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Forum Rules

SciFi Xtreme Forum Code of Conduct

Our goal is to ensure that SciFi Xtreme online forums and are welcoming environments where members can come together and discuss relevant topics in a friendly and non-aggressive environment. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that users can participate in the forums and chats without being flamed, personally attacked, harassed, or exposed to inappropriate materials.

The SciFiXtreme .com site values freedom of expression on the site, but not at the expense of offending others or causing unwarranted disruption. We want all members to have an enjoyable and fun experience. With this in mind we have established this Code of Conduct to help us achieve that goal. Please assist us by posting relevant messages that are consistent with this Code of Conduct.

Messages on this board should not be considered as official and should not be taken to represent

SciFi Xtreme management in any way unless it is explicitly stated as an official release or announcement from a  

representative of theSciFi Xtreme Management Staff.

SciFi Xtreme Management appoints volunteer moderators to help ensure that forum content and chat messages comply with the vision and goals of theSciFi Xtreme forums and chat areas.

You agree, through your use of the forum, that you will abide by this Code of Conduct.

Please take the time to carefully read and understand this Code of Conduct, and the penalties for violations. Non-compliance may result in temporary revocation of your access to the forums and chat channels, and more severe or repeated violations may result in a permanent ban. The following actions constitute a violation of this Code of Conduct:

1. Non-adherence or violation of the SciFi Xtreme forum Code of Conduct.

2. Attempting to breach forum security or gain unauthorized access into user accounts. This includes the action of guessing passwords, successful or not. Assisting others with such attempts also constitutes a violation. You are responsible for the security of your password and confidential personal account information. You are also responsible for any posts made from your account, regardless of who made that post. Any rule-violating posts made from your account may result in the suspension of your account. If it is determined that a hacker gained access to your account because of a security breach on the part of SciFi Xtreme forum or staff your account will be reinstated as soon a possible.

3. Attempting to exploit forum bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes. Attempting to circumvent the word filter also constitutes a violation.

4. Registering multiple accounts (with the exception of Administrators) and will result in a one month suspension and the deletion of the duplicate account(s).

5. Impersonating SciFi Xtreme staff in any way. A judgment by the staff may result in a temporary suspension or permanent ban.

6. Discussion directly or indirectly related to obtaining pirated or unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials or software serial numbers may result in an immediate suspension.

7. Posting messages that display, link to, or describe pornographic or sexually offensive material.

8. Registering accounts with usernames that are offensive or created with intent to cause disruption to the forums. Any accounts of this nature will be prevented from posting and be sent a request by a staff member for a replacement username. Posting privileges will be restored upon the completion of the name


9. Spamming will not be tolerated. SciFi Xtreme forum views spamming as the following:

1.) Flooding the forums with redundant or repeat messages.

2.) Posting empty messages, clearly irrelevant +1 post count messages, or nonsensical posts.

If you have something constructive to say and wish to add your thoughts to a discussion, feel free to do so. If it is determined that your posts have no value beyond raising your post count you may be subject to disciplinary action. Please try to avoid posting simply LOL or emoticons, as such posts do little to promote continued discussion.

10. Posting messages that are not within the thread's designated topic.

SciFi Xtreme forum does have an off-topic area for broader general discussion. Any threads that are placed in an inappropriate forum will be moved to an appropriate forum.

11. Using expressions or language that is considered to be foul, vulgar, hateful, bigoted, sexually-harassing, racially offensive, or in any way discriminatory. Whether an expression falls within this definition is at the discretion of the SciFi Xtreme staff.


12. Making posts that personally attack, insult, threaten, harass, or disrespect the opinions of other members. If you are engaging in debates that involve challenging, questioning, or disputing the opinions and views of others, you are required to do so in a civil manner and ensure that your posts are relevant and on-topic.

13. Posting inflammatory messages with the intent to provoke disruption or to incite or inflame threads. Trolling and posts that are disruptive or destructive in nature will not be tolerated. Flaming is deemed to include insulting or personally-directed criticisms that add nothing to the topic at hand. Trolling is deemed to include posts broadly aimed at inciting disruption of the membership.

14. Micro-modding and troll-bashing are not permitted. If a member is behaving in a troll-like fashion, members should not take it upon themselves to confront said troll. They should instead notify the moderation staff via the Report button located at the bottom left of the offending posts. A moderator will deal with the problem as soon as possible. Please remember that this Code of Conduct applies to all situations, regardless of any posts made by other members. Also, any private message that a member feels violates this Code of Conduct should be forwarded to a moderator. Disciplinary action regarding such private messages is at discretion of the SciFi Xtreme staff.

15. Signatures (images and text) should not exceed 120 kb in size (see Signatures below). Please try and keep within this limitation in consideration of other users with slow internet connections. Images in signatures that significantly exceed this limit may be removed without warning by moderators.

16. The posting of anyone's personal information without their visibly posted and express consent.

17. Spoiler warnings need to be placed in thread titles if the material has not yet been shown

or released. After the material has been shown or released, the spoiler warning is optional in the title, however spoilers in the thread title itself are still prohibited. We don't want to spoil anything for members who have not yet viewed the material. All threads are considered

read at your own risk, though should you discover an unmarked thread with spoiler material, please contact a moderator to determine if the thread title should be amended. Spoiler tags have been incorporated into the SciFi Xtreme forum software, facilitating the hiding of spoiler material behind a red bar in posts. These spoiler tags aid in the concealing of spoiler material in non-marked threads, and can be revealed by highlighting the covered text with your cursor. All members are encouraged to use the spoiler code if they question whether the material is clear. The spoiler code is activated by placing before the spoiler and after.

Violations and Penalties

Violation of any of the rules in this Code of Conduct may result in the immediate suspension of the privilege to post on the

SciFi Xtreme forums

SciFi Xtreme staff reserves the right to vary the severity and speed of the penalty based on the nature of the violation.

Penalties will be applied at SciFi Xtreme staff's discretion as follows:

- Verbal warnings (off the official record) may be issued by moderators for lighter infringements such as spamming before being escalated to an official warning (raised warning level).

- 2 official warnings in 24 hours will result in a seven (7) day suspension of posting.

- 4 official warnings in two weeks (14 days) will result in permanent suspension of the account.

- 4 warnings within one month (i.e. June 5th to July 5th) will result in a one month suspension of posting.

- Warnings expire after one month (i.e. if you get a warning on February 3rd, after March 3rd it will be removed from your total warnings).

- Warnings from moderators can be challenged to an administrator. Warnings and rulings by administrators cannot be challenged. If you feel that your were inappropriately warned, please contact via private message the moderator that issued the warning. If you cannot reach an agreement with the moderator, you will be referred to an administrator.

Other Guidelines and Limitations


- Maximum Image Height: 200 pixels

- Maximum Image Width: 500 pixels

- Maximum Image Size: 100 kb

- No more than one thousand (1000) characters of standard-sized text or 500 characters of large-sized text.

- Any combination of images and text adhering to the above guidelines. Please reasonably balance image size and text amount (the larger your image, the less text allowed). Moderators may request amendments to signatures based on size and content.


- Maximum Height: 150 pixels

- Maximum Width: 130 pixels

- Maximum Size: 80 kb

Personal Picture:

- Maximum Height: 150 pixels

- Maximum Width: 150 pixels

- Maximum Size: 200 kb

All pictures and other material may be removed or modified if deemed inappropriate by the

SciFi Xtreme staff.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Code of Conduct or any other aspect of the

SciFi Xtreme forums or chat channels, please feel free to contact any one of the appointed moderators or administrators. We will do our best to answer your inquiry or direct you to someone who can.

Last Update: Nov 1st, 2012