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Crusade Character Guide

Captain Matthew Gideon, played by Gary Cole

Captain GideonMatthew Gideon is the Captain of the Excalibur and a Earthforce officer. Gideon is a man with a chequered past, known for his unorthodox and often risky approaches. Though he takes personal responsibility for the safety of all under his command, Matthew has demonstrated a willingness to take risks, not allowing diplomacy or politics to obstruct or deter him from completing the mission. A trait that leads ISA President John Sheridan to hand pick Gideon as the leader of the Excalibur’s mission.


Lieutenant John Matheson, played by Daniel Dae Kim

Lt John MathesonLieutenant John Matheson is second in command (Ex O) of the Excalibur and a P6 telepath. He is considered to be a role model among human telepaths since no other has advanced so far in the EarthForce military. He served as Captain Gideon’s first officer on his previous assignment as well. He was assigned to the Excalibur at the insistence of Gideon.


Galen, played by Peter Woodward

GalenGalen a technomage joins the crew of the Excalibur at Gideon’s request, but with the understanding that he can go and come as he pleases. Galen was exiled from the technomage’s order after he helped Earth and the Intersteller Alliance fight the Drakh in the battle that resulted in Earth becoming infected with the plague. Galen had saved Gideon’s life 10 years prior during the Shadow War.


Dureena Nafeel, played by Carrie Dobro

DureenaDureena a thief and last known survivor of her race (a race destroyed by the Drakh during the Shadow War). Along with Galen, she assisted the crew during the Drakh attack on Earth. After the attack she was held on Mars by EarthForce for further questioning, but was released when Gideon made her part of the Excalibur crew.


Max Eilerson, played by David Allen Brooks

Max EilersonMax Eilerson a successful archaeologist from Interplanetary Expeditions. He was a child prodigy and has a gift for understanding alien languages. He was not originally assigned to the Excalibur but was recruited by Gideon during their encounter in “War Zone”.


Doctor Sarah Chambers, played by Marjean Holden

Sarah ChambersSarah Chambers is a medical doctor and the leading virologist with the Earth Alliance Health Organization (EAHO), and is assigned as the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Excalibur.

Sarah spent much of her early career working on cures for viruses, making several medical breakthroughs and saving many lives. She developed a reputation of not only a reliable and incredibly gifted doctor, but also as a compassionate human being, dedicated to the well being of her patients souls as much as to the their bodies


Captain Elizabeth Lochley, played by Tracy Scoggins

Captain LochleyElizabeth Lochley became the commanding officer of Babylon 5 replacing her ex-husband John Sheridan as CO of Babylon 5 when he assumed the Presidency of the Interstellar Alliance. Sheridan personally chose Lochley as his replacement as the two knew each other from his days at the EarthForce Academy and he felt she was the right person for the job.

Lochley first encountered Captain Matthew Gideon on Mars during an interstellar conference on the plague where she was heading security. She and Gideon originally clashed due to similarities in personalities, but soon developed mutial respect for one another and eventaly a relationship as casual lovers.



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