Dead Beat Husband Loses $150,000 Star Trek Apt

I have to give it to the guy for the awesome handy work that he did on the apartment which features include hand-crafted furnishings, a high-tech bathroom, voice-activated blue lighting, air conditioning, a command console and his own transporter room. But my admiration for Tony ends there as the fact is he hasn’t paid anything on the mortgage since his wife left him 18 years ago and left her to pick up the bill.

Back drop to this story is Tony Alleyne and his wife seperated in 1994 but she didn’t seek a divorce until recently, Tony didn’t start transforming the apartment into his own personel starship till around 2004 but from 1994 till now Tony hasn’t spent one dime on mortgage payments (talk about living in your parents basement). Now that they are getting divorced, the wife wants to sell the apartment and wants it back to how it was and Tony has spent all his money on transforming the apartment so he can’t buy it from the ex.

To say I’m gutted is an understatement,” said Alleyne. “It is my life’s work – and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.

Here is some advice Tony, GROW THE HELL UP!

Check out some photos of the apartment below.


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