Exclusive Interview with Neil Jackson

Upon completion of his MSc, Neil moved to London in April, 2000, to pursue acting, enrolling in the Armstrong Acting Academy, a part-time two-year course taught by Michael Armstrong. Neil personal trained to finance himself until graduating from the course in June, 2002, and commencing his acting career.
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                 Electricbolt: First, I’d like to thank you for doing this interview. It seems we have a load of BLADE related questions, so I’ll start with those today.
                 Zipper: Did you ever see the BLADE movies and where you a fan of them if you watched them?
                 Neil Jackson: I was a huge fan of the movies. And still think that the blood bath scene in the first one is one of the best, most original openers to an action flick I’ve seen in a long while.
                 Zipper: The main “bad guys” in the BLADE movies had a more physical role to them. Where you surprised that you didn’t have a more physical role in the series? Could you even handle a more physical role within the series?
                 Neil Jackson: I knew when we shot the pilot that Marcus wasn’t a physical character. We wanted to play on the sophistication factor, having Fritz and Chase do his dirty work. At that point the other episodes hadn’t been written. Nevertheless, I trained ever day in the 3 month gap between shooting the series to get my sword fitting and martial arts up to the best I could be in the knowledge that eventually I would have to fight Blade. Then, as each script came out and I saw that I didn’t have to fight I continued training. By the time I did my first fight in ep 10 against Damek I had been training with the stunt choreographer in swords, Kalhi Stick, and kicks for almost 5 months. My back ground is in boxing, so I already had an good base, but loved the training, and was a little disappointed I didn’t get to use more of it on screen.
                 Commodore MAC: Did you like the direction that your character Marcus took on BLADE THE SERIES?
                 Neil Jackson: This season was very much about setting everyone up and reestablishing the Blade world. We all hoped and expected that the show would run for a good few more seasons. I enjoyed the direction we went with Marcus in this season, but would not have wanted to play him the same had we gone back. He felt too restrained, to constricted, he was hungry for power and that would have been the natural extension of the character had we gone to season two. But alas…
                 Trekscaper: What was the funniest moment that happened on set of BLADE?
                 Neil Jackson: For me it was during the first Marcus/Krista sex scene after he’s just killed Damek. Jill had laid me on the bed and was doing her thing. She had to unbutton my shirt and lick the wound. So she unbuttons, the camera solely on her face, her reactions. She pulls loose another button, and another… then pauses. I had stuck a pair of fake breast to my chest. It was one of those “had to be there” moments!
                 Zipper: Do you think if Wesley Snipes played the role of BLADE in the series that it would have been more of a success then with Kirk ‘Sticky’ Jones?
                 Neil Jackson: Of course, in the same way as if it had been Stephen Dorff reprising his role it would have been more popular. But Marque names only go so far, especially in television. they may have brought a more instant appeal, but the show must stand on its own legs too…
                 Zipper: Could BLADE THE SERIES be coming back to life and if so would you want to continue with it in some way?
                 Neil Jackson: There is always a chance… to both questions.
                 Commodore MAC: Have you heard any official news that BLADE THE SERIES will be picked up by another network? Because the rumors about it have been flying!!
                 Neil Jackson: I’ve heard nothing.
                 Commodore MAC: If BLADE does make it on to another network or the adventures continue on a made-for-DVD movie, will you resume your role as Marcus?
                 Neil Jackson: Depends on several factors. but I loved playing him.
                 Commodore MAC: How was it to work with Jill Wagner (Krista Starr) and Jessica Gower (Chase) and do you hope to work with these ladies again?
                 Neil Jackson: They were both great fun to work with. And pretty easy on the eyes when you’re called in at some unGodly hour. That certainly helps!



                  Baal: What was it like to work on STARGATE SG-1?
                  Neil Jackson: I had a blast on that show. Khalek was so wonderfully evil to play that I enjoyed every minute of it. There was no humanity to him at all, no regret or consequence. And the guys were so friendly and helpful, making me feel instantly at home. It was a pleasure.
                  Electricbolt: Did you watch STARGATE SG-1 prior to your role as Khalek?
                  Neil Jackson: I saw the film, but none of the series. The producers gave me 10 DVD’s to catch up on the role and the show, and I must admit, after watching all ten I did ask them if I could have 11… 12… it was an addictive show…
                  Electricbolt: Did you find it a little difficult to be in the role of Khalek, knowing that he had prior history that you weren’t involved with?
                  Neil Jackson: Thankfully Khalek didn’t demand much prior knowledge of the show or Anubis for that episode. there was talk about bringing him back, which is something I would have loved to do…
                  Commodore MAC: Do you think that Khalek might have a role to play in the upcoming STARGATE: SG-1 movies?
                  Neil Jackson: I haven’t heard anything, but would love to do it. I met up with Ben Browder the other day and we talked a little about the show and the forthcoming movies. It’ll be like a great class reunion.
                  Electricbolt: Would you like to have another role in the STARGATE franchise?
                  Neil Jackson: Always open to the idea of work…
                  Commodore MAC: What projecst are you working on now?
                  Neil Jackson: I’ve just comp-leted a feature called “The Passage” with Stephen Dorff. It’s a thriller shot in Morocco that I wrote about a year ago. Should be in cinemas towards the end of this year.
                  Commodore MAC: What do you wish you could be working on? (could be your own idea or a for-real series or movie.)
                  Neil Jackson: I wanna be Jack Bauer’s bastard love child… I’ll be there in 15 mins (beep beep beep beep)!
                  Electricbolt: That is all the questions we have for you today, thanks again for doing this!

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