Galactica 1980 Quotes

Galactica 1980 Quotes


Galactica 1980 Quotes

Lt. Dillon: [to a Hell’s Angel] You must have us confused with somebody else. My name’s not turkey, and neither is his.

Andromus: [Surprised at the size of human children who has just greeted him a Happy Halloween] Happy Halloween little people.

Cy: I’m sorry if you are displeased, there wasn’t much of a selection.

Captain Troy: [after taking off in a Viper from the Galactica] Well, how did you like that?
Jamie Hamilton: Don’t bother me, I’m praying..

Lt. Dillon: I wonder if they’d let me take over the controls for awhile?
Capt. Troy: I wouldn’t even let you.

Lt. Starbuck: Angela, what did you mean by “Judgement Day”? Who is going to be judging me?
Angela: We all judge ourselves, Starbuck.
Lt. Starbuck: I hope so, because I plan on being very easy on myself in certain categories.

Lt. Starbuck: She is going to bear another human life.
Cy: I am rapidly being surrounded.

Cy: I may not find your incessant talk fascinating, but at least I don’t walk off.
Lt. Starbuck: Did you say something, Cy?
Cy: [sarcastically] No, of course not. What could I possibly say to you? I’m nothing but a machine.

Commander Adama: [to himself] Goodbye, Starbuck. I love you. We all love you.



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