‘Dune’ Remake Could Be in 3D

We just always assumed that Pierre Morel (Taken) would just pick up where Peter Berg (Hancock) had left off on the Dune remake to make his strange version of the Battleship movie, but apparently Morel has very different ideas on the Dune reboot as he revealed in a recent interview.

Here is what he had to say: “We’re starting from scratch, Peter had an approach which was not mine at all, and we’re starting over again. I don’t think we’re going to keep any elements of the Peter Berg script. It was good, actually. It was interesting. It was just not our vision. I can’t tell you right now [who’s writing it with me], it’s going to be official next week. The deals are not done!

Morel went on to confirm that he and his writer are planning to start writing the screenplay this month with a goal to not only make a great movie, but also make it visually interesting. And what does visually interesting meanyou ask? It means non other than 3D.

I’d love it to be 3D, of course,” he said. “It’s the kind of movie that has the scope to be 3D. Will they do it in 3D? I’d push for that, but I don’t know. As a viewer, I’ve just been watching Avatar with my kids twice in the theater already and had a blast. It’s an amazing experience.



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