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KaiKai played by Michael McManus. Kai, Divine Assassin for the Divine Order. The last survivor of a race of people known as the Brunnen-G. His soul is taken by his Divine Shadow while his body is reanimated with a substance called protoblood. In this state he cannot be killed because he is already dead and so makes the perfect killing machine. With no will power of his own, he is forever delivering a litany of lines beginning with, “the dead do not….”, as in “the dead do have wants”, “the dead do not get frustrated”, “the dead do not eat”, “the dead cannot be seduced”, “the dead are just….dead”.

StanStanley H. Tweedle played by Brian Downey. Stanley Tweedle, Security Guard 4th class for the Divine Order. Formerly an assistant deputy backup courier for the Ostral-B Heretics, he was an unwilling participant in a rebellion against the Divine Order, but his heart just was not in it. Carrying secret information hidden inside a tooth, he decides to stop at the Celes Pleasure Transport where he leaks information about the Heretics. The result is the destruction of a hundred of the reformed planets and the death of 685 billion people by His Divine Shadow. Forever known as the Arch Traitor Stanley Tweedle, he becomes the unwitting captain of the Lexx during a failed mission by the Heretics.

ZevZev Bellringer played by Eva Habermann. Zev Bellringer of B3K, a love slave for the Divine Order in season 1 and the first two episodes of season 2. In the Divine Order, planet B3K is where women are conditioned from infancy to be obedient, dutiful slaves to husbands. Raised in a box with no human contact other than “virtual parents”, Zev does not fit the mold and so is sent to The Cluster to be transformed into a love slave. The transformation is interrupted by a cluster lizard attack resulting in her body being transformed but not her mind. In this form she becomes the ultimate temptress. She is hopelessly in love with the dead man, Kai, who can never return her love.

XevXev Bellringer played by Xenia Seeberg. Xev Bellringer replaced Zev Bellringer in season 2 episode 3. The original character is killed when she sacrifices her life to save Kai from being destroyed by a plasma beam. All that remains of her is an organic goo that Kai gathers up and takes back to the Lexx. From these remains, a plant creature called Lyekka is able to reconstruct Xev and bring her back to life. She retains all her former memories and feelings for Kai.

790790 played by Jeffrey Hirschfield. Robot head 790 was the recipient of the love slave mind transformation that was meant for Xev. As a result he is hopelessly in love with Xev and forever pouring out an endless stream of poetry aimed at expressing his love and sexual frustration towards her. At the beginning of season 3, 790 is damaged, thrown off the bridge by the evil Prince from planet Fire. When Kai awakes he repairs 790 who now becomes hopelessly enamored with Kai. 790 now directs his amorous poetry towards his beloved Kai.

LyekkaLyekka played by Louise Wischermann. One day the Lexx passed through a cloud of space-faring plant pods, one of which entered the Lexx and set up roost. It disgorged a beautiful human female form calling herself Lyekka and having the unusual quality of liking StanleyTweedle. Lyekka is carnivorous and tends to eat any passengers aboard the Lexx, but she doesn’t want to eat Stan, Xev or Kai(because he’s dead). As a favour to Stan she recreated Zev after she had been reduced to protein goo.

The LexxLexx played by Tom Gallant. The Lexx is a bio-mechanical spaceship and the most powerful weapon known to man. It was grown on the Cluster by His Shadow who intended to use it to blow up any troublesome planets that got a bit lippy. He is not the brightest of spaceships, and has a habit of accidentally blowing things up (usually planets) if not instructed very clearly by Stan, who is now his master. Being bio-mechanical, Lexx’s fuel is organic material and he needs to eat regularly to build up reserves. This involves him sometimes detouring a little to pick up tasty “snacks” such as garbage planets, other spaceships, genetic waste pods, and theatres. In season 3 the Lexx is out of fuel to such an extent that he cannot move anymore and is stuck in orbit until the crew can find something for him to eat.

PrincePrince played by Nigel Bennett. In Season 3, Prince is the “Ruler” of the Fire planet and the one who first manages to get aboard the Lexx and bring the crew back to Fire. An odd character is our Prince, very seductive and empathetic (especially with Xev) but at the same time cold, hard, cruel and “good with pain”. He controls the precious supply of water on Fire and is constantly in danger of losing his power due to takeover bids staged by other rulers on the planet. His only goal seems to be to destroy Water. Whether this is jealousy of its plentiful lifestyle or whether there is another reason becomes clearer towards the end of the season. When angered he has a lizard-like ruff which extends from the back of his neck, but he doesn’t tend to stay angry for long as he’d rather do something about it. Like kill someone. Prince is also, it turns out, unkillable. Well, he’s easy enough to kill it’s just that he doesn’t stay dead. He can reincarnate wherever and as whoever he pleases, which you can imagine causes all sorts of trouble for our beloved Lexx crew.

GiggerotaGiggerota played by Ellen Dubin. Giggerota the Wicked is a cannibalistic female creature from the Light Zone. First seen standing trial in The Cluster for 62 counts of cannibalism and murder, she manages to escape with the aid of Thodin. After terrorizing the crew of The Lexx she meets her fate on Brunnis, when the sun goes supernova.

Giggerota returns to haunt Stan and Xev’s dreams in season 2, in Ep2.14: “Patches in the Sky” via the Narcolounger.

In Season 3 Giggerota is reincarnated on the Planet Fire as a body-less Queen, and ruler of Girltown. She is again killed, this time by drowning.

In Season 4 Giggerota’s Earthly incarnation is Genevieve G. Rota, a Real Estate Agent first seen in episode 4.4: “Stan Down”. She also appears in episode 4.24: “Apocalexx Now” as the first female Pope. She tells Lyekka she has dreams of eating people shortly before being eaten herself by Lyekka..

His Divine ShadowHis Divine Shadow played by Walter Borden. Ruler of the Divine Order. His death at the hands of Kai fulfilled the 2,000 year-old prophecy that the Brunnen G would destroy His Shadow. Actually, it was Squish, the baby cluster lizard adopted by Kai that finally killed His Shadow, but why let these technicalities get in the way?

MantridMantrid played by Dieter Laser. Supreme Bio-Vizier of the Divine Order. Mantrid was one of the Bio-Scholars that created the technology that keeps Kai in his reanimated state. Mantrid’s DNA was later mixed with that of the insect essence of His Shadow, causing Mantrid to go mad (well, more mad).

ThodinThodin played by Barry Bostwick. Leader of the Ostro-B Heretics, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the Divine Order.


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