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Getting back to normal thank Goodness!!

Posted by SciFi Avenger in Chris McKeown's Sci Fi Blog, 21 July 2008 · 663 views

Well it's about time I posted a update here on my blog don't you think?? :P Well as most of you are well aware  the staff and myself pulled away from Tim Brazeal and the Scifi United Network.  The reason for you guys that aren't aware is due to Tim Brazeal screwing over you the fans of SciFi and  most of the actors that was to attend FedCon US...


New Site Name Basicaly New Everything!

Posted by SciFi Avenger in Chris McKeown's Sci Fi Blog, 30 March 2012 · 646 views

As all is aware I have been out of the loop for awhile due to family, we started out with 1 little boy over 3 years ago and now have a 8 month daughther. Kids come first but now things have settled and it's time to get to work.As you see we have changed the name and domain to SciFi Xtreme. There is good reason for this, we are now on a dedicated serve...


Ha, haven't been in here for awhile.

Posted by Canadian Mind in Life in the great, not so white, North, 17 January 2008 · 650 views

I've decided that life is a soap opera/porn movie. And for the occasional engineer, geek, and scientist out there, a sci-fi aswell. Think & of 9 meets Seventh Heaven kinda deal.Anyways, lifes great, and it really fucking sucks, and it's great, all at the same time, I'm loving it (You can go Mcsue my ass Ronald).Since I went from great, to...


To Boldly...

Posted by Madam Cod in Words From The Weird Zone, 15 January 2008 · 723 views

Ok, so newbie time and yet another blog to try out! My usual crib blog-wise is over at livejournal.com, but that's more of a personal thing shared with friends only. I also have a facebook thingy but don't use it much as I am kinda not interested in being so popular that I have a number of friends similar to that of a small independant state o...



Posted by Sci_Fi_Nerd in Sci_Fi_Nerd's Blog, 21 December 2007 · 394 views

Hello to all :am-vulcan:Well this is just about me.................my life revolves around sci-fi, i watch doctor who, star trek, blakes 7, torchwood, sarah-jane adventures etc. :Aliens_ufo:   I also read sci-fi books and fan fiction/music videos. However i do not believe in the whole kirk/Spock relationship - they were only good friends.So, there it is m...


First Contact

Posted by Chanski107 in Chanski107's Blog, 20 August 2007 · 307 views

Before any of you ask, this is not a review on the Star Trek movie, I haven't even seen it yet. It's a way to simulate a first contact situation. I'll do it in steps because it's easier to understand.1) Look out of the window and think of aliens.2) Now think about their cultures and their planet.3) Now imagine an alien your age looking out...


Science Fiction and My Memoirs/Autobiography

Posted by RonPrice in RonPrice's Blog, 19 August 2007 · 181 views

In the kingdom of fiction, novels, stories and science fiction, the constraints of historical knowledge have been suspended or considerably loosened and played with. There is a great freedom to explore imaginative variations of history, of the past in these literary forms. In autobiography I do not enjoy this luxury but, still, reconstructing the past nee...


What happened to the great kids heroes?

Posted by Will Riker in 1st Officer's Blog, 18 May 2007 · 219 views
History and Retro

What the hell has happened to educational children's programming? And by that I'm not talking about any of these toddler videos designed to get the brain juices flowing before they even hit school. I'm talking about good wholesome cartoons that taught you something about life in a way that was both interesting, entertaining, and didn't sin...


OK, three days in and I'm bored!

Posted by Daxy in Daxy's World of the Wierd and Wonderful, 04 April 2007 · 266 views

Ok, third day of the first week of my Easter holidays and...well...I'm bored stupid. What has this resulted in you may ask, well not something good that's for sure - or...I'm pretty sure its not good.Other than going graphics crazy in Photoshop like I always do (the new series of Doctor Who couldn't have come at a better time for this :rol...

Star Trek Legacy-my reveiw.

Posted by in worf 359's Blog, 26 March 2007 · 243 views

Leagacyon the xbox 360Overall game score:8/10Ship detail:8/10-although the Soverign and Voyager classed would still go to warp even when the nacells blown of, game cockup.Length:5/10-roughthly short game completed in less than 2 daysMIssion select:3/10-mission select only on skirmish mode, no mission sellect on story mode.Controls:7/10-good flexebility wi...

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