Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier – Book Review

daughter of the forestThey make a task for her; she must spend her time weaving shirts of thorny starwort for the swans, blistering her hands into uselessness, and maintaining a stony silence through the years until the job is done. Only then will they be freed of the curse put upon them all, if Sorcha is strong enough to complete her miserable job.

Even though it’s based on Irish fairy tale, this entire trilogy carries one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read. There is mystery, magic, love, hate, birth, death, and anything else you could imagine – along with some things you never could, and frankly I don’t know where Ms. Marillier manages to find such brilliant inspiration. The setting is lush and rich; the characters are fleshed out completely, and you’ll find yourself fervently lending your will to keep poor Sorcha on task throughout the numerous trials she is forced to face. Do yourself a favor and pick up Daughter of the Forest for your own bookshelf – something tells me you’ll be back for the sequels the moment you finish up this first one.

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