Firefly Episode Guide

Firefly episode guide


Firefly Episode Guide

SERENITY, PART 1 101 12.20.02  
WRITER: Joss Whedon DIRECTOR: Joss Whedon

War veteran Mal Reynolds leads the crew of the Serenity in hunting for a new buyer for salvage stolen from the Alliance when his buyer rejects the delivery.


SERENITY, PART 2 102 12.20.02  
WRITER: Joss Whedon DIRECTOR: Joss Whedon

Mal and the crew of Serenity must go to an old enemy in the hopes that she will buy their Alliance-marked cargo. The ship’s new passengers prove to be more than they first appeared.


THE TRAIN JOB 103 09.20.02  
WRITER: Joss Whedon & Tim Minear DIRECTOR: Joss Whedon

The crew takes a job stealing an Alliance shipment from a train, risking their lives by doing business with a notorious man — only to discover that the cargo is desperately-needed medical supplies for the mining town of Paradiso.


BUSHWACKED 104 09.27.02  
WRITER: Tim Minear DIRECTOR: Tim Minear

The discovery of a derelict passenger ship turns dangerous when Mal realizes the crew has been slaughtered by Reavers. They find one lone survivor of the Reaver attack, Serenity is boarded by an Alliance patrol.


SHINDIG 105 11.01.02  
WRITER: Jane Espenson DIRECTOR: Vern Gillum

Mal crashes a ball in search of a job, and instead finds himself dueling with one of Inara’s clients over her honor.


SAFE 106 11.08.02  
WRITER: Drew Z. Greenberg DIRECTOR: Michael Grossman

Simon and River are kidnapped by villagers in need of a doctor. Sheppard Book is shot, forcing the crew to seek help on an Alliance ship.


OUR MRS. REYNOLDS 107 10.04.02  
WRITER: Joss Whedon DIRECTOR: Vondie Curtis-Hall

After a stop on a low-tech colony Mal finds himself with a stow-away, who tells him that his participation in a local ritual made her his wife.


JAYNESTOWN 108 10.18.02  
WRITER: Ben Edlund DIRECTOR: Marita Grabiak

The crew finds a world where Jayne is a celebrated folk hero, and hopes to smuggle contraband goods out from under the noses of the local authority.


OUT OF GAS 109 10.25.02  
WRITER: Tim Minear DIRECTOR: David Solomon

The crew plans to lay low during a trip to a planet in the Alliance Core, until Simon proposes a lucrative job to break into a hospital to help his sister.


ARIEL 110 11.15.02  
WRITER: Jose Molina DIRECTOR: Allan Kroeker

The crew plans to lay low during a trip to a planet in the Alliance Core, until Simon proposes a lucrative job to break into a hospital to help his sister.


WAR STORIES 111 12.06.02  
WRITER: Cheryl Cain DIRECTOR: James A. Contner

The crew takes extreme measures after Mal and Wash are kidnapped by Niska, a psychopathic crime lord with a fondness for torture, during an ordinary mission to sell cargo.


TRASH 112 10.07.05  
WRITER: Jose Molina & Ben Edlund DIRECTOR: Vern Gillum

Desperate for a real job, Mal agrees to take on his unscrupulous former wife Saffron and her plan to steal a valuable weapon from a rich man from her past


THE MESSAGE 113 10.14.05  
WRITER: Tim Minear & Joss Whedon DIRECTOR: Tim Minear

Zoe and Mal receive a special delivery in the mail — the body of a former comrade who served with them during the war, who wanted them to take him home to rest.


HEART OF GOLD 114 10.21.05  
WRITER: Brent Matthews DIRECTOR: Tom Wright

Serenity’s crew comes to the aid of a house of prostitutes led by a friend of Inara’s when a powerful man learns that one of the women is pregnant with his son, and plans to take him.


OBJECTS IN SPACE 115 12.13.02  
WRITER: Joss Whedon DIRECTOR: Joss Whedon

The crew grows concerned when River takes a mental turn for the worse, not knowing that a bounty hunter is infiltrating the ship looking for her.

Note: Episodes are listed here in the producers intended airing order (as reflect in The SCI FI Channel’s airing order and the show’s DVD order), not FOX’s original airing order. “Trash,” “The Message,” and “Heart of Gold” did not air on FOX, but premiered on SCI FI following their release on DVD.

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