Event Horizon

You know nothing. Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse. (Dr. Weir played by Sam Neill)

2040 The Earth Starship Event Horzion is launched with a new form of propultion called a Gravity Drive onboard. This Gravity Drive creates a black hole to propell the vessel great distances in a very short ammount of time. During it’s maiden flight Event Horizon is presumed lost with all hands perished.

2047 Signals are recieved from Event Horizon and the Earth Rescue ship Lewis and Clack are sent to investigate it near Neptune.

Lewis and Clack commanded by Captain Miller (played by Laurance Fishburn) and accompanied by the creator of Event Horizon Dr Weir (played by Sam Neill) along with the rescue crew from Lewis and Clark reach Event Horzion to find strange life readings aboard. The crew board Event Horizon to find that the ship traveled to Hell and back.

Event Horizon is the first space bound horror movie on the countdown so far and one of the scariest to boot. The remarkable special effects intertwinded with very graphic scenes of torture and pain make it a must own for Scifi/Horror fans. This movie is also the first so far on the countdown to feature a non living thing as the primary villian.

She won’t let you leave…she won’t let anyone leave.(Dr Weir)

Most reviews that I have scene for this movie compares this movie to Star Trek combined with Hellraiser.

Stay tuned to the Halloween Countdown 2007 for more thrills and screams to come.

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