Human Target Character Guide

Human Target Characters Guide


Human Target Character Guide

Christopher Chance photo

Chance has spent a great deal of his life staying one step ahead…One step ahead of the police, one step ahead of the FBI and one step ahead of his past. We’re not quite sure what Chance got up to before he took on a new life in the ‘protection’ business, but as an expert marksman highly-proficient in martial arts and fluent in several foreign languages, you can count on Chance to survive any situation.

Chance lives with his dog – and sometime confidant – Carmine in a home-office packed with treasures he’s earned as payment for saving his clients’ lives.



Winston photo

Someone has to keep things running back at the office, and that someone is Winston. Using an arsenal of contacts gathered through years of experience, Winston not only looks out for Chance while he’s working a case, but also helps connect the dots to figure out who is behind a threat. He’s not afraid of any situation and is motivated by two things: Keeping Chance alive and doing the right thing for the client.



Ames photo

Ames is a beautiful but chameleon-like thief who can steal anything from anyone, anywhere. She encounters Chance’s team while they are on an assignment.



Guerrero photo

With his ear to the street, Guerrero prefers working in the shadows, leaving the ‘hero’ stuff to someone else. There’s nothing he won’t do to get the job done… as long as he’s being paid to do it. Whether it’s hacking into an impossibly protected computer network or blackmailing his way into the lair of a billionaire, you only want Guerrero on one side: yours.



Ilsa Pucci photo

Billionaire philanthropist Ilsa tracks down the reclusive Chance and convinces him that he is the only one who can protect her from the killers of her late husband. Chance reunites with Winston and Guerrero to save her. After solving her husband’s murder, the grateful and impressed widow Ilsa offers Chance and his associates the opportunity to work for her. She arms the guys with her unlimited means — including access to her private planes, latest technology and state-of-the-art offices.

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