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Crusade Episode Guide Season 1 (1999)

1×01 War Zone         First Aired: Jun. 09, 1999
Crusade War ZoneIn this “Babylon 5” spin-off, the Earth Alliance launches a mission to locate a cure for an alien plague threatening the world. Capt. Matthew Gideon takes command of the starship Excalibur and begins the “crusade.”
1×02 The Long Road         First Aired: Jun. 16, 1999
Crusade The Long RoadThe team discover a planet rich in a virus-fighting mineral – but have to confront terrifying “holo-demons” and dragons and before they can claim their booty, Gideon is forced to mediate between the hostile natives and Earth miners.
1×03 The Well of Forever         First Aired: Jun. 23, 1999
Crusade The Well of ForeverGalen persuades the team to take a trip into hyperspace to look for the legenday Well of Forever, which he knows will help them find answers to all their questions. Meanwhile, a representative for the Seanate Committee on Metasensory Abilities checks Matheson’s progress, to learn whether he has breached the rules for telepaths.
1×04 The Path of Sorrows         First Aired: Jun. 30, 1999
Crusade The Path of SorrowsThe discovery of a mysterious alien who seeks to heal emotional wounds causes the crew to reflect on significant events throughout their lives.
1×05 Patterns of the Soul         First Aired: Jul. 07, 1999
Crusade Patterns of the SoulA group of refugees who escaped from Earth during the battle with the Drakh and may be spreading the Drakh plague off-world so the crew must evacuate the refugee colony and return them to Earth.
1×06 Ruling From the Tomb         First Aired: Jul. 14, 1999
Crusade Ruling From the TombThe Excalibur clashes with Lochley as they head to Mars when a group of doomsday religious zealots threaten a plague-related conference there.
1×07 The Rules of the Game         First Aired: Jul. 21, 1999
Crusade The Rules of the GameGideon negotiates with arrogant aliens to bring his team to their “sacred” planet, forcing himself and Lochley to avoid an assassination attempt.
1×08 Appearances and Other Deceits         First Aired: Jul. 28, 1999
Crusade Appearances and Other DeceitsTo improve the image of the Excalibur, a group of propaganda specialists come on board. Meanwhile, the crew comes across a derelict alien ship and rescue the sole survivor who endangers the Excalibur crew.
1×09 Racing the Night         First Aired: Aug. 04, 1999
Crusade Racing the NightA planet that was devastated by a plague similar to the one threatening Earth is discovered by the Excalibur and the deserted planet is a trap for the crew.
1×10 The Memory of War         First Aired: Aug. 11, 1999
Crusade The Memory of WarThe crew explores the ruins of a planet that’s been long dead and discover the remains of a terrible weapon that unleashes terror and death.
1×11 The Needs of Earth         First Aired: Aug. 18, 1999
Crusade The Needs of EarthDureena and Gideon set out to free a alien refugee who might have useful secrets about the Drakh plague, but isn’t willing to hand over the information easily.
1×12 Visitors from Down the Street         First Aired: Aug. 25, 1999
Crusade Visitors from Down the StreetA pair of aliens are encountered by the Excalibur who claim their world has been visited by humans and their government is conspiring to covering up the contact.
1×13 Each Night I Dream of Home         First Aired: Sep. 01, 1999
Crusade Each Night I Dream of HomeThe Excalibur is sent on a top-secret mission to Earth and faces an attack by the Drakh.




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  1. I really liked this show. had a mixture of SciFi and Fantasy.

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