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Firefly character guide






Malcolm Reynolds CAPTIAN Nathan Fillion  

Malcolm ReynoldsHaving fought as a Browncoat on the losing, but not necessarily the wrong, side in the war against the Alliance, Mal Reynolds is in need of a job and a home. Falling in love with a Firefly class spaceship, he buys it and names it Serenity, then gathers together his necessary crew, fellow Browncoat Zoe, Pilot Wash and mechanic, Kaylee. Flying just below the radar of The Alliance they take on less than legitimate ‘jobs’ and various passengers. A man who lives by is own moral code, Mal is loyal to himself, his ship and his crew and does what needs to be done to keep them alive.

Zoe Washbourne FIRST OFFICER Gina Torres  

ZoeHaving fought by Mal’s side in the war against the Alliance, Zoe is a tough soldier with a soft core and is extremely loyal to Mal, having only once disobeyed his orders and gone right ahead and married Wash, the ship’s pilot (despite having taken an instant distlike to him) with whom she is fiercely in love.

Jayne Cobb MERCENARY Adam Baldwin  

Jayne CobbJayne Cobb, a mercenary through and through, unwittingly becomes the Hero of Canton (a planet whose only produce is mud) by robbing the magistrate and, when faced with survival issues, dropping the money on the planets poor. Jayne and his gun, Vera, join the crew of Serenity and although not the brightest of men, is handy in a fight if rather too ready to sell his crew mates out for the right price.

Kaywinnit Lee ‘Kaylee’ Frye ENGINEER Jewel Staite  

KayleeA young yet extremely talented mechanic, Kaylee wins a place on Serenity when she is found in a compromising situation with the former mechanic, but proves herself to be much better with the engine. Bright, energetic and, despite her usual attire of overalls, with a hankering after frilly pink dresses, Kaylee is full of life and there is a soft spot in everyone’s heart for her. Kaylee soon falls for the ship’s doctor and fugitive, Simon, but something always seems to get in the way of their relationship.

Hoban ‘Wash’ Washbourne PILOT Alan Tudyk  

WashAn experienced and excellent pilot with a taste for Hawaiian shirts and dinasours, Wash is (mostly) cool and calm under pressure, which is handy as he often has to fly Serenity out of some rather sticky situations. Falling in love with Zoe he marries her, despite Mal’s protestations and he is very protective of his lovely wife, especially when her loyalties appear to lie with the captain rather than her husband.

Inara Serra COMPANION Morena Baccarin  

InaraAs a registered companion Inara has left the plant where she trained and now rents one of Serenity’spods acting as Ambassador for the crew. Exquistively beautiful and with a mysterious past, Inara chooses her clients carefully and will take both male and female ones (much to Jayne’s delight). She has a gentle and caring nature and can see through Mal’s ruthless exterior to the good soul within yet she cannot speak of her love .It is this unspoken love between them, that forces her to make the decision to leave the ship that she loves.

Simon Tam PASSENGER-DOCTOR Sean Maher  

Simon TamFrom a wealthy family background, Dr Simon Tam was an excellent and talented doctor with a promising medical career. That is until he discovered that his equally talented and brilliant sister, River, is being experimented on my Alliance scientists, he gives up his career to rescue her and smuggles her aboard Serenity. Despite his efforts to discover what the government have done to her and a suitable treatment, River remains a mystery, sometimes coherent and at other times, not so much. On the ship, he falls for mechanic. Kaylee, though every time they seem to be getting close he inevitably manages to say the wrong thing.

River Tam PASSENGER Summer Glau  

River TamFrom a wealthy family background River was an exceptionally, gifted student being able to turn her hand to everything and anything. Finding what appeared to be a challenging Government college, she insisted on enrolling. But the college wasn’t all it seemed to be and she found herself expeirmemted on at the hands of Government scientists. In an effort to alert her family to what was happening River wrote in code to her brother, Simon, who, despite his parents protestations, rescued her and smuggled her on to Serenity where they became fugitives. Despite his best efforts, Simon has yet to fully determine what was done to River except that they removed a part of her brain that enabled her to block fear. We have much yet to learn of River, who at times appears naive and childlike, and at others like an extremely highly trained and lethal assasin.

Shepherd Derrial Book MISSIONARY Ron Glass  

Shepherd BookA Shepherd apparantly looking to get away from city life and travel and believeing that the way you get someplace is more important than where you go. Book joins Serenity and is soon wondering if he’s really on the right ship. But with a dubious connection to the Alliance. a mean punch and scary hair, we find ourslelves wondering just exactly why he is on this ship.

The Operative ALLIANCE AGENT Chiwetel Ejiofor  

OperativeAn Alliance agent, The Operative doesn’t have a rank or ID. He is a deadly, lethal assasin with just one goal in which he firmly believes and will stop at nothing to achieve, no matter how many innocent lives he may take in the process. His goal: To retrieve River Tam.


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