Dexter Season 1

1 :01×01 – Dexter (Oct/01/2006)

Dexter Morgan, a Miami Metro Police Department blood spatter analyst, is living a double life. After his day job with the police department, Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, hunting and killing criminals who slip through the justice system. Dexter’s sister, Debra, a vice squad officer, pulls Dexter into her world when another serial killer is killing prostitutes and leaving their bloodless bodies dismembered in various locations around Miami. Meanwhile, Dexter hunts a man who made snuff videos and killed a mother of two.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Writer: James Manos, Jr.
2 :01×02 – Crocodile (Oct/08/2006)

As Dexter stalks his next victim, a drunk driver who is about to be acquitted for vehicular homicide that resulted in the death of a teenage boy, the Ice Truck Killer strikes again and later gets in touch with Dexter. Meanwhile, when a cop is found murdered, Dexter helps Doakes and Debra investigate a crime boss who they believe is responsible.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Writer: Clyde Phillips
3 :01×03 – Popping Cherry (Oct/15/2006)

“The Ice Truck Killer” strikes again and new homicide officer Debra is assigned the case, but she gets reprimanded for violating the chain of command; flashbacks offer insight into Dexter’s homicidal tendencies and take him back to his first time “taking out the garbage”; Doakes gets on the bad side of a drug kingpin.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Writer: Daniel Cerone
4 :01×04 – Let’s Give the Boy a Hand (Oct/22/2006)

The Ice Truck Killer leaves severed body parts from his victims at locations that are linked to memories from Dexter’s troubled childhood, which begins to get into Dexter’s head.

Director: Robert Lieberman
Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg
5 :01×05 – Love American Style (Oct/29/2006)

The homicide division is handed an unbelievable lead when the Ice Truck Killer’s latest victim is found alive but mutilated; Dexter is on the trail of a person who traffics in humans.

Director: Robert Lieberman
Writer: Melissa Rosenberg
6 :01×06 – Return to Sender (Nov/05/2006)

The Ice Truck Killer leaves Dexter a clue at the scene where Dexter has dispatched his latest victim and is worried that someone might of witness his killing. Rita is trying to deal with her ex-husband.

Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writer: Tim Schlattmann
7 :01×07 – Circle of Friends (Nov/12/2006)

The squad identifies the Ice Truck Killer; Rita’s ex-husband, an abusive addict, is paroled.

Director: Steve Shill
Writer: Daniel Cerone
8 :01×08 – Shrink Wrap (Nov/19/2006)

Dexter appears to be connected to a psychiatrist suspected of murdering a suicidal patient.

Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writer: Lauren Gussis
9 :01×09 – Father Knows Best (Nov/26/2006)

While on a weekend getaway with Rita, his sister and her new beau, Dexter learns that his biological father, thought to be dead for 30 years, has just passed away, and that he’s willed his son everything he owned.

Director: Adam Davidson
Writer: Melissa Rosenberg
10 :01×10 – Seeing Red (Dec/03/2006)

The Ice Truck Killer prepares a crime scene for Dexter: a hotel room all covered in his previous victim’s blood. But Dexter does not appreciate this gift, because his childhood memories hunt him.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Writer: Kevin Maynard
11 :01×11 – Truth Be Told (Dec/10/2006)

The Ice Truck Killer sets a trap for Dexter by kidnapping someone close to him; Dexter’s increasingly odd behavior piques Doakes’s interest.

Director: Keith Gordon
Writer: Tim Schlattmann, Drew Z. Greenberg
12 :01×12 – Born Free (Dec/17/2006)

Dexter figures out who the Ice Truck Killer is, along with a dark secret from his troubled past. Meanwhile, La Guerta is replaced with a new boss and Angel figures out a way how to track the killer while he’s still in hospital.

Director: Michael Cuesta
Writer: Daniel Cerone, Melissa Rosenberg



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