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Human Target Episode Guide Season 1 & 2

Human Target Season 1 (2010)

Human Target Pilot1×01 Pilot
Christopher Chance is hired to protect the engineer of California’s first bullet train as it makes its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
Jan. 17, 2010
Human Target Rewind1×02 Rewind
Chance and Winston encounter severe turbulence when they work together aboard a passenger plane. They must identify and then protect an anonymous hacker client from an assassin. However, …
Jan. 20, 2010
Human Target Embassy Row1×03 Embassy Row
Chance races against time and crashes a black-tie affair at the Russian Embassy to find a friend’s killer. As he becomes embroiled in an international arms deal, he meets his match …
Jan. 27, 2010
Human Target Sanctuary1×04 Sanctuary
While protecting John Grey, an ex-thief hiding in a monastery in the Canadian Appalachian mountains, Grey’s former associates come back to the mountains to hunt him down. However, Chance …
Feb. 03, 2010
Human Target Run1×05 Run
Chance is hired to protect a district attorney who is running from her family’s past and marked for murder because of her investigation into an organized crime family.
Feb. 10, 2010
Human Target Lockdown1×06 Lockdown
Chance must break in, then break out of a maximum-security high-rise headquarters of a defense-contracted weapons manufacturer when he is hired to rescue a genius engineer who is held …
Feb. 17, 2010
Human Target Salvage & Reclamation1×07 Salvage & Reclamation
Chance reunites with a fiery former flame when he is called to South America to rescue an archeologist whose discovery of a lost treasure makes him the target of a South American army …
Mar. 10, 2010
Human Target Baptiste1×08 Baptiste
Chance’s past comes into focus when he recruits FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner from assassinating a visiting foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Guerrero tests …
Mar. 17, 2010
Human Target Corner Man1×09 Corner Man
In Brussels, Chance must enter the ring as a world-class tournament fighter to bail out a fighter who messed up a ruthless businessman’s crooked fight scheme. What Chance doesn’t count …
Mar. 24, 2010
Human Target Tanarak1×10 Tanarak
Chance travels to a remote Alaskan island to find a missing doctor and expose an industrial giant’s involvement in the death of a mining foreman.
Mar. 31, 2010
Human Target Victoria1×11 Victoria
Chance is hired to protect a member of the British royal family whose decision to abdicate the throne for the love of a commoner has her marked for assassination.
Apr. 07, 2010
Human Target Christopher Chance1×12 Christopher Chance
An enemy from Chance’s past takes Chance, Guerrero, and Winston prisoner and demands to know what happened to a book, a book connected to the case where Chance abandoned his mentor …
Apr. 14, 2010



Human Target Season 2 (2010-2011)

Human Target Ilsa Pucci2×01 Ilsa Pucci
After rescuing Winston, Chance vows to retire as a bodyguard rather than further put his friends at risk. However, Ilsa Pucci, a billionaire philanthropist, asks for his help after …
Nov. 17, 2010
Human Target The Wife's Tale2×02 The Wife’s Tale
Chance is hired to protect the wife of a man he killed seven years ago. Meanwhile, Ames hopes Guerrero will take her under his wing, and Ilsa is shocked at what she discovers about …
Nov. 24, 2010
Human Target Taking Ames2×03 Taking Ames
Ames tries to help out a childhood friend, a demolitions expert, and has no choice but to help him pull off a diamond heist for a ruthless criminal mastermind. She goes to Chance for …
Dec. 01, 2010
Human Target The Return of Baptiste2×04 The Return of Baptiste
To rescue a journalist friend of Ilsa’s from a South American warlord, Chance must turn to the one man he can’t trust for help: Baptiste, former friend and current assassin, who is …
Dec. 08, 2010
Human Target Dead Head2×05 Dead Head
When Chance and the team help a client suffering from retrograde amnesia discover who he is and why someone is out to kill him, Winston is forced to ask his ex-wife for help.
Dec. 15, 2010
Human Target The Other Side of the Mall2×06 The Other Side of the Mall
Chance and Guerrero go under cover at a corporate office after a murder attempt.
Dec. 22, 2010
Human Target A Problem Like Maria (Part 1)2×07 A Problem Like Maria (Part 1)
Chance and Ilsa’s partnership is tested when his former girlfriend requests his help to rescue a colleague of hers who is held captive by a South American dictator.
Jan. 05, 2011
Human Target Communication Breakdown (Part 2)2×08 Communication Breakdown (Part 2)
Winston, Guerrero and Ames must save an inept private investigator when he blows his case making him a target.
Jan. 05, 2011
Human Target Imbroglio2×09 Imbroglio
Chance and Ilsa try to protect her sister-in-law when a hostage situation develops at the opera.
Jan. 14, 2011
Human Target Cool Hand Guerrero2×10 Cool Hand Guerrero
When Guerrero is framed for a friend’s murder and ends up in jail, Chance is forced to break him out.
Jan. 14, 2011
Human Target Kill Bob2×11 Kill Bob
A husband hires the team to protect him from his wife, who he believes is a Russian spy. Meanwhile, Ames tries to conceal a secret from Chance.
Jan. 31, 2011
Human Target The Trouble with Harry2×12 The Trouble with Harry
Private investigator Harry returns when Chance is hired to protect a rival security agency owner’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, two members of the team grow closer, and Ilsa goes on her first …
Feb. 02, 2011
Human Target Marshall Pucci2×13 Marshall Pucci
Chance’s investigation into Ilsa’s late husband’s past uncovers a web of deception and lies that may tear the team part forever.
Feb. 09, 2011
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