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Alexandra Doig, also known as ‘Lexa’, was born June 8th, 1973, to Gloria and David Doig, in Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lexa’s mother is Filipino, while her father is of Irish/Scottish heritage (Doig is a Scottish name), and Lexa grew up surrounded by equally mixed relatives. Lexa wrote and directed her first play at the age of six. Since this moment she wanted to become an actress. It was a Strawberry Shortcake play for school, and she gave away the lead role to her best friend.

Lexa Doig 2 Growing up, she was in as many church and school plays as she could do. She also studied rhythmic gymnastics. Though Lexa grew up in a home where they watched a lot of “Star Trek,” her parents also subscribed to the local theaters and went off to see plays regularly. They’d sometimes bring Lexa and her older brother, Ted, along, and young Lexa was especially taken with the musicals “Porgy & Bess” and “Evita.” She decided she wanted to be Porgy, as she identified with him because he was the smallest one on stage. Lexa herself is only 5’6″.


In 1991, Lexa got her first on-camera job as co- host of “Video & Arcade Top 10,” a Canadian TV show where kids competed against each other by playing video games. She hosted the show with her now close friend Gordon Michael Woolvett who later became her co-star on “Andromeda” some 10 years later. In 1994, Lexa landed her first professional acting job in “TekWar,” a TV series based on William Shatner’s novels. Since then, Lexa has stared and guest-stared in dozens of Science fiction television shows and movies. This isn’t a surprise since she is a self-labeled Science Fiction nerd and huge fan of Star Trek (TNG being her favorite).

In 2000, Lexa had not one but three roles on the hugely popular Sci-Fi series “Andromeda“. She successfully balanced her roles as “Andromeda’s” warship, hologram, and android. Andromeda was on air for 5 seasons before it ended in May of 2005.Lexa Doig 3

“Jason X”, part 10 of the classic “Friday The 13th” horror movies, was released in the Summer of 2001. In this feature film Lexa played the female lead and heroine- Dr. Rowan, leader of the research project that was studying Jason. The film was produced just before the start of the first season of “Andromeda.” In this film Lexa co-starred with now close Lisa Ryder who later went on to co-star with Lexa in “Andromeda” which started just after “Jason X” was released.

On August 2nd, 2003, Lexa married actor Michael Shanks. The couple and started dating in 2001, when Shanks guest-starred on “Andromeda” as Lexa’s on screen love affair. Around one year after their marriage, on September 13, 2004, Lexa’s and Michael’s first daughter was born, Mia Tabitha, and they have recently celebrated the birth of their second child together, Samuel David, born March19, 2006. The family resides in their native Canada, dividing their time between Vancouver and Toronto with Michael’s eldest daughter, Tatiana(age 8), their two children and two cats whose names are unknown.


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Lexa also played the role as Dr. Carolyn Lam, on the hit Sci-Fi series “Stargate SG-1”.

Currently Lexa portrays Dr. Leah Perlman on the hit TV series remake “V”.

In her spare time (which is very limited with her job as full-time Mommy), Lexa enjoys reading, rollerblading and playing RPG video games. She is a prolific internet surfer (a trait she inherited from her father) and a huge “Dungeons and Dragons” fan.


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