Sci Fi Updates ‘Interview’ with Jimmy Palmiotti

SFS- First, I’d like to thank you again for doing this interview. How are things going with production of the Painkiller Jane television series?

JP- They are going great, getting ready to start shooting the 5th episode this week and everyone and everything is starting to jell quite nicely. We couldn’t have done better with getting Kristanna as Jane, every day I see impresses the hell out of me. There is a beauty and grace to her…even when she is shooting a gun or taking down bad guys twice her size. I have been fortunate to spend some time with her and get to know her, she really is a extraordinary force of nature.

The cast and crew is top notch as well. I spent the first week on set and everyone treated me like family…when you come in cold into a new world like this, there is nothing more exciting to witness the pure energy people have in doing the best show they can.

I have been in Los Angeles this past week working on the episode I am writing with the writers in the room and seeing to some promotion for future teases and such of the show with the Starz people. There are so many talented people working behind the scenes on this show I can’t even begin to list them without slighting someone else.ˍgroup2.jpg

SFS- From what I’ve heard, you will be writing and directing episodes of Painkiller Jane. Can you tell us how that is going?

JP- The episode I will be writing has the working title “The League”  and we are still hashing out the details of the outline before I sequester myself somewhere and get working on the script. As far as directing an episode, that will come after I have written mine, but I will be directing another writer’s episode, not my own. I think it’s a smart idea to do this so I don’t get nutty. It’s my first time directing anything longer than a short so I am really excited to get moving and get in there and give it my best shot.

SFS- What other involvement do you have with the new television series?

JP- Well, I am a consultant work with the writer’s room whenever they need me and I have been working behind the scenes on promotions, licensing and development on a lot of different levels of things. I am as involved as I can be and still have time for my other work.

SFS- What about the comparisons of Jane and the cheerleader in Heroes?

JP- That’s an easy one. Painkiller Jane was created a decade before Heroes was ever made and that question is better directed towards its creator, isnt it? I am glad it inspired them to create a character like Jane, but there is a world of difference between the two of them. That said, people who enjoy Heroes will love Painkiller Jane and get into the show easier.

SFS- Commodore MAC asks, Is there anything you would like to change on the series at this point?

JP- Commodore, really all I can think about is wishing I had more time on my hands to do more with the show. The details of the actual episodes all go in front of me and get a look over and they have been fantastic. The writers on this show have the experience and imagination needed to keep Jane entertaining at all times. Anything I would like changed are silly things that would slip the show into rated R territory as it is now, we push the envelope as much as possible. That said, I couldn’t be more pleased with what I am seeing.

SFS- Commodore MAC asks, Will we be seeing any Characters from other comics making appearances on PKJ the series?

JP- Not from other comics no, but characters are being created for the show, the whole supporting cast aside from Maureen and Seth are new and in the episode I am writing we play with a few more as well. No characters outside the books are being used yet, but it’s early right now and there is no telling if things like this might happen one day. I wonder who people would like to see Jane star with, hmmmm? Any ideas?


SFS- Will the Painkiller Jane television series follow where the movie left off, or will the story start off fresh?

JP- Totally fresh. Watch the first episode and you will understand why. The movie was a different version of the character than we ever envisioned and the new series is the actual natural progression of the characters from comics to tv series is always difficult but sci fi has made sure to understand what makes the character tick and understood why the series worked so well and took what it could from the book and worked it wonderfully into the series.

SFS- What other differences between the movie and TV series will we see?

JP- The difference is that Different actresses play Jane for starters. The sci fi series is so much closer to what we created for the characters in the graphic novel, that’s for sure. The series is set up to be about a lot of things with Jane as the ringmaster in a sense, the movie didn’t do it as well given the limit of time and the fact that neither Joe Q (Joe Quesada; Current Marvel Editor-in-Chief) and I were very involved which didn’t help. That said, the movie was better than I thought it would be, but with the series, they are getting it right.

SFS- What is your opinion of how the movie turned out? Is there anything that you would have liked to seen in the movie that wasn’t featured?

JP- Yes, a third act would have been nice and maybe a bit more understanding of the property, but that said they did a decent job and made a pretty good sci fi original movie. The series is worlds better in my eyes. What others thing remains to be seen. I wish the original movie never put her in the army, Jane’s character never did that, but I understood at the time why they felt that might work. Personally, it didn’t.

SFS- Commodore MAC asks, Were you happy with the end results of the movie?

JP- I was happy it got made and it wasn’t bad. That said, I am much happier the series is getting made and once again, it’s more loyal to the property and getting everything right in my eyes. I am a fan of the movie and a huge fan of the TV series. For me, the movie was, in a way, like when they make Tarzan movies, some are ok, some are great . It comes down to who is making it and what they see. The TV series is nailing it in my eyes.

SFS- Commodore MAC asks, Will the comic book change direction after the series starts or will it stay true to its current storyline?

JP- The comic book is going to stay loyal to the comic books world it is in. I feel if the tv show is offering something different that the comic its much cooler for them both to exist and not copy each other too closely. The comic book is for mature readers and featured graphic violence and sex. The TV show has sex and violence, but works within the limits of broadcasting. The fun thing for me is that I get to write a different part of the character in the books.


SFS- Commodore MAC asks, what would you like to see from us the fans of PKJ?

JP- What I would love to see in the perfect world is the fans of the character and comic book give the TV show a good chance and watch it, and the TV fans give the comic book a try. With TV we get millions of viewers nightly. I would give my left arm to get a minor percentage of those viewers to give a comic book a chance. Either way, I would like everyone to check out the show in April. I think its unique in every way.

SFS- Commodore MAC asks, In the current flux of Comic Movies coming out, do you think that it is starting to dilute the Comic Book industry or as a boost in the years to come?

JP- A boost for sure. They are starting to show you can have this fantasy  element of heroes worked into major motion pictures and the only limitation of them is the imagination of the people creating the film properties. We are in a great stage of superhero development and genre shows are doing great! My only wish personally is for more science fiction and westerns to make it out there to a large audience. Its happening though and each year will get better.

SFS- Worf asks, How did you become involved with the Painkiller Jane comic book?

JP- Well, I co created it and published it with Joe Quesada for a company we owned called event comics in the 90s. It’s really the best way to become involved with anything, creating it. I recommend it to everyone. Wolf, it really is an exciting thing to create anything and see it grow from such humble roots. Such is the case with Painkiller Jane.

SFS- Worf asks, How much work did you put into Painkiller Jane since you were a co-creator?

JP- Into the TV show, as much as I was able to. They have involved me in each and every single step along the way to finally making it to the small screen. Gil Grant, the show runner, has been unbelievable supportive and encouraging in all ways and the people involved with making the show have greeted me with open arms. My involvement, I hope, is making a difference. Like anything that is done by a group, it takes a lot of time and energy to get anything to where most people are happy. I couldn’t be happier with the end product of the show. It really is a dream
come true for me. As I stated earlier I am involved with the writing and will be in directing an episode. That’s pretty involved for any creator!


SFS- How are things going with Dynamite Entertainments run with Painkiller Jane?

JP- Pretty cool. I just finished writing issue #1 of the new series and an digging in with the issues after. The story is a wild one and will be teased with previews on Dynamite comics web site and Newsarama as well. They guys at dynamite are giving us complete control of the characters it should be.

SFS- Are there any trades available for the earlier works of Painkiller Jane? Will Dynamite Entertainment be releasing one for the new series?

JP- Yes and yes. They are solicited to come out soon, one collects the original run and the painkiller Jane #0 issue as well as covers and pinups, its quite a fun trade book. The new 3 issue mini series that just came out and sold out so quickly will be hitting as well. I think is my best work to date and am really thrilled to see it collected and available to everyone through comic shops and places like Amazon.


SFS- What other projects are you working on that you can share with us at this time?

JP- Well, any minute the GHOST RIDER video game I wrote with Garth Ennis will be in the stores as well as a regular barrage of monthly books out now and some hitting stores in the next few months.

We got from D.C COMICS the monthly JONAH HEX series, UNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS, a new TERRA series drawn by Amanda conner…from WILDSTORM we got the FRIDAY THE 13TH series coming out and soon to come the SHANNA series coming from marvel comics.

From fox atomic we have written the HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING, a prequel of the hills have eyes that explains how a town of miners got the radioactive end of the stick and mutated into vicious killers in new Mexico. The book will be hitting the day the sequel hits theatres and available at comic shops and book stores everywhere.

Justin Gray and I have also recently done a deal with KICKSTART entertainment to write an original screenplay for our horror film titled SPLATTERMAN, which is our take on creating something and watching it get out of control and not being able to do anything about it.

SFS- What other projects would you like to do?

JP- Really, at this point write and direct more Painkiller Jane, develop more properties in comics and film and continue doing what I love. I have worked a long time in this business and each day I still feel excited as hell about what I am doing and what’s ahead. It’s a great time to be alive [ as sniper bullet pops the top part of my head off and I fall forward and ooze brain matter into my keyboard causing a fire that incinerates me and the house and a wind takes the sparks and burns half of Brooklyn as wild dogs attack and eat the rest of the inhabitants till homeland security blows up all the bridges connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. Yeah, remind me never to say that good to be alive b.s ever again! }

SFS- What is your favorite comic title that you have worked on?

JP- A few would be BEAUTIFUL KILLER, the MONOLITH, and NEW WEST. All out and available

SFS- Are there any titles you had a chance to work on that you missed out on due to other commitments?

JP- Yes, but looking back I am glad I passed on them. There is no “classic”  that I passed on really.

Well folks, that’s the end of the interview! I hope you people have a fun time reading this one. I want to thank Jimmy Palmiotti for taking time off out of his schedule, which is quite busy now with the “PJ” television series now in production. For more information about Jimmy, please visit his website at To purchase the Dynamite Entertainment comics, please visit Jimmy Palmiotti may be doing another interview with us in the coming months, if his schedule permits, so keep an eye out!

Look for the new Painkiller Jane television series this April on Sci Fi!

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