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you know you want to!” It’s a seemless melding of science-fiction and fantasy, and the story flows together beautifully. The concept of the book is highly original and well-executed. Each of the main characters is well-developed; complex and three-dimensional, there’s no one word to sum up any of them. The realistic and sometimes twisted interactions between them provide the driving force behind the entire plot. And the storyline – when Drinkard told me he was writing about the meaning of life, I thought it was quite the difficult choice for a first-time novelist. Yet he’s done a spectacular job of it, and the biggest question I was left with after reading this book is, how long do I have to wait for the next one? As for the shocking ending – well, suffice to say you won’t figure it out until you get there. In fact, the only thing about the entire book that’s less than stellar is the dialogue between characters, which can sometimes feel a little artificial. But don’t let that single small flaw turn you away from the truly fantastic story that is Elom. This book easily earns 9.5 out of 10. No matter what you’re into, this little gem really does have something in it for everyone – and I predict a long and successful career for this new author. 

Elom has it all – from love and drama to aliens and light-speed travel – if it’s worth writing about, it’s in there. The story begins with young Geerna, an ice-age girl undergoing the ceremony to enter into womanhood. But her ceremony is cut short when a blinding light descends from the night sky and takes her away. Geerna is whisked off to a distant planet, along with numerous other abductees. And many thousands of years later, their descendants have built a thriving society whose entire culture is based around the hard truth that Geerna’s abduction marked the Judging of Mankind by the goddess Shetow, a judging which we failed dreadfully. But that well-spoken girl pleaded for a second chance for her species, and 15,000 years later, the time of the long-dreaded Second Judging is at hand. As directed in the tenants Geerna laid out for them, the people have been selectively breeding themselves during all that time in an effort to concentrate the most desirable Traits – strength, intelligence, and so on. But is it enough? Or will a failed Second Judging mark the end of humanity entirely?

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