Killjoys Trivia

Killjoys Trivia

Killjoys Trivia

Both actors playing the Jaqobis brothers have a twin. Aaron Ashmore (Johnny Jaqobis) a twin brother and Luke MacFarlane (D’avin Jaqobis) a twin sister.

Pree’s full name is Prima Dezz.

Each episodes title is a play on a movie title.

On the series, D’avin is the other brother to John, Aaron Ashmore who played John is one year older than Luke Macfarlane who played D’avin on the show.

Mayko Nguyen (Delle Seyah Kendry) and Morgan Kelly (Alvis Akari) have worked together previously, in the TV show ‘Being Erica’. They played Antigone and Brent Kennedy respectively.

Mayko Nguyen (Delle Seyah Kendry) has worked with Aaron Ashmore’s (John Jaqobis) twin brother, Shawn Ashmore in the TV show ‘Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures’. They played Ming and Fitz respectively.

Morgan Kelly (Alvis Akari) and Rob Stewart (Khlyen) have both appeared in the TV show ‘Being Erica’. They played Brent Kennedy and Norm respectively.

Morgan Kelly (Alvis Akari) and Tori Anderson (Sabine) have both starred in the TV show ‘Open Heart’. They played Nick and Dr. London Blake respectively.

The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Tamsen McDonough, who voices Lucy, the ship’s computer, is never actually seen until Killjoys: I Love Lucy (2016). In that episode, she plays a cyborg who has had Lucy’s artificial consciousness downloaded into it.

Thom Allison, who plays Pree, has a beautiful voice! He sings The Wayfaring Stranger (on S3:E9 The Reckoning Ball) at the Royale. Unfortunately, the spiritual/folk song becomes eerie as it is punctuated dramatically with brief scenes where: Turin toasts a drink with Gared, Dav and John talk and decide to go along with Dutch’s plan, and Aneela (disguised as Dutch) murders Alvis. Allison has a holiday album available. The Wayfaring Stranger is an MP3.


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