideon using the Excalibur and the Apocalypse Box to hunt down the mysterious hybrid-Shadow vessel (the ship, as seen in flashback, that destroyed the EAS Cerberus), setting him at odds with other crew members. After a space battle with the Excalibur, the hybrid vessel would have self-destructed, and the final scenes of the episode would have suggested a connection between the hybrid vessel and EarthForce. The events of this episode would have set up the series’ main story arc.

Although there were many theories, the origin of the Apocalypse Box was never revealed.

Patricia Tallman, who played Lyta in Babylon 5, was originally scripted to be in “Path of Sorrow” in a flashback with Lt. Matheson. But the deal fell through and they had to revise the script without her.

Crusade creator J. Michael Straczynski’s recommended episode viewing order is as follows: Racing the Night, The Needs of Earth, The Memory of War, The Long Road, Visitors from Down the Street, The Well of Forever, Each Night I Dream of Home, Patterns of the Soul, The Path of Sorrows, Ruling from the Tomb, The Rules of the Game, War Zone, Appearances and Other Deceits. However, because of dialog looping during post-production and costume changes mid-season this viewing order will introduce minor continuity errors.

Fiona Avery had completed the script for episode 16 before the series was cancelled. The episode, titled “Value Judgements”, would have seen the Excalibur crew encounter fugitive telepath Alfred Bester (Walter Koenig, reprising his role from Babylon 5). Koenig had already signed on to appear – and was reportedly very enthusiastic about the script – when the series was cancelled.

At Wonder Con 2008, J. Michael Straczynski announced that Crusade is “finished”, i.e. nothing more will be done with the series.

Although J. Michael Straczynski never revealed what the cure to the Drakh plague was, he did hint that it was of the “monkey paw” variety, i.e., the cure might actually be worse than the disease.

According to Babylon 5 canon, Gideon’s Apocalypse Box is not the only one in existence. There are actually six, scattered around the galaxy.

According to J. Michael Straczynski’s posts on the internet the opening of the first episode aired, “War Zone”, was required by TNT to open with a fistfight. Later in the episode, the Senator briefing Gideon has a line to the effect of, “We’ve had to make a lot of compromises to get this thing off the ground” – literally about the Excalibur’s mission, but also a line J. Michael Straczynski intended as a comment on the series itself.

Marjean Holden (Dr. Sarah Chambers) appeared in Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999) (TV), which served as Crusade’s pilot, as Sheridan’s navigator. Executive Producer J. Michael Straczynski explained this away saying that it was in fact her twin sister.

Edward Woodward, father of Peter Woodward (Galen), plays the technomage Alwyn in this episode.

Many fans speculate that this is an homage to the Dragonriders of Pern series, by Anne McCaffrey. There are several similarities: a colony deliberately regressing to near-medieval technology; a dragon; a pastoral culture which eschews technology, yet existing in a space-age universe.

The helmets worn by the soldiers in the series are the same as in the movie Starship Troopers, only the color is different.

The imprisoned telepath in Lt. Matheson’s flashback was supposed to be Lyta Alexander. However, Crusdae was operating under a very strict budget, so the amount offered to Patricia Tallman was approximately 1/6 of her usual salary, and she refused.

According to Babylon 5 canon, the destruction of Psi Corps headquarters shown in Lt. Matheson’s flashback claimed the life of Lennier, the renegade ranger.

There are three streets named in this episode, which takes place on Mars: Bradbury, Burroughs, and Carter. These names refer to writers and characters related to Mars: Ray Bradbury is a famous SF-writer, who wrote “The Martian Chronicles”, Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of “Tarzan”, also wrote the “Barsoom”-novels with their lead character Captain John Carter (e.g. in John Carter of Mars (2012)).

J. Michael Straczynski dedicated episode #1.7, “The Rules of the Game, airdate 7/21/1999, “In Memory of Mister Kitty, 198? to May 17, 1999, Now Chasing Star Mice”.

This was actually meant to be the pilot episode, according to executive producer and writer J. Michael Straczynski.



Battlestar Galactica Trivia
Battlestar Galactica Trivia
The Battlestar Galactica and the Viper fighters are similar in design to the old show, but were revamped for the new show. The Cylon Basetar, Cylon Raider, and Cylon Centurion each had a completely new design for the new show. Also, there are only four ships that appear in the remake but not in the original: “Colonial One” (the transport used by Laura Roslin), the Olympic Carrier, Cloud 9, and Zephyr (the ringed passenger liner).
Galacica 1980 Trivia

Lorne Greene (Adama) and Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Boomer) are the only regular cast members from the original Battlestar Galactica (1978) to appear in this sequel series. As a last ditch effort to raise ratings, the producers brought back Dirk Benedict as Starbuck for one episode.

At the end of several episodes a message appeared on the screen that said: “The United States Air Force stopped investigating UFOs in 1969. After 22 years they found no evidence of extra-terrestrially visits and no threat to national security.”

Capt. Troy was the same character as Boxey (Apollo’s adopted son) from the original Battlestar Galactica (1978), twenty years later.

Humanoid Cylons were first seen on Galactica 1980 not the (2003) reimaging of the Battlestar Galactica series produced Ronald D. Moore and David Eick.

Galacticans have no fingerprints – as revealed by the arrest of Troy and Dillon.

Before her job at United Broadcasting – Jamie Hamilton worked in Reno.

Commander Xavier time travelled back to 1944 Nazi Germany’s town of Peenemunde to assist in the V2 development. He arrived there shortly before D-day, possibly in late-May 1944.

The Nazi General Jodl was portrayed examining the V2 test in 1944. The ‘real’ General Jodl later signed the Nazi surrender to the Allies, thus ending the European part of WWII.

Troy, Dillon and Jamie Hamilton rescued a group of Jews in Germany – en-route to concentration camps – during the initial hours of the D-Day landings.

During the attack on the Gemeni freighter (aka the schooling ship) one of the Cylon attack craft is actually the newer-advanced ship design used in the later episode, “Night the Cylons Landed”. The scene featuring the attack sequence is used twice from one angle and then reversed in another angle. It last about 4 seconds each time.

According to the doctor treating the sick Galactica scouts, the kids had different blood cells to Earth humans.

At the end of several episodes a message appeared on the screen that said: “The United States Air Force stopped investigating UFOs in 1969. After 22 years they found no evidence of extra-terrestrially visits and no threat to national security.”

Before flying to the Galactica – Jamie Hamilton thought Troy and Dillon were terrorists, drug runners, and while in space – she thought they were super-NASA or super-CIA people.



Battlestar Galactica 1978 trivia

Did the Battlestar Galactica crew ever find Earth? Yes they did! You can find out more about it by checking out our Galactica 1980 TV show page!

Props from Battlestar Galactica were also used to film the series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.

Originally, Baltar was only going to be in the pilot episodes. In fact, a movie version was released in Canada & Europe before the pilot premiered on ABC and in that movie, Baltar was beheaded! Then Glen Larson decided to keep Baltar for the television series so he redirected the final scene himself. This time the sword was stopped at the last second when Baltar agreed to help the Cylons destroy the rest of the human race!

One interesting fact about Battlestar was the invention of a whole new system of time. In the closest approximation of our time as possible: A “micron” was a second; “centon” = minute; “centar” = hour; “secton” = week; “sectar” = month; “yahren” = year.

Battlestar won an emmy in 1979 for Outstanding Costume Design.

Lorne Greene (Adama) had a #1 hit in the U.S. with his 1960’s recording “Ringo”. He was also the star of the series, “Bonanza”, that ran from 1959 to 1973 with 430 episodes!

There were five other Battlestars that did not survive to flee the Cylons. the were the Battlestar Atlantia, Acropolis, Columbia, Pacifica, and the Triton.

Battlestar Galactica returned to television in 2005 as a miniseries and then a TV series! Check out our Battlestar Galactica (2005) page!

The character ‘Starbuck’ was ranked #21 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends” (1 August 2004 issue).

Dirk Benedict modeled the character of Starbuck on James Garner as “Maverick” (1957).

Throughout the course of the series, Sheba never fires her laser gun.

Much of Glen A. Larson’s Mormon faith is very evident in the series. Things such as the “Council of the Twelve” (The Mormon ruling body under the leadership of their Prophet), “Bonding” used for marriage (a Mormon Temple wedding is called a “Sealing”), and other aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) faith is very apparent in each and every episode. The moral lessons of each episode is very Mormon in design.

The insignia worn on the uniform jackets is actually the officer Branch of Service insignia for the US Army Military Intelligence.

The Cylons had to be over six feet in height, so Glen A. Larson hired a bunch of out-of-work basketball players.

Boxey’s real name is not mentioned in the series. In the sequel series “Galactica 1980”, he is referred to by his real name Troy.

Boxey’s robot dagget (dog) Muffy was realized by having a trained chimp inside the dagget costume. Three chimps were used during the series.

George Lucas and/or 20th Century Fox brought a lawsuit against the producers over alleged similarities with Star Wars (1977) saga. Although Galactica was indeed created to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars and used the same special effects team and the same concept designer, the lawsuit was eventually dismissed in 1980.

The exact size of Colonial battlestars such as the Galactica and of Cylon base stars was never properly explained in the show, leading to some disagreement over the years. A scale measurement comparison of the Galactica to one of her Vipers provided the final answer – the Galactica and identical battlestars were each 4,150 feet in length, with each of two flight bays measuring 1,977 feet in length and some 215 feet in width; each flight bay was thus nearly twice the length and almost the width of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, and a battlestar could easily carry far more fighters than the listed 150 with 24 shuttles – a more accurate measurement would be 300 fighters (with perhaps a third in ready reserve; Saga Of A Star World listed the Galactica’s pilot contingent at over 200 while in Lost Planet Of The Gods injured warriors hastily return to duty and fly what are presumably backup fighters stored in ready reserve) and 40 to 50 shuttles. A Cylon base star, based on scale measurement comparison, is 5,800 feet wide and can carry far more than its listed contingent of 300 fighters.

Much of the controls used on the bridge of the Galactica were standard electronic laboratory equipment manufactured at the time by Tektronix, Inc (TEK). This equipment was of a mainframe design where 19 inch wide racks contained test equipment components such as multi-meters, power supplies, or signal generators that slid into these racks like books on a shelf. One can notice tier after tier of these racks used all over the bridge as control panels. Tektronix is even mentioned in the closing credits.

When ABC canceled the series, both NBC and CBS expressed interest in buying the show. CBS considered adding it as a mid-season replacement, but neither network ultimately acquired the show.

John Colicos became so well known for his Baltar role that reportedly it was what won him the role of Mikkos Cassadine for the ABC daytime drama “General Hospital” for its Ice Princess story arc in the summer of 1981, and in 1991 he was appearing in theater in his native Toronto, and after performances audience members would applaud him and supportively chant “Baltar Lives!”



Caprica Trivia

Esai Morales plays the father of Edward James Olmos’s character from Battlestar Galactica. They had worked together on My Family and The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (1998).

The role of “Cyrus”, Daniel Greystone’s right hand man, was originally written for a ‘hot twenty something’, but Eric Stoltz saw Hiro Kanagawa’s audition tape (for another role) and asked that he be cast instead.

A key plot component of this series is Daniel Graystone’s search for the soul of his murdered daughter Zoe. Graystone is portrayed by Eric Stoltz, who also appeared in Killing Zoe.

The paper computers used regularly in the series are created by using a version of the same motion-capture technology used to base CGI characters on the movements of real actors. In this case, a sheet of paper covered with a grid of dots is used by the actors. CGI is then able the superimpose the “computer” image onto the paper, even allowing the image to bend and move like real paper when touched, because a real piece of paper was the basis for the model. This is particularly effective in the pilot, when agent Durham gives a *folded* paper screen to Amanda.

Projection of computerized data onto real objects, and having the data interact with (e.g. “stay glued on”) physical objects, is under development in real life. For example, Pranav Mistry demonstrated this type of technology in TED in 2009, under the name “The Sixth Sense”.

The Tauronese language is actually ancient Greek.

A practical animatronic Cylon U-87 robot prop was built for this series, at a cost of over $100,000. This was used in many of the scenes where the actors physically interact the robot while it is standing still or relatively motionless.

CAMEO(Ronald D. Moore): The series co-creator, writer, producer has a cameo as the “pavaratti”-esque man singing the Caprican National Anthem before the fateful game.

The super thick trifocal glasses Minister Chamber wears are identical to those worn by Dr. Tyrell in Blade Runner. The Galactica franchise which led to Caprica has often paid homage to this film.

The V-club was set in the same Vancouver theater that served as the hallucinated opera house in Battlestar Galactica.

The University of British Columbia served as the exterior of the Athenian Academy.

Defense Minister Chambers’ office was in the law school of Simon Fraser University.

The paper computer was something Naren Shankar, who’d been Ronald D. Moore’s college roommate and coworker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, had posited in college.

SPOILER: Near the end of the episode, Joseph “Adams” speaks to his son, William, about their Tauron heritage, and their real surname, Adama. As the two hug, the incidental music plays “Wander My Friends”, which was introduced in “Battlestar Galactica” (2004) {The Hand of God (#1.10)}, and became a recurring leitmotif used to highlight pivotal moments for Lee “Apollo” Adama (William’s future son) in Battlestar Galactica.

The only Colonies that are mentioned are Caprica (where action takes place), Tauron and Gemenon. Sagittaron is mentioned by Sister Clarice Willows in a deleted scene, where she also states there are Twelve Colonies (as we know from Battlestar Galactica).

Hecate, the goddess of Underworld, is mentioned by Lacy. Unlike other Greek gods, Hecate has never been mentioned before in Battlestar Galactica.

When Daniel and Joseph are sitting in the diner, across the street there is an establishment called Yagger’s. Yagger’s is an actually restaurant and sports bar located in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia; where Caprica and Battlestar Galactica are filmed. The original logo and style of the letters on the awning are kept.

Human beings have apparently received a major upgrade between the original DVD release of the pilot episode and it’s subsequent broadcast on SyFy. Originally, the contents of the human mind were stated to be only approximately 300 megabytes of data. In the newer version, this has been changed to 100 terabytes via the magic of a cutaway to cover footage in which Zoe is seen from behind.

When Daniel Graystone is working in his home lab, a computer screen to his left has a touch-screen keyboard showing the letters “ETAOIN SHRDLU” in upper case, then again in lower case underneath. These twelve letters are, in order, the most commonly used letters in the English language.

Although the original DVD release is an extended version of the film, containing several scenes edited from the SyFy broadcast version, the broadcast version is different in its own way: between the DVD release and the TV broadcast, some scenes were enhanced or replaced digitally. The broadcast version contains several “cut” scenes (footage to make a transition or “cut” between scenes) showing an aerial view of Caprica City. Most significantly, the broadcast version shows the exterior of Atlas stadium to have an open roof; the scene where Graystone and the Adamas are viewing the game was re-edited and digitally altered to incorporate this.

In an interview on SiFi Talk, Alessandra Torresani stated that Paula Malcomson was so reluctant to do the angry scene that required her to slap Alessandra, that both she and the director had to talk her into it. When the scene was filmed, Paula was so angry, she accidentally tore out a chunk of Alessandra’s hair extensions and slapped her so hard she had a hand print on her face for the rest of the day.

The black police van is a Mitsubishi L300 Delica. These are grey-market vehicles in Canada.

According to the official Caprica podcast, the bedroom scene between Daniel and Amanda Graystone is actually a composite of two separate scenes. If you look closely, Amanda’s wardrobe changes between some shots.

As of this episode, Ronald D. Moore and Remi Aubuchon are no longer listed as “developers” but as “creators”.

On the dashboard of Sam’s car is a toy bull. Sam is from Tauron, which is based on the zodiac sign of taurus — the bull.

When Philomon is choosing music (just before he dances with the Zoe cylon), a brief moment of the “Colonial Anthem” (the theme from Battlestar Galactica (1978)) is heard.

SPOILER: At the beginning of act 2, Heracles and Tamara are back in the hotel. They watch her v-wound heal, and he demonstrates how he can use Big Kid’s stolen avatar. The identity switch was done using an old-fashioned technique: the camera simply looks away for a moment, and the actors swap places (a sound effect helps fill in the gaps). The healing wound, however, was very high-tech: Genevieve Buechner had a grid of dots placed on her chest, to allow the computer to perform proper motion tracking. During post-production, not only was the wound added, but all of the dots had to be digitally “erased”. This was made even more complicated by the fact that the scene was filmed as a single uncut tracking shot, meaning that the erasure had to be done for roughly 3000 more frames after the wound effect was complete.

The opening teaser for this episode shows a scene on Tauron — the first time that colony has been seen in the Galactica universe, and only the third colony actually visited (along with Caprica, Picon was seen in The Plan (2009/I) (V)).

The design of the fighter planes that Zoe and Philomon fly in the simulator is a modified version of the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica. Inside the cockpit, the flight control stick is exactly the same.



V (2009) Trivia

V (2009) Trivia

Famke Janssen turned down the role of Anna.

An important address in the show is 4400 Pier Ave. Joel Gretsch, who plays Father Jack Landry on the show, starred in the TV series “The 4400” (2004).

As with the original series, the Visitor’s alien text is just a substitution cipher for the alphabet, but written top to bottom then left to right, often breaking words into multiple columns. Many letters have a counterpart rotated 180 degrees, while the glyph for the letter H is already 180-degree symmetric.

Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, is only five years older than Laura Vandervoort, who plays Anna’s daughter Lisa.

Lucy Lawless was considered to play Erica Evans, the lead character. However, she had already signed on to appear in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” (2010), which premiered little after V.

Comparisons have been drawn between this series (a reimagining of V (1983) (TV)) and “Battlestar Galactica” (2004), another gritty reimagining of a “classic” sci-fi TV series. In the US, the original Galactica aired on ABC, but the new version aired on Sci-Fi (an NBC-owned channel); the original V aired on NBC, but the new version is on ABC. Parallels between the new series even extends to the cast: Rekha Sharma and Michael Trucco are Galactica stars who have appeared in minor roles in “V”.

At the end of episode “It’s Only the Beginning” when we see the armada of Visitor ships, the ships are all in groups of five, shaped like the letter “V”.

When Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) enters the red, V’s surveillance room, there are quickly changing red glyphs in the center part. Those were taken from a Techland’s video game called Chrome (2003) (VG).

During the scene where Anna is questioning the medical staff, the staff are standing in the shape of a “V”.


True Blood Trivia

What do the “drainers” use to restrain Bill? silver chain

What is the vampire bar called? Fangtasia



True Blood Trivia Season 1


  • Episode 1×01: Strange Love

    • Vampire Bill Compton is 173 years old.
    • The frat boy and sorority girl, Kelly, pull over at the “GrabbitKwik” convenience store. Maudette Pickens, the murdered woman, is mentioned to be an employee at “GrabbitKwik”.
    • Nan Flanagan of the American Vampire League is shown on television doing an interview with Bill Maher. Bill Maher is host of the talk show Real Time with Bill Maher which also airs on HBO.
    • The camo-clad hunter/vampire purchases the synthetic drink “Tru Blood” in the form of a 4-pack of bottles. Typically wine coolers are sold in 4-packs, beer is generally sold in 6-packs. The tag line for “Tru Blood” is “Real Blood is for suckers!”
    • When Sookie comes home from work the first night, her grandmother is reading Last Scene Alive, written by Charlaine Harris who also wrote the Sookie Stackhouse books “True Blood” is based on.
  • Episode 1×02: The First Taste

    • The license plate on the vampires vehicle is “Fangs 1”.
    • Sookie’s parents died in a flash flood just before her 8th birthday.
    • The fictional television station the debate between the Reverand Theodore Newlin of “The Fellowship of the Sun” and Nan Flanagan of the “American Vampire League” airs on is called TBBN.
    • Vampire Mythology revealed in this episode:

      – Vampires require an invitation to enter a human’s home. That invitation can be revoked.
      – Some vampires can turn into animals, Bill cannot.
      – Vampires can put glamors on humans to feed on them and they will not remember after wards.
      – Their blood can cure/heal humans.
  • Episode 1×03: Mine

    • Vampire mythology:
      – Hepatitis D is a Hepatitis mutation relatively harmless to humans, and is the only blood-born pathogen vampires are susceptible to. It makes vampires weak for around a month. The real danger is being captured and staked during this time.
      – Vampires’ bodies have no electrical impulses. No brain waves, no heart beat, no need to breathe. They are dead.
      – When vampires live in nests, the vampires become more cruel and more vicious.
  • Episode 1×04: Escape From Dragon House

    • It’s revealed that Sookie is 25 years old.
    • The young Jason has blue eyes, while the adult Jason has brown eyes.
    • A sign on the wall in Fangtasia reads: “No Biting on Premises”.
    • When Eric summons Bill and Sookie in Fangtasia, he speaks in Swedish to Pam. What he says is “Vår lilla djurpark börjar växa till sig.” which means “Our little zoo is starting to grow.” Pam replies “Jag vet.” which means “I know.”
  • Episode 1×05: Sparks Fly Out

    • Bill was First Lieutenant William Thomas Compton of the 28th Louisiana infantry formed in Monroe in 1862 under Colonel Henry Gray.
    • Vampire Mythology

      In this episode we learn that, contrary to some vampire lore, vampires will indeed appear in a photograph taken of them.
  • Episode 1×06: Cold Ground

    • It’s revealed that Tara’s middle name is Mae, just like her mother’s.
    • Sookie stumbles upon Bill’s grave while at the funeral of her Grandmother. It reads “William Thomas Compton – Beloved Husband – Brave Soldier”
    • This is the first time we see or hear mention of Sookie’s Uncle Bartlet.
    • Sookie’s cat appears to purr during two odd moments: once when Sookie is masturbating and again when the cat is licking up Adele’s blood.
  • Episode 1×07: Burning House of Love

    • We learn that contrary to popular legends vampires are indeed reflected into mirrors, and that crucifixes, holy water and garlic don’t harm them. Bill tells Sookie that vampires themselves invented these myths so they could “prove” they were human if they needed to.
  • Episode 1×08: The Fourth Man in the Fire

    • Eric is vampire sheriff of Area 5.
  • Episode 1×09: Plaisir D’Amour

    • Vampire Mythology:
      In this episode it is revealed that when killed, vampires do not turn to dust but rather they sort of explode into a gory mess.
    • Time Index 48:13 and several second after. During the scene you can see a piece of equipment, presumably a camera stand, moving around and out of the shot in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Episode 1×10: I Don’t Wanna Know

    • In the beginning of this episode Sookie is shocked to learn that werewolves exist. This is ironic, as actress Anna Paquin (Sookie) played a werewolf in the recent horror film Trick ‘r Treat (2009).
    • We learn that Sam’s shape shifting ability is hereditary and that many thousands of shape shifters exist.
  • Episode 1×11: To Love is to Bury

    • The painting behind the bed Tara slept in is by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and is called The Grand Odalisque.
  • Episode 1×12: You’ll Be the Death of Me

    • What Alexander Skarsgård says in the end of the epidode is “O du ljuva frihet”, which is Swedish and means “O sweet freedom” in English.




True Blood Trivia Season 2


  • Episode 2×01: Nothing But the Blood

    • The first scene takes place right after the previous episode. However, Sookie’s hair is a lot more curly.
    • The second season is based on Charlaine Harris’ second Sookie Stackhouse novel Living Dead in Dallas. However, in the book Lafayette was found dead in Andy’s car while in the series it was Miss Jeanette.
  • Episode 2×02: Keep This Party Going

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 2×03: Scratches

    • According to the t-shirt that Sookie is given to wear, the address of Fangtasia is 44 Industrial Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana.
    • In the scene where Eric asks Pam and Chow to go search the woods, Eric says “Du hörde vad jag sa” which is Swedish and means “You heard what I said”.
    • Dr. Ludwig says that Komodo dragons will bite and poison it’s prey then track it for days waiting for it to die. This is not true. Although they do have saliva rich with bacteria, and that a bite from one could cause infections, Komodo dragons mostly eat carrion, or animals that are already dead. When a Komodo does attack live prey, it ambushes it, attacking the legs of larger prey or the throats of smaller prey, and bites until its prey is dead. Then depending on the size of the prey, the Komodo will either tear pieces, or swallow it whole.

      *** Actually her comment can be true. On the BBC documentary Life, we see a pack of Komodos stalk a water buffalo. One of the Komodos bites it in the leg and they subsequently wait a week for the bite to kill it before they attack it while weakened and eat it. Exactly how the doctor describes it.
  • Episode 2×04: Shake and Fingerpop

    • Jessica learns how to glamour in this episode.
    • Music

      Louisiana Hot Sauce- Sammy Kershaw
  • Episode 2×05: Never Let Me Go

    • In this episode we find out that Godric is Eric’s maker.
  • Episode 2×06: Hard-Hearted Hannah

    • Tidbit: The song that Bill plays on the piano in 1926 is the same one that he was practicing in last season’s finale before Jessica was returned to him.
  • Episode 2×07: Release Me

    • The black-and-white movie that Tara and Eggs watch at Sookie’s house is the 1958 film The Screaming Skull. The b-movie is best known for having appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
    • In this episode, it is revealed that Maryann is a Maenad. As correctly stated in the episode, a Maenad is a female follower of Dionysus, the god of wine and the inspirer of ecstasy.
  • Episode 2×08: Timebomb

    • While Lorena cries blood in this episode, both Jessica and Isobel also cry during this hour (Isobel even sniffles) but we do not see any blood stream down their cheeks.
    • Based on what happened to Jessica, we can surmise that whatever state a person’s body is in when they are turned is the state that their body will return to whenever they are injured.
    • Vampire Mythology

      In this episode, we find out that older vampires may require very little blood to survive.
  • Episode 2×09: I Will Rise Up

    • It’s revealed that the older a vampire is, the quicker he or she will be destroyed by the rays of the sun.
    • When Godric says goodbye to Eric he calls him “Father, brother, son”. This refers to when Godric turned Eric into a vampire and told him “I’ll be your father, your brother, your son”.
  • Episode 2×10: New World In My View

    • Goof: Tara was tied up at Lafayette’s, but after she recovers she goes to hug her mother without having ever been untied.
    • It seems odd that Jason could hear Andy whispering, but could not hear Sam talking in a normal to shouting voice.
  • Episode 2×11: Frenzy

    • Eric can fly, unlike the rest of the vampires.
  • Episode 2×12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

    • Terry’s shirt says the following: WARNING

      OUT OF MY FACE. Thank You




True Blood Trivia Season 3


  • Episode 3×01: Bad Blood

    • First appearance by Zeljko Ivanek (“The Magister”) since the season 1 episode “I Don’t Wanna Know”.
    • It was revealed that Lorena’s last name is Krasiki.
    • Jessica calls Hoyt from a cellphone, but when she hangs up on him there is a click sound. Unless she slammed the cell phone, they do not make click sounds when hung up, they make tone sounds.
  • Episode 3×02: Beautifully Broken

    • When Sam and his newly found brother Tommy Mickens are first seen outside with the ’58 Plymouth Fury, we see Tommy’s red and white tool box is fully open. The box is seen to be of the type that has two flip lid internal covers, then two fold and push close cascading sides, with two final flip close outer side covers. When Tommy throws his tools into the toolbox, he is then seen flipping his left inner side lid closed, and heard flipping the right inner side lid closed. He is then immediately seen flipping the right outside case lid closed, which would be impossible without first having cascaded the two outer side extensions back into the middle of the toolbox.
    • It’s revealed that vampires can eat regular food, so long as it is made with blood. For example: blood soup, blood ice cream and blood wine.
  • Episode 3×03: It Hurts Me Too

    • In the scene where Jason sees Tara at the bar, she’s pouring him a beer from a tap labeled as Abita Turbodog. The problem is that the beer that comes out is a light-colored beer, like a Coors or something. Abita Turbodog is a dark ale, the beer should be almost black in color.

      Also, between shots, the mug goes from half to full several times.
  • Episode 3×04: 9 Crimes

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×05: Trouble

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×06: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×07: Hitting the Ground

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×08: Night on the Sun

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×09: Everything Is Broken

    +Add Trivia See All
    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×10: I Smell A Rat

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×11: Fresh Blood

    • Eric’s ringtone is “Ain’t We Got Fun?”, a popular foxtrot published in 1921. Richard A. Whiting wrote the music with Raymond B. Egan and Gus Kahn providing the lyrics. The song reflected the mood that dominated much of the decade called the Roaring Twenties.
  • Episode 3×12: Evil is Going On

    • No Trivia for this episode.



Legend of the Seeker trivia
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Legend if the Seeker Trivia

  • Based on the “Sword of Truth” book series by Terry Goodkind.
  • Before their initial audition, Craig Horner (Richard) and Bridget Regan (Kahlan) had never read the “The Sword of Truth” series.
  • Craig Horner and Bridget Regan underwent six weeks of horse riding and stunt training before shooting began.
  • Each of the costumes was custom-made for the show from scratch.
  • Bridget Regan had to have her hair chemically straightened and dyed brown for the role of Kahlan. She was originally a redhead.
  • Some of the reoccurring characters and guest stars in the show had also appeared in all the Power Rangers seasons shot in New Zealand. Some actors even shot their scenes concurrently for both shows such as Damien Avery, James Gaylyn and Rose McIver.
  • Jason Smith (XII) and Anna Hutchison both starred as the Red and Yellow Ranger in “Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008). Both also happen to be dating in real life.
  • Zed recites the words “koonut kaliffee” as part of the ritual to try to break the enchantment binding Kara to Darken Rahl. In the “Star Trek” episode “Amok Time”, “koonut kaliffee” is the name of the ritual T’Pring invokes to try to break the betrothal binding her to Spock.



Smallville trivia

Smallville Trivia

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Smallville Trivia

Smallville Tagline:
      Every superhero has a beginning…
      Before he was Superman, he was just a young man with extraordinary abilities.
      Before he was Superman, he was just a boy with extraordinary abilities.
      The Superman you couldn’t know–until now.


After the 15th episode of Season 10 airs, Smallville will take the crown (and the Guinness World Record) for being the longest consecutively running Sci-Fi television serial of all time (10 years without a break). “Stargate SG-1” (1997) holds that title with 213 episodes, which Smallville will supersede by 5 episodes by the end of Season 10 (it’s final season). Doctor Who however holds the record for the longest running Sci-Fi show in the world, running from 1963 to 2010, with another series starting in 2011, totalling over 700 episodes.

Jensen Ackles (played Alec on Dark Angel) was second choice to play Clark Kent. If Tom Welling had not accepted the part, the role would have gone to him.  

Note: In season four, Ackles joined the cast of “Smallville” to play ‘Jason Teague’ (Lana’s love interest)                      

Milo Ventimiglia, before scoring his role on Gilmore Girls, auditioned for Smallville. Although the role went to Tom Welling, the producers liked him so much they gave him the role of Jess [Gilmore Girls]. 

In the comic books, Lana Lang is the one with the secret crush on Clark Kent.     

Chloe and Whitney were created specifically for the show (they were never mentioned in the Superman comics).     

Cynthia Ettinger was originally cast as Martha Kent in the pilot episode. Before the pilot was broadcast, the role was re-cast with Annette O’Toole and her scenes were edited into the existing footage.     

Annette O’Toole, who plays Mrs. Kent, also appeared in Superman III (1983) as Lana Lang.     

Clark consistently wears red and/or blue clothing, the same livery he will eventually wear as Superman.     

Lex Luther’s mansion is the same mansion used in X-2 (X-Men 2).     

Errors in geography: Although set in the state of Kansas, we often see the mountains of Vancouver (its actual filming location) appearing in the background of exterior shots.     

A sequence in Hourglass showing Lex Luthor as President of the United States was filmed on the set of “The West Wing”.     

The pilot episode shows Chloe handing Pete Ross a wad of cash. Most likely an in-joke from the Canadian production crew, if you look carefully, you can see a Canadian $5 bill sticking out of it.     

The number on Clark’s Jersey in episode 3 (Hothead) is 89. This is also the year, according to the pilot, that he crashed to Earth from Krypton.     

The spaceship reappers differntly in season two than what was show from the pilot episode. The spaceship (season two) has the hole for the octogonal piece and an small golden cupule, but in the first spaceship it had no cupule.    

In the pilot episode the Kent’s mail box is different from the one that appears the rest of the seasons.     

At the beginning of the episode “Nicodemus”, Jonathan Kent is listening to the theme song from “The Dukes of Hazzard” (1979). John Schneider, who plays Mr. Kent, also played Bo Duke.     

Kristin Kreuk had a stunt double in Nicodemus. Yes it is true, it was not Kristin in the Pool doing those wonderful stunts. The Stunt work was done by Marny Eng a Vancouver-based stunt performer and stunt co-ordinator.     

Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) is no stranger to the world of superheroes. He has repeatedly lent his voice talents to the animated series “Batman Beyond” (1999) and is also the voice of the Flash in the animated series “Justice League.” (2001).     

The climax of first season episode “Stray” (episode #16) was shot on location in a bowling alley in Richmond, BC, Canada. Coincidentally, the bowling alley in question is named “Lois Lanes”, also the name of Clark Kent’s future love interest.     

At the charity party the end of “Fever” Pete hands Clark a CD and tells him it’s the Talon mix. If you look closely you’ll see that it is actually the soundtrack to the series.     

We find out in season three on “Delete” (3:11), that in fact Lois Lane is Chloe’s cousin.     

According to Martha, Clark’s first word was “Lara”, the name of his Kryptonian Biological mother as revealed in “Memoria”.  

The Smallville High Student Newspaper that Clark and Chloe write for is named for Glenville High School’s Student Newspaper “The Torch” which Superman creator Jerry Siegel wrote for when he was a student there.

The sound effect used for the sound of Kryptonite radiating is the same as the one used in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” (1993).

The name of one of the Kryptonian baddies from season 5 is named Nam-Ek, the same name of the race of aliens come to earth (the race of aliens that Piccolo hails from) in the anime Dragonball Z. Nam-Ek is also the name of one of the Phantom Zone criminals in the DC Comics Superman titles, first appearing in Superman #282 (December 1974).

Kristen Bell auditioned for the role of Chloe Sullivan.

Although he plays the lead character, Tom Welling has admitted in interviews that he is not a fan of the Superman comic books.

‘Michael Rosenbaum’ starred in Clint Eastwood’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997). In the film, Rosenbaum’s character was a witness in the prosecution of Kevin Spacey’s character. Both Spacey and Rosenbaum have portrayed legendary comic book super villain, Lex Luthor.

Tom Welling is two years older than Brandon Routh who played the adult version of Superman in Superman Returns (2006).

In almost all the episodes the title of the episode is said somewhere in the show.