Golden Compass – A Golden Movie!!

And while everything looks a bit idyllic at first glance, it doesn’t take long to discover that the seemingly benevolent Magisterium (the ruling order in this world) is, quite simply, out for all they can get.

When Lyra is told that she has been selected to come under the special care of the Magisterium’s Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman), she is horrified. Resigned to her fate, she joins the woman for a journey that turns out to be not quite what she was promised. And that’s when things get interesting – ocean voyages with the sea-faring Gyptians, powerful flying witches, talking polar bears with soul-armor, air-ships, even a real old-fashioned cowboy with a flea-bitten desert hare for a soul. (I’ve always wanted to be able to say that.) I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, so I’ll leave it at this: it’s so damn good you might want to tie a string around your finger to remind you to shut your mouth when your jaw drops!!!! (Honestly! … Harry who???) And speaking of dropped jaws, that polar bear fight we were teased with earlier is awesome when you get to see the whole thing!

As for special effects – without question, these are some of the best I’ve seen. In one particular scene, Lyra rides her polar bear companion across the arctic landscape. Rather than putting her up on something artificial and cutting the images together, with poor results, they’ve really outdone themselves. Lyra’s body really does flex with the bear’s, and even the wrinkles in her coat move in time with his stride. Such a small thing – but so wonderfully done. And it was like that all the way through – EVERY effect, EVERY time, flawless.

Finally, a movie that’s worth the price of admission, and even those ridiculously overpriced drinks and popcorn. I can’t wait for the next one!!

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